Zero Gravity

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi got on a zero gravity plane!

Hannah Brown's guys dressed up in traditional Scottish attire and participate in different sporting events.

Scottish Games

On a group date with Ben Higgins, the women get into the ocean and feed pigs. Contestant Becca said, “I didn’t know I was scared of pigs until today.”

Swimming With Pigs

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller’s one-on-one date is uncomfortable because it's a Chase Rice concert. Peter didn't know that Chase and Victoria used to date!

Concert With An Ex

Ben Higgins and Caila Quinn have a steamy date in a hot tub that's also in a hot tub store!

Hot Tub Shopping

In this extra steamy group date, the contestants wrote explicit love scenes featuring Matt James.

Love Scenes

Hannah Brown went on a wild and crazy date. The animal photoshoot group date made the guys model with animals.

Animal Photo Shoot

On Ben Flanjik’s season the girls go skiing in bikinis down the streets of San Fransisco.

Bikini Skiing

While in Dublin, Kaitlyn Bristowe laid in a coffin and the contestants gave pretend eulogies for her.

Kaitlyn’s Irish Wake

Ben Higgins and his contestants go to a Love Lab. Blindfolded, Ben sniffs and judges the scents of each woman.

The Sniff Test