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Big Ed and Rose Marie 90 Day Fiance: What Really Happened?

The internet is still buzzing about 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, particularly about someone on the show named Big Ed.

If you haven’t seen the season, here is a recap of everything that happened on the show between this iconic couple. So, exactly What Happened with Big Ed and Rose Marie?

Who are Big Ed & Rose?

Big Ed stole the show early on by putting mayonnaise in his hair. Yes, on camera he put mayonnaise in his hair. He said that he has sensitive skin and has been dying his hair to look younger, and read that mayonnaise would help make it smooth.

Aside from lathering his hair with mayonnaise, anther quirk about Big Ed is he is actually 4’11 rather than 5’2. The 54-years old) fell in love with Rose, a 23-year-old from the Philippines. He revealed early on to the cameras that he has not been completely honest with Rose.

He did not tell her that he did not want any more children after she expressed interest in having more kids.

Meeting Face to Face

Ed went to the Philippines to meet Rose where the two experience some awkward encounters that made audiences cringe, like their first kiss for example. Things got rocky for the couple.

Ed began to voice concerns to the audience about the possibility of Rose and her family scamming him. He reveals that Rose’s sister had asked him for money, so he did not fully trust Rose.

The STD Test Situation

Ed tried to push Rose to get an STD test as well as open up about her past relationships, however, she was guarded and has a son named Prince. They almost broke up due to misunderstanding and miscommunication about the STD test. 


Make Up or Break Up

After they made up, Ed asked Rose to shave her legs. In return, Rose asked for him to shave his beard in return. They travel to Rose’s home for the first time where Rose’s family welcomes him warmly and cooks a nice meal for him.

He was flattered, but could not stop questioning their living conditions. After experiencing a rough night in Rose’s home, Ed convinced Rose to go on a vacation with him.

Their Vacation Gets Weird

On the first day of their vacation, Ed gave Rose a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash because her “breath isn’t pretty”. She revealed that she has a stomach ulcer that causes bad breath.

Eventually, Ed admitted to Rose that he did not want any more kids and would not think about having children with Rose. That was the final straw for her and she left him.

Big Ed vs Rose – The Fans Speak

The internet has blown up over Big Ed, some people are building him up and supporting him while others are defending Rose.

Either way, he is good at making us feel for him at times. He was not honest with his mom about what happened in the Philippines. According to The Celeb Talk Guy, Ed has been caught making fake Instagram accounts. He used them to say rude things about Rose.

Rose has defended herself on an Instagram Live video. According to Youtuber Pewdiepie, he has done various interviews claiming that they are in a good place and overall showing he has not learned much from the experience. The Tell All on TLC was very interesting and explosive.  

This 90 Day Fiancé couple has been everywhere from Twitter memes to Tiktok trends. They might just go down as one of the most iconic reality television couples in history!

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