25 Wedding Charcuterie Board Ideas

The wedding charcuterie board is now a must-have at every bride and groom celebration or event. Here are some wedding charcuterie board ideas! 

A charcuterie tray or even a small board is a great option since you can customize it to your wedding style. 

Whether you put cheeses in the center, in smaller bowls, or pair it with white wine, charcuterie boards make a good party. 

A charcuterie board can bring together friends and family to enjoy delicious snacks.

This is a great way to celebrate a bridal shower, wedding day, and more! 

What are Charcuterie Boards?

Charcuterie boards serve as a unique dish to delight guests with different tastes on your special occasion.  

In recent years many have incorporated a stunning charcuterie board to complete their perfect special day.

Classic cheese boards are a perfect addition highlighting the various cheeses, meats, nuts, dried fruit, and any other party snacks

These boards will be the talk of the town as guests are encouraged to mingle during their food experience.

Traditional Boards

Charcuterie Color Board

This board is all about your favorite colors and foods!  It is a great option to fill with sweet treats for an elegant look with a variety of ingredients. 

You could incorporate seasonal fruit of your color – raspberries, pomegranates, cherries – and colorful pickles of all kinds.

As well as a range of olives to match. 

You can also scatter lots of colorful edible flowers for a touch of romantic interest on your board.

Plus, customize it to fit a baby shower or wedding shower!  

Cheese Lovers’ Board

If you love cheese, you will love this charcuterie board.

Put every kind of cheese you can on the charcuterie board, from soft goat cheese to piquant cheddar cheese.

Be sure to add in a few nuts and honeycombs to make sure there’s a bit of everything. 

Then you can incorporate your cheese board into a grazing table to serve as a main course with a mixture of soft cheeses and hard cheeses. 

Italian Charcuterie Board

If you like Italian foods and dishes, this is a charcuterie board for you. 

Add meats such as prosciutto and salami, and include Italian cheeses such as Pecorino Gorgonzola. 

Don’t forget a generous spread of fig jam to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

If you have a vegetarian guest, consider incorporating a variety of cheese options.

Something like fresh mozzarella or burrata, accompanied by nuts and fresh pieces of bread or crackers will be good. 

Fresh from the Deli Board

This is a non-traditional charcuterie board. It is filled with ingredients for feeding a large number of people.

You can add your favorite meat and artisanal cheeses from the local butcher and organic farmer’s markets.

And, of course, locally sourced and seasonal product adds a little flair to the cheese board aesthetic with the perfect ingredients. 

That way, you help make it a pleasant and distinct experience for your guests and also help benefit your small business neighbors and local farmers. 

Plus, this finger food can be displayed in creative ways that create a disposable charcuterie board. 

Mediterranean Charcuterie Board

If you want the mediterranean for your wedding, throw in a little feta, a little hummus and a lot of marinated vegetables.

And a pinch of za’atar and a dribble of olive oil to your wooden board for a little zing.

Finger foods in the Mediterranean style, such as sandwiches, dips, and so on, could also be served.

This could be sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, Kalamata olives, and so on.

If you choose a board with a red section on it, it will add a pop of color.

This can create a great intimate setting in the summer months. 

Vegan Charcuterie Board

If you are vegetarian or have guests that are they are sure to love a Vegetarian theme for your big day

You can include marinated tofu, a selection of fresh veggies, and a variety of plant-based cheeses. 

And end with a handful of nuts and seeds for additional texture and health. 

A vegan charcuterie can be a great way to make the meal accessible to a wide range of dietary restrictions, therefore guaranteeing that everyone can participate. 

Sweet and Savory Board

If you have trouble deciding between sweet and savory, then why not choose both?!

You can load your board with salty cured meats and cheeses.

Then add your fresh fruits, chocolate truffles, and honey for a well-rounded flavor experience.

Don’t forget to add some crackers or bread for a satisfying crunch.

Plus, this board has the added advantage of sitting out at room temperature.

