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What To Wear Paintballing

Paintballing is a fun activity and sport many participate in. If there’s one thing we all know about paintballing is you’re likely to get shot with paint.

This means your clothes are likely to get destroyed. Furthermore, it’s also important to know what type of gear will keep you safe while you play.

Paintball today can be played at a local field or the delta force paintball centers where they have the important components to play.

With paintballing being an outdoor sport we also considered various weather conditions you could be playing as well.

Such gear and clothing are headwear, types of gloves, shoes, pants, shirts, and more. New players should have a pair of gloves handy, shin pads, layers of clothing, and dark colors to prevent serious injuries and ankle injuries.

The rule of thumb for paintball is to always wear additional protection. Your paintball day will be lots of fun!

We’ve got the scoop on what to wear paintballing and outfit inspiration!

What To Wear Paintballing: Outfit Inspiration

This first outfit includes:

This second outfit includes:

This third outfit includes:

Paintball Pants

Particularly, pants are the most important thing to wear while paintballing. More than likely, you’re going to get shot and your pants will take a beating.

To ensure this is done as minimally as possible, wear tough all-cotton or polyester pants. You can never go wrong with cotton/polyester blend pants either. Look for pants made of heavy canvas, Cordura, or denim.

Newer paints also come in ripstop fabrics which are great (because the fabric has very fine lines that run perpendicular to each other, making it harder to tear).

Loose sweat pants, long pants, and bdu cargo pants will let you move freely and protect you from the impact of the paintball.

In the game of paintball wearing, paintball-specific pants that have knee pads are a good idea to choose.

For winter months you will want to layer up in protective gear.

Paintbal Tops

When choosing what type of top to wear for a paintball game you have to consider the weather if you are playing outside.

You also want to take into consideration layers of clothing for extra protection. If you know you will be playing in hot weather on the paintball field I recommend light clothes.

For cold weather, you will want to wear additional layers. an alternative to tops is ghillie suits or jump suits to show little skin.

A long sleeve shirt and anything that has long sleeves will protect your bare skin from getting paint on it. A paintball jersey is another great option to wear.

Paintball Shoes

Your shoes should be strong and supportive. They should provide a good grip on dirt, grass, or whatever other surfaces you may encounter while playing paintball.

The Highlight Lacross shoe is great for ankle support and the colder months.

Paintball Gear

The following should be worn at a minimum:

Paintball mask (front and back of your head) paintball gloves, finger gloves, pants w/ knee pads, elbow pads, shirt (long sleeves recommended) undershirt (optional, if wearing a mesh vest or something similar), chest protectors, arm pads, and any other body armour.

It should be noted by having the latest paintball gear various elements will last you the rest of the year and make your paintball experience unforgettable.

Teens and those inside small inside structures should wear a chest protector. You should also wear the correct protective headgear, not a baseball cap.

The following equipment and layers of clothes will protect sensitive areas.

If you’re playing paintball at the coldest time of year, then it might be a good idea to wear thermal or fleece-lined pants. Also wear long underwear tops underneath your paintball shirt.

If you’re playing in hot weather, look for clothes made with “moisture wicking” material. The clothing will help cool you down. Another option is wearing a mesh shirt, which will allow your sweat to evaporate.

Additionally, if you’re playing in the winter, consider wearing thermal tops underneath your paintball shirt.

If it’s really cold then wear thermal underwear that fits around your waist (to prevent losing glow sticks or batteries if they fall out of your pockets).

All paintball guns shoot at between 285 and 300 feet per second (the distance varies between models and manufacturers), so all players should wear full face masks at all times to protect their eyes, nose, and mouth.


Once you play a game of paintball you’ll be wanting to play more. If it’s your first time it can be a little intimidating but once you get comfortable you’ll love it!

A good option and the first thing is to have much gear on hand. The best option for gear is to have loose clothing for flexibility and mobility.

The general rules for your first paintball outing are always safety first, keep your mask on, remember paintball is a team sport, don’t cheat, and clear the field when you’re hit.

Make sure to wear layers, paintball clothing, wear gloves, and protective gear. Some may say it’s a personal preference but many wear football gloves, golf gloves as their type of gloves, slider shorts, and rubber spikes.

Without a doubt, paintball players recommend wearing old clothes or dirty clothes because the paintball shots will make a mess and old hits will leave stains. Wear clothes that you don’t care to see get dirty or destroyed and bring a change of clothes as well.

To sum up, common questions to play paintball are who can play paintball, is paintball fun, and is paintball bad for the environment?

Helpful tips for your first game are to find the right paintball gun for you, bring extra paintballs, keep your body parts protected and with much protection.

The last thing you need to know is teamwork is your most effective weapon. Be sure to bring along plenty of water bottles to stay hydrated the whole time.

As speedball players are competitive and use an equal playing field so do paintballers. Use credit card machines for the initial cost to play and the equipment you need.

There you have it what to wear for a great time playing paintball!

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