Interview: The Cast and Crew of Amsterdam

Calling all crime lovers, Amsterdam is the film for you!

This upcoming period mystery comedy film is full of shocking twists and great jokes.

The Cast and Crew: Christian Bale Margot Robbie John David Washington Robert De Niro

Rami Malek Mike Myers Michael Shannon David O. Russell as Writer, Director, Producer

Russell says, “Christian and I were very interested in creating original characters that we would want to hang out with."

“And that’s where it began. So we started with a doctor, and we started to learn from history the unusual circumstances of this doctor and his two best friends."

Russell adds, "We wanted to have three best friends who were fixers, who could handle any situation, who went through something together.”

Malek describes Amsterdam as, “A film that will have audiences feeling that as they walk out is something that will be a sacred thing for me long after this premieres.”

Malek adds, “It’s going to stand the test of time.”

Be sure to check out Amsterdam, exclusively in theaters on October 7!