Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise is full of drama and shocking moments.

One of the most shocking moments is when Kendall Long arrives on the beach, surprising her ex-boyfriend Joe Amabile!

On returning to Paradise Kendall says, “But I really had hopes of being able to find someone and to connect with someone."

She adds, But ultimately, seeing your ex in the place where you fell in love initially — it was very difficult for me and I didn’t anticipate that at all."

Moments before Joe is planning to propose to Serena Pitt, Kendall arrives on the beach to speak with him.

Kendall says, “I was under the impression that Joe was going through a lot of mental difficulty with our relationship and me being there."

She adds, "For me, coming back to talk to him, it would be a way to be like, ‘Hey, this chapter’s closed.'"

She  adds, “[I had] no idea there would ever be any sort of proposal at all. … And I even said, like, ‘If there’s gonna be a proposal, I don’t want to talk to him."

Kendall says, “Finding out later that there was a proposal actually made me really upset and a bit angry. But that’s just what it ended up being."

She concludes, "Hopefully, it felt just as special, but I would’ve preferred not to be there that day.”