What to Wear to Disney World in December

It’s here! The most magical time of the year is upon us and what better way to spend it than visiting the magic kingdom? The holiday season comes with lots of preparing, shopping, decorating and more. Taking a trip to the most magical place on earth might be just what you and your whole family needs to ease the stress of the season!

A Disney vacation has many different factors that go into it. However, the trip itself will make all the planning and preparation worth it. Get your hotel room, flights and family members ready and we will help take care of your Disney packing list. A travel agent can also help to make planning the trip as easy as possible. Here’s the best guide for what to wear to Disney World in December this year!

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Here’s the scoop on packing and what to wear to Disney World in December to guarantee a great time at the theme parks!

Before You Go

There’s some key factors to remember when packing for a vacation to Walt Disney World. We have officially moved out of the summer months and are now getting into the winter months. The Florida winter months still experience warm weather, but it’s nothing compared to the hot days in the summer. Let’s go over what weather to expect during the month of December in central Florida.

Florida weather is known for their warm days year round. It’s nothing like the cold weather the northern states experience. The average temperatures range from 55 degrees to 75 degrees. The average high in December is 75 degrees, but the temperature drops as night time approaches. You won’t be experiencing extremely high temperatures during the day, but cooler temperatures are to be expected as the sun sets.

As for rain during this time of the year, you probably won’t experience much. Or many not any at all! December is known to be one of the driest months in Florida. The hurricane season comes to an end in November. Because of this, there’s a good chance you won’t see rain during your trip. However, it never hurts to pack some rain gear in case of rainy days.

Always remember to check the weather forecast before taking any trips. The winter weather is filled with warm daily temperatures and sunny days. While a cold front is unlikely, don’t forget about the low temperatures at night. It’s a wonderful time to visit the Disney parks!

What to Wear to Disney World in December Ideas

December is typically the start of the winter for Florida. So, this just means the weather will be progressively getting cooler, especially as the evening approaches. From the end of the month until late January or early February is when Florida will face their coldest temperatures.

With this being said, short sleeves are still an option, but bring a light jacket. If you tend to get cold easily, bring a warm jacket for when temperatures start to drop. A jean jacket is always a stylish option that pairs well with leggings and a Disney shirt. For the people who get chillier, consider bringing a little warmer and thicker of a jacket. North Face jackets are a good option. Jackets can be carried in park bags or around the waist when they aren’t being used.

A rain jacket is probably not going to be needed. Rain is pretty uncommon and not likely for December in this part of Florida, which is good news! So, if you want to always be prepared, consider packing a rain poncho or small umbrella in your park bag.

Long-sleeved shirts are another good option. Long sleeves will keep you comfortable during the day, but a jacket might be necessary to put on at night. A lightweight long sleeve shirt is perfect for during the day, but then it’ll keep you covered up when the sun goes down. There’s plenty of great Disney tops to choose from.

This is the time of the year to put away those tank tops and break out your favorite Disney short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts. It’s an important thing to make sure you’ll be comfortable on your trip! Consider bringing comfortable clothes when deciding what to wear to Disney World in December!

Tops to Wear to Disney World

This is the best time to pull out your most comfortable long pants! You may be able to wear shorts during the day, but long pants are ideal for the evening and night time. If you plan on wearing shorts during the day, consider bringing a pair of long pants in your park bag to change into later on.

Jeans are always a stylish option that look good with almost any outfit. Make sure it’s a comfortable pair that has a little stretch or is a good material! Don’t forget you’ll be wearing these all day as you walk around.

Another good idea when it comes to pants is leggings. Leggings, whether you are into classic leggings or flare leggings, will provide you with comfort and ease all day long. One of the best parts of leggings is that you can make it a casual outfit or dress them up however you’d like. Wear a different color pair, such as red or green, for the Christmas season! Colorful leggings will definitely add spice to your festive outfit.

Cropped leggings are another great choice for staying cool during the day, but they still are long enough to keep you warm and covered at night. It’s a great choice for people who want an inbetween option.

Athletic pants are an option you can never go wrong with if you are aiming for comfort. Whether it be sweatpants, track pants, athletic shorts or athletic leggings, you are sure to be comfortable throughout your Disney trip.

If you love to be unique with fashion choices and statements, it still is possible to wear a dress and some tights. Obviously, the tights are optional, but they could help with keeping warm at night. Wear a comfy dress if this is the outfit choice you want to make!

Bring a few options to choose from so you can decide what’s best for you to wear to Disney World!

Pants to Wear to Disney World

Disney is a magical place and it’s the perfect place to pull out some accessories! A purse or a bag is always a fun accessory to include. Disney World does have some guidelines when it comes to bags and what is allowed inside them. Bags may not be larger than 24” long, 15” wide and 18” high. Be sure to check the rules and regulations on bags before the trip.

For people coming to the parks with children, a back is essential. Make sure it is able to easily carry anything that may be needed for your children throughout the day. This could include (but is not limited to) sunscreen, chapstick, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, face coverings or snacks and water.

Even for people without children, these essentials and others are important too. Let’s go over some other crucial items and accessories for what to wear to Disney World in December!

Disney World does allow for reusable water bottles to be brought into the park. Just don’t bring one that is glass. Or buy a reusable water bottle from one of the shops at Disney Springs. It makes a great souvenir!

Florida is known as the sunshine state so be prepared for sunny weather. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, a baseball cap or a sun hat. It’s vital to have one of these items on a sunny day walking around the parks.

