Snapchat is a social media app perfect to send pictures and stay connected with friends! You can send snaps to anyone who adds you as a friend.

Giving your Snapchat friends a new cute nickname makes using the app more fun.

In order to have good Snapchat names for your female friends, you want to think about what they are known for and what you have in common.

Gossip girl My lovely lady My chick Bestie for the restie Sister 4 life Dancing queen

For your girl best friends

When it comes to changing your guy friends' names it is a good idea to make them fun nicknames.

Mr. trouble Wicked wild child My boy My bro My dude My homie

For the guys

A great way to come up with the best Snapchat names for your best friends is to not overthink it. You can use cute names for the girls and funny names for the guys.

Cheese Bomb Poker Face Gold Senorita Eddie Teddy Stinker

For any best friend

While you could use your friend's real name on the app, the best Snapchat name ideas are the ones that use different names.

At the end of the day choose a Snapchat username for your friend that makes sense and help you remember who you are snapping to.