season finale



While the "Loki" season finale revealed a lot about the Time Variance Authority and the multiverse, it left viewers with many unanswered questions.

5. What will Sylvie do now?

If she is looking for something to do, perhaps she can help Doctor Strange clean up the multiversal mess she made? 

4. What TVA was Loki sent to?

Loki’s fears of He Who Remain’s warnings of evil variants seem to have come to fruition.

3. Where did Ravonna Renslayer go?

Given her romantic history with Kang in the comics, an initial meeting between the two could potentially start their love story.

2. What will happen to the multiverse with He Who Remains dead?

Given his desire to conquer all of time and space, Kang could potentially be another Thanos-level threat.

1. Where is Mobius’ jet ski?

Hopefully, the next season will touch upon the backstories of himself and other variants like B-15 and Renslayer.

What did you think of the "Loki" season finale?

Where do you think the story will go in season two?