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10 Weird Things All Dog Moms Do

For many of us, our dogs are more than just our pets; they’re our family. Our beloved dogs will always be there for us, no matter what! They’ll cheer you up when you’re feeling down and give you tons of love and affection! So it’s no surprise that dog moms tend to treat their dogs in loving yet oddly strange ways! Here’s a list of some of the Top Ten things that dog moms do!

Two identical dogs
Image by kim_hester from Pixabay

The Top Ten Signs That You’re A Dog Mom:

1. Nicknames

You give your dogs weird and/or cute nicknames. Nicknames like “raisin” and “angel” are so common that your dog probably responds to those nicknames just as readily as he does to his actual name!

2. Weird Faces

You know you’re a crazy pet parent if you make random faces at your dog to see their reaction! Most of the time, they’ll just sit there and stare, but when they give you that cute little head tilt, you definitely feel like you’ve won!

3. Spoiling Your Pet

Getting your dog its own stroller, clothing, shoes, etc, is a classic dog mom move! Your dog may even have a more luxurious bed than you do; only the best for Maxy-Boy!

4. Constant Travel Companion

You always find an excuse to bring your dog with you everywhere, especially if you have a small little pup that fits nicely in a purse! Confidence is key with your fur baby in tow! Some shopping centers are even pet friendly, providing water bowls and treats.

5. Dog-Centered Conversations

You find a way to make your dog the center of your conversation with just about anyone (especially if they make a surprise appearance on your Zoom call). Everyone in your life will know all about your adorable pups and have seen at least a dozen photos of them!

6. Your Fur Baby

You talk to your dogs like they’re your baby, and you treat them like your very own baby, too! I dare you to try and talk to your dog in a normal tone.

7. Trouble Sharing The Love

Dog moms become incredibly jealous when their pup chooses someone else’s affection over theirs. You literally feed them, give them treats, buy them toys, and provide the best cuddles. The least they could do is love you and only you.

8. Pet Instagram Account

You’re guilty of being the ultimate dog mom if you’ve made an Instagram account for your pup. Dog moms are so proud of their dogs that they can’t wait to show them off on their very own Instagram pages (I, for one, am currently living vicariously through the travels of @wanderlust_samoyed).

9. Birthday Parties

You have elaborate birthday parties or playdates for your dogs (even though it may seem a little strange!). If you’re going to have a party for your pet you may as well go all in. These event are never complete without tons of pictures of your dog with his paw-some friends (that will later find their way on your dog’s Instagram, of course).

10. Halloween Costumes

Finally on our list is putting more effort into your dog’s Halloween costumes than you put into your own! No Halloween is complete without an incredible costume for your dog!

No matter how weird some of the things on this list are, one thing’s for sure: dog moms will always love their dogs! What are some strange things that you do with your pups that are not mentioned on the list?

One large dog in the grass
Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

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