What to Wear to Disney World in January

Whether you are running around the water parks, theme parks, or chilling out at the resort, you have to be prepared for the weather forecast to truly enjoy the happiest place in the world! That’s why we created the list of what to wear to Disney World in January.

Disney World is located in sunny central Florida but that doesn’t always make it the easiest place to dress for. The average temperatures range anywhere from the low to mid-70s during the day to the low 50s at night. So, we’ve put together a complete list of must-have outfit essentials for you to be prepared for your Disney World vacation. 

Here’s the scoop on what to wear to Disney World in January!

What to Wear to Disney World in January
What to Wear to Disney World in January

Let’s start with the basics for our warm weather outfits!

You knew this would be on the What to Wear to Disney World in January list! The average high temperature in the days of January is around 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

So you’ll definitely want to bring mostly shorts and shirts with short sleeves for the warm weather. Choose a couple of your fave shorts, then re-wear them with different tops for each day to save space!

Target is a one-stop shop to get all your outfit items. You can never go wrong with a comfy tee that has your favorite Disney character on it, and Target has a variety to choose from. Pair it with some comfy biker shorts, stretchy cotton shorts, or linen shorts for fun comfortable park outfits. 

The pair of shorts shown above with the drawn string waist and linen is one of our faves due to the easy drying lightweight material. No need to worry about walking around in soggy shorts in the park all day after riding your favorite water park rides!

Tanks are the second best option for hot days if you want more than short sleeve shirts in your bag. Find some of these cool Disney-inspired tank tops at Walt Disney World Resort and Hollywood Studios.

It’s all about the layers.

With park hours beginning at 9 am – 9 pm you are bound to encounter hot, warm, and cool temperatures. Long-sleeved shirts are great for layering and accommodating the changes in the climate without having to carry around something too heavy.

Wear a tank top underneath, so it gets hot you can take it off, and during the chilly nights throw it back on! Another great alternative to light jackets or long sleeve shirts is a flannel! With the buttons, it’s easy to layer something underneath for the cold weather. Then, when it’s time just take it off and wrap it around your waist for a cool look. 

Dont worry we have you covered for when the temperature drops.

Since it’s Florida in January most of these outfits are for the warm days, but we wouldn’t give you the real scoop if we didn’t give some outfits for the colder weather that is still a possibility. At night, Florida can get a little chilly so pack a pair of long pants and a shirt with long sleeves in case.

For the winter weather and cooler temperatures, which can be early mornings or later on in the evening choose a light jacket! Shown are a couple of different options that are perfect to keep cozy. During the winter months, Florida does tend to get cold fronts from the more northern states.

When this happens a light jacket might not do the trick. The important thing to do is always check the weather before your exact trip date. Just in case, we added a slightly heavier jacket to the list.

Plan on going to special events or maybe formal dining reservations during your Disney Vacation? Bring a nice pair of dressier long pants to pair with a simple button-down top makes it easy to wear some of these items more than once.

Of course theres a lot of walking!

Good luck making it far at Disney World if you don’t have the right footwear. Whether you are coming for the Walt Disney World marathon weekend or want to be prepared for the long lines at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom theme parks, you have to come with comfortable walking shoes. We added a variety of sneakers to cater to anyone’s personal preferences. 

Tennis shoes are the first thing you should be throwing in your bag! But with the warmer weather walking around the Disney parks, socks and shoes can get hot on your feet. So we found some breathable sneakers that’ll still keep you cool!

we know that comfortable shoes are your best friend when on a Walt Disney World vacation, so we threw in a couple of other great options to choose from. Also listed are cute and effortless sandals.

Don’t forget your bathing suit!

After your long day of trying to beat the heat in the high temperatures, the hotel pool is the perfect place to cool off! Maybe Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach are on your list to do. If so, you better leave room in your luggage for a bathing suit. A one-piece bathing suit is a great option if you want to wear it under your day clothes. This makes it convenient when it’s time to hit the pool so you don’t have to waste any time going up to your hotel room to change. 

Be prepared for anything with these essential accessories.

We all know Florida weather can be unpredictable during this time of year so your Disney World packing list wouldn’t be complete without some rain gear handy. That’s why disposable ponchos are a good idea to have in case those rainy days at the park occur. 

Thinking about riding splash mountain or kali river rapids? The good news is your packed poncho is perfect to stay dry during the water rides. 

You’ll need something to hold your phone, wallet, poncho, snacks, water bottle, and all of your amazing souvenirs from your Disney trip. That’s why a park bag is essential. Fanny packs are always easy to wear, and don’t take up much space. But if have some larger items we added some bags with a little more space!

Nothing is worse than ruining your great time in the World’s most magical place with sunburn… And honestly sometimes sunscreen just doesn’t cut it . That’s why we added the sun hat to the ‘what to wear to Disney World in January’ Disney packing list. These hats are the best way to ensure you stay having a good time on vacay.

Something extra for you!

Shhh… don’t tell anyone. But here’s another scoop on booking Disney resorts. If you want to go to Disney World but don’t want to spend the additional charge by using a travel agent or affiliate links then listen to this. January is the best time of the year to find discount Disney World tickets for the whole family.

Book in January and you miss hurricane season that runs from June to November, and resorts tend to go down in price a little bit after the Christmas season. Another plus is missing the extreme lines at the Disney World parks during the holiday season. Also, ticket prices tend to be better at the end of the month.

We know this won’t be your last trip to Disney World, so check out some of our other Disney posts on what to wear during the summer months!

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