It’s ideal for any sort of party, be it a leisurely brunch where guests can graze at their leisure over the course of hours or a late-night spread to accompany copious amounts of champagne.

Creative Themes

Chocoholic’s Fantasy Board

And, if you still don’t have enough sweets, throw in a board complete with an assortment of chocolates, chocolate-dipped fruits, and brownies cut into bite-sized pieces.

Pair it with red wine for the ultimate chocolate-tasting experience.

And add some chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate truffles, and assorted chocolate bars!

This one is also a favorite bachelorette charcuterie board!

Fresh and Fruity Board

If you like fruit then you are sure to love a fresh fruit board!

Start by scattering your board with berries, melons, and your favorite tropical fruits.

You can add some honey or balsamic glaze for flavor if you like. 

As a general rule of thumb, try to have something for everyone: strawberries, grapes, apple slices, maybe even peanut butter.

Something Blue Board

Incorporate your ‘something blue’ in your wedding charcuterie board by filling it with blue fruits and foods. 

Something blue is traditionally an addition to a wedding symbolizing love and purity. 

So to make your board reflect this, you can add grapes, blueberries, and figs.

You can even use this board as a conversation starter at your holiday party — or as a centerpiece on your dining table any time of year. 

Tying the Knot Board

Marriage is a term often used by couples who are about to get married, which means their two becoming one.

To make this board, make sure to include pretzel twists or breadsticks in the shape of a knot. Then sprinkle with nuts to fill in the gaps.

You can even incorporate it into a grazing board featuring your favorite snacks.

Wedding Cake Board

A wedding cake board can be filled with the bride and groom’s favorite cake flavors and toppings!

To do so, pick your favorite cake slice, cut it into finger foods, and set them on a charcuterie board.

Or you can get creative – mini cupcakes, macarons, and cake pops – because who doesn’t want a table of little desserts they can pick up and play with?

The best part is this delicious charcuterie board will keep wedding guests entertained with a great charcuterie board!

Blushing Bride Board

The blushing bride charcuterie board is all about the bride and pink! 

Add a little bit of pink to your color scheme with berries, meats, cheeses, and the Bride’s favorite treats. 

You can also add a layer of raspberry jam or sliced beets to represent the love and happiness that marriage offers. 

A charcuterie table is a great idea to showcase all of the bride’s favorite foods and fruits!

Love is in the Air Board

Love is in the air board is all about love and the happily married couple! 

For this, you can choose meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts that represent the bride and groom.

You can even form them to represent hearts, rings, and more!

This charcuterie board is more than just a culinary delight—it’s a celebration of love in all its forms, making it the perfect addition to any romantic occasion or heartfelt gathering.

Garden Party Board

Creating a garden party board is a fun way to get your celebrations started! 

Fresh cheeses and a small charcuterie board stuffed with a variety of meats are a delicious way to feed your guests.

You can also add in some seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and edible flowers.

Make sure also to have hummus, pesto, and other spreads or dips on the side so that people can mix and match with the different varieties of the bread as well.

Champagne and Caviar Board

For this board, you can choose different types of caviar, salmon, and champagne pairings that will make your party even more luxurious. 

Then add your favorite crackers, nuts, and chopped herbs. You can serve these food items in small bowls or on a charcuterie platter.

To make it even better, serve with a glass of champagne so your guest list will arrive ready to party! 

Dessert Charcuterie Board

You can’t go wrong with a dessert charcuterie board!

Start by choosing all of your favorite chocolate desserts and sweets and serve alongside some dried fruits and nuts. 

Pair it with jams, Nutella, or other spreads so that your guests can get creative and create their own dessert.

Dessert boards can add a touch of elegance to any party theme.

Brunch Board

Who says charcuterie boards are just for dinner? 

Create a brunch version with more traditional breakfast food including bacon, sausages, eggs, and pastries.

Add in some fresh fruit and mimosas for a refreshing touch.  