The weather will still be pretty warm so packing items to refresh yourself throughout the day is never a bad idea. Throw some deodorant, sunscreen, make-up wipes, hand sanitizer and baby wipes in your park bag or fanny pack.

A fanny pack is an easy way to keep your things in order for people who like to travel light. Plus there are fashionable fanny packs to match with the outfit you chose! A small purse is another good choice for those who don’t need as much space and enjoy traveling light. Just make sure everything fits beforehand.

One of everyone’s favorite things about Disney is showing off your Disney ears! Pick from a variety of different Disney ear headband styles. December is the time to show off your festive holiday pairs! Hats or regular headbands are great alternatives as well. Find a pair of ears, headbands, or hats on Amazon, Etsy, ShopDisney, or other websites.

The parks are also filled with other options if you want to buy something when you get there. You can always decide what to wear to Disney World in December and pack with shopping in mind.

Accessories to Wear/ Bring to Disney World

Picking out Disney World outfits is a great way to get excited and prepare for the vacation! It really depends on personal preferences when it comes to figuring out outfits, but one thing that is for sure is to wear comfortable walking shoes.

There is nothing worse than having hurt feet or uncomfortable shoes. It’s even more important to have comfortable shoes when you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Remember to pack your favorite pair of tennis shoes or sneakers! If you like open toed shoes, walking sandals might be a good option for you. Just keep in mind, the temperatures cool down.

Flip flops can be great during the summer months on your Disney vacation. They are perfect for the water parks and water rides, such as Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. However, at this time of the year they aren’t as practical or the best option. If there’s a hotel pool, pack a pair of flip flops and a bathing suit for swimming!

There’s no such thing as wrong shoes as long as they are comfortable to walk up and down Main Street in.

Holiday Activities

Disney World is known for their special events throughout the holiday months. Who wouldn’t want to spend the most wonderful time of the year with Mickey, Minnie and other cast members? Let’s see what is planned for this season. It’s sure to be even more spectacular than last year.

There’s no better place to get into the Christmas spirit than Disney World! This holiday season Disney World is hosting the Disney Very Merriest Christmas After Hours. It’s a very merry Christmas party taking place on select days from November 8 to December 21.

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The party will be filled with all kinds of fun entertainment. A Christmas themed parade will take place. You’ll be able to see your favorite Disney characters, Christmas trees and decorations at Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade. Be sure to stick around till the end to see Santa Claus make an appearance!

The Very Merriest Christmas After Hours will put on a dazzling fireworks display too! Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Show lights up the sky as all of your favorite Christmas songs play. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Join the Club Tinsel Dance Party taking place in Tomorrowland. It’s a fun place to just dance and hang out. Even some denizens of the North Pole might stop by to see the best dance party in the Magic Kingdom.

What Attractions to Visit

Now that you know what to wear to Disney World in December, you have to decide what to do1 If you want to reminisce on some of the best Disney memories, go to Cinderella’s Castle for Mickey and Minnie’s Very Merry Memories. The performance was inspired by past holiday shows including “Mickey’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” “Celebrate the Season” and “Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration.”

You may even run into some of the characters! This show is offered on nights when Disney Very Merriest Christmas After Hours is taking place.

See a musical group singing holiday songs and enjoy character sightings at Spot Fave Friends and Seasonal Songsters. Sing along to some of the classics! This will take place in Frontierland during Disney Very Merriest Christmas After Hours.

Purchase your tickets for this very special holiday event now if you haven’t already! You’ll be able to grab beverages, ice cream, popcorn, and a seasonal treat at certain carts with no additional charge! There are only a limited number of tickets available, meaning smaller crowd levels in the park and fewer long lines.

Disney Resorts is an amazing place to ring in the new year. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at a Disney Resort hotel and start the new year off right!

Disney World is full of festive fun even if you can’t make it to the Disney Very Merriest Christmas After Hours. You’ll be able to see characters in their holiday wear around the park and the countless decorations all over. There are so many things to do in Disney World!

Pick Your Park

Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular parks at Disney World and is full of good luck. Here you will be able to take a walk down Main Street and also enjoy the different shops and restaurants. This location is home to some of the most notorious rides such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, It’s A Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean. You are sure to have the most enchanted time at the Magic Kingdom.

Another fan favorite is Animal Kingdom. If you didn’t make it here last time, you should consider checking it out. This is the place to celebrate and appreciate nature and all it gives us. You may also encounter exotic animals, jungle trails and dinosaurs. And just like every theme park, this one has some exhilarating rides!

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If you love theme parks, Epcot is the place to be! Epcot brings so much adventure and culture to everyone who visits. There are classic rides at this park too including Soarin’ Around the World, Test Track, Frozen Ever After and Spaceship Earth. For those who are the age of 21 and up, consider trying different drinks and food from different countries around the world.

For the movie lovers, Hollywood Studios is a must. Star Wars to Toy Story to The Incredibles, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is here to provide you with shows, rides and other entertainment from your favorite movies! It’ll make all your Hollywood movie dreams come to life.

Walt Disney World obviously is a popular place and it’s a great place to visit for the holidays. Don’t forget that it can tend to get crowded, especially at certain times of the day. This is why taking advantage of Disney dining plans is so practical. You can make dining reservations up to 60 days in advance for specific restaurants. It’ll help you and your family or friends skip the long lines.

Safety First

One last thing to remember before taking your trip, check up on their current COVID-19 policies. Disney has been taking a safe and gradual approach to how they handle COVID-19. Read up the current updates to make sure you are informed on anything new.

Thanks for following the scoop on what to wear to Disney World in December. Enjoy your trip!

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