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What Is A Spa High Frequency Facial Skin Treatment

These days, facials are getting more and more popular. You can find them at any spa or salon that offers skin care services. But many people are wondering what is a high frequency facial?

A spa high frequency treatment typically uses deep cleaning for pores, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, and skin rejuvenation of the face with steam. It involves thermal tissue warming to help reduce muscular contractions.

These facials are done through electrically-charged high frequency machines that emit radio waves to activate water molecules in skin tissues. A facial machine uses a high frequency glass electrode to treat the surface of the skin or the entire body.

This stimulates collagen production, which is what helps maintain elasticity in the skin’s tissue structure.

It also stimulates blood circulation to help cell renewal, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves skin care product penetration, and your overall skin texture.

High-frequency machines send mild electrical current passes to the skin and are a gentle and safe therapeutic approach. There are many different shapes to help target the skin as well as the level of wattage used.

What Does A High Frequency Facial Involve?

High-frequency facials involve a whole process that starts off with cleansing. During this treatment enriched oxygen molecules are heat producing to create an antibacterial action and immediate circulation rush.

Then, exfoliation removes any dirt and impurities in the pores. Next, you apply a serum to hydrate the skin and provide moisture.

Finally, steam is used in order to open up the facial muscles and tissues in order to facilitate penetration of serum, which will nourish them for a more vibrant look.

This gentle procedure does subtle tissue warming to help increase oxygen to the skin. Common areas of treatment are the face, neck, and scalp.

The dilation of the underlying vessels and high rate of oscillation helps push away toxins to have healthy and hydrated skin.

What Is A Spa High Frequency Facial Skin Treatment?

A spa high freuquency facial skin treatment is a skincare treatment that uses a high frequency electrode.

This type of skin care treatment has a mixture of essential oils, vitamins, and serums that are usually applied to the face before these waves are used in order to make sure it penetrates deeper into the skin.

These waves help with stimulating collagen and elastin production in the skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, smooth away wrinkles, cold sores, and any skin lesions.

Some high-frequency devices send a neon gas, inert gas, or argon gas electrode into the skin to create oxygen. The electrical light energy is great for reducing the pore size and onset of new acne.

Recent studies have proven that high frequency facials are effective in promoting a natural cleansing method for the skin.

How Often Should I Get A High Frequency Facial?

You should only get high-frequency treatments once every month. This is because you should let your skin rest in between sessions.

If it is done too often, the skin will become weak and overworked. This means that it won’t be effective anymore after a short period of time. When you do your next session, your skin will become stronger and will be able to handle it better.

When you go for a high frequency facial, the spa professional who does it should carefully examine your skin. If they see any problems, they may tell you that you should have more sessions of high frequency facials until those problems are gone.

It is also important to make sure that during each session, the spa professional removes all of the dirt and impurities. This is because these particles can be damaging to your skin if they are not removed or neutralized.

High frequency facials are best to get every month. Afterward, your skin will feel rejuvenated and you will notice a huge difference in appearance with softer and brighter skin. Your skin will also appear more healthy and radiant.

How Long Does A High Frequency Facial Take?

A high frequency facial skin treatment usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. However, the first session you go for might take longer because the professional has to carefully examine your skin and recommend a course of action.

He/she will also make sure that all of the dirt and impurities are gone from your face.

After doing a few sessions of high frequency facials, you will notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

Not to mention that your complexion will be much more vibrant and healthy-looking. Most people agree that getting high frequency facials at least once every month is worth it due to the benefits it brings to their skin.

What Are The Benefits Of A High Frequency Facial?

High frequency facials are more beneficial than traditional facials. This is because they go deeper into the skin, meaning that all of the dirt and impurities are removed.

The power of high frequency facials are also popular for their anti-aging benefits.

There are many benefits to a high frequency facial skin treatment. These include:

  • Brightening your complexion
  • Helping with exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Moisturizing effects on the skin which leave it hydrated and moisturized for a longer period of time after a session
  • Tightening of facial muscles, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenation of your overall appearance
  • Softening of the skin to make it supple, smooth, and vibrant
  • Fading dark eye circles to look refreshed
  • Increase blood flow for healthier hair growth in the hair follicles

High Frequency

There is no pain but more of a buzzing tingling sensation. The primary action of high frequency current is to treat and help the appearance of your skin.

Facials are a great way to rid away toxins, increase collagen, oily skin, reducing aging skin, age spots, and acne scars as well as increase your skin’s health. A blue light facial is great for targeting acne.

Due to its rapid rate of oscillation and production levels of collagen a high frequency facial works on the tissues of the skin for natural cleansing. The high frequency oscillation rate is great for most skin types and evening skin tone.

This helps with the natural contraction of the underlying blood vessels and tiny muscle groups to help exfoliate the appearance of the skin.

A series of high-frequency services are common in the skin care industry to help with prone skin, dark circles, decongest puffy eyes, stubborn acne, and dry skin during winter months.


For the best results, facial treatments are best to get on a monthly basis and are an essential skin procedure for healthy looking skin. It can also help with skin care product absorption.

High frequency facials are considered to be safe with gentle oscillating and with the application of high frequency current, you will get the best results. The current firms your skin to help it glow.

If you have a history of heart disease be sure to consult with your esthetician.

People with cystic acne can benefit greatly from the germicidal action of high frequency. If you decide to try this at home make sure to choose a low wattage level.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.