Calling all Disney fans, a brand new story is on the horizon!

Turning Red is the new Disney/Pixar movie about Mei Lin, a young girl who turns into a red panda.

Rosalie Chiang

Sandra Oh

Ava Morse

The Cast:

Hyein Park

Orion Lee

Turning Red highlights the struggles of growing  up, and finding out  who you are.

A Sweet Story

The red panda is a metaphor "for the scary, unadorable, awkward, and cringy, changes we go through during this age."  -Domee Shi

“Turning Red is just inspired by this universal struggle of growing up and trying to figure out how to honor your parents but also stay true to yourself.” -Domme Shi

Turning Red is quirky and surreal, but at its core, it is a mother/daughter  finally embracing change.”   -Domee Shi

Turning Red is set in the early 2000's. The director, Domee Shi describes it as an "Asian tween fever dream."

Domee Shi sums up the film best, "I’m just so proud of the humor, heart, and weirdness that we put into this movie."

Be sure to watch Turning Red on Disney+ starting March 11!