This is a great way to meet different dietary needs and personal preferences.

These creative uses of breakfast are great for evening events, offering guests a sense of familiarity and warmth, and encouraging them to arrive early and enjoy the event on a more relaxed and intimate scale. 

Seafood Board

A seafood board fitted with all sorts of smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, pickled herring, and other fresh catch would likely please seafood-loving guests. 

Add in some crackers or bread and various sauces for dipping

This delicious selection of charcuterie not only offers the guests a chance to indulge in very pleasant food but it also makes the atmosphere of the wedding reception more classy and refined.

Interactive Options 

Around the World Board

This board is a great way to showcase different types of food for an adventure around the entire world. 

You can select cheeses, meats, and fruit from a variety of different regions and put them together on this board. 

Spice things up by adding labels and flags to indicate where things came from. 

This will give guests a taste of different cultures.  It is also an easy way to incorporate smaller items for different taste buds. 

His and Hers Board

Their board is all about him and her and their favorite finger foods becoming part of their party. 

You can make one or two boards or, if both of you are into food, create a single board with your favorites. 

Be sure to pack in larger fruits, assorted cheeses, dried fruits, and assorted nuts they like for guests to sample. 

Meanwhile, the ‘His’ board could handle more adult, spicier flavors, with stronger meats, smoked cheeses, and pickled accompaniments. 

The ‘Her’ board might include softer, sweeter cheeses such as brie or camembert, with fruit compotes and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

And then add labels and perhaps a tiny note explaining why each item is there. 

The simple yet considered touch makes the whole experience more immersive and fun.

DIY Board

At your wedding, have your guests select their own pairings.

You can put different types of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts onto a table and serve a small charcuterie plate or charcuterie small cups.

If you have a large group of people they can pick and choose what they want for their individual charcuterie cups.  

This is the easiest way to add in types of cheeses and small fruits for all. 

International Cuisine Board

Transport your guests to different countries with an international cuisine board featuring food from around the world

This means you can incorporate traditional flavors and ingredients from each region.

Such as Spanish chorizo with olives, Italian prosciutto with melon, and even Greek feta cheese with hummus and pita bread.   

Seasonal Board

A seasonal board is all about incorporating your favorite foods from your favorite season!

For example, for a Thanksgiving charcuterie board, you might have pumpkin spice nuts and cinnamon apple slices. 

For a summer-themed wedding consider fresh berries, melon slices, and even perhaps grilled vegetables.

And for Christmas, you can add some candy canes and gingerbread cookies.

You can incorporate the holidays into the style of your wedding in different ways. 

Just mix and match accordingly, using the best ingredients along with the seasons. 

Happily Ever After Board

Cap off the evening by creating a board of bite-sized desserts and goodies that tell the story of your relationship.

You can include life- and memory-related treats, like cookies with your wedding date, chocolates from your honeymoon location, or your favorite candies.

You can even make charcuterie cones and fill them with meats, cheeses, and fruits for guests to take!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Charcuterie Board

First, pick a large cutting board with room for all of your chosen foods.

Then you can add the cheeses, meats, and little fruits that you like. 

If your wedding is going to be a lavish affair, there are plenty of possibilities to get creative.  

And as for cocktail hour be sure to include some finger foods for guests to enjoy while they wait. 

This will ensure that every guest finds something to enjoy. 

Just don’t forget to have a few cheese knives handy, ready to place around the board so your guests can help themselves. 

And if you want to keep the cleanup easy without losing the aesthetics, disposable charcuterie is the perfect example. 

Charcuterie Board Ides

These unique charcuterie board ideas are the perfect way to start a dinner party and fill in any empty spaces you might have. 

The great thing is there are no limits to how you can make your cheese platter more memorable.

You can customize it to match your unique dining experience and main event for your guests and yourself. 

And remember the most successful charcuterie boards are a reflection of your tastes and the overall vibe of your wedding. 

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