Elizabeth & David "It Was Always You"

Just as all the arrangements are settling in place, her fiancé’s brother David decides to make a surprise visit!  Elizabeth is a busy bee with the engagement plans, but becomes easily distracted by David as they fall for each other!


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Audrey & Terry "Audrey’s Rain"

Audrey Walker has just lost her beloved sister in this early 2000s Hallmark film! Now, she tries to juggle taking care of her grieving niece, nephew, and her other sister. While being completely overwhelmed, her childhood sweetheart Terry returns just in time!


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Jamie & Max "A Brush With Love"

Jamie Spellman is pursuing a career in the arts, despite it being difficult. Encouraged by her best friend, she decided to draw her ideal man. She finds out her portrait matches up with a man she is now falling for, Max Hughes! 


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Marilee & Zachary "The Nine Lives of Christmas"

In this movie, a fireman adopts a cat for the holidays to beat the loneliness that his bachelor status urges him to remain as! Then, he meets a veterinary student named Marilee, and they share their dread for love until they fall in love.


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Elizabeth & Donovan  "Marrying Mr. Darcy"

Elizabeth is newly engaged to Mr. Darcy and plans a beautiful wedding ceremony ahead of them! Their vastly different attitude and tempers get in the way of planning. This leaves Elizabeth to question her awaiting marriage to Mr. Darcy!


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Jenny & Brian "All of My Heart"

Jenny Fintley is a caterer who unexpectedly inherits a country home! But… the other half of the house has been inherited by a wall-street trader! Upon meeting, they learn to bond with each other while fixing up the house. You can probably tell what’s bound to happen!


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Rachel & Mitchell "Midway to Love"

After receiving notice that her television therapy show is not going to be airing anymore, Rachel decides to come back to her hometown. After living busy days, she happy with this change in her life. Additionally, she is able to reunite with her high school sweetheart, Mitchell!


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Elyse & Rob "Midnight Masquerade"

Just as a young businesswoman inherits a billion-dollar company, she faces the obstacle of people who are trying to steal it from her! One Halloween night, she dances with the Prince, named Rob, and Elyse is head over heels!


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Cassie & Elliot "Winter Love Story"

The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” displays its significance in this Hallmark love story as Cassie, an author meets another writer named Elliot who she initially finds to be arrogant! Cassie learns to believe in herself and her potential while on a book tour with Elliot! 


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Jessica & Will "A Summer to Remember"

Jessica, an ER doctor, travels to Fiji for some relaxation time and ends up meeting a charming surgeon, named Will!  She is curious as to whether the Island has more to offer (like love!) than her life back home!


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