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What to Wear to Disney World in July

Are you someone who is unsure about what to wear to Disney World in July? Do not worry, we are here to help you figure it out! It is so exciting to be visiting the happiest place on earth during the month of July!

It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking. Personal preferences such as face masks, or face coverings are a good idea to bring to stay safe! The warm weather will leave everyone feeling happy and in a positive mood the whole day as well!

The Walt Disney Parks is an entertainment resort complex in Bay Lake and located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee as well! Summertime really is a great time to visit the Disney resorts in Florida!

Feel free to explore the magic of Disney, by trying the unique and fantastic foods served in the restaurants. Every ride at Disney World is memorable and very fun, make sure to take pictures during your adventures!

We are here to help you stay confident in what to put on your packing list for your Disney trip!

What to Wear to Disney World in July
Image Credit: David Guerrero, photographer

Want to have a magical time at this magical place called Disney World? The good news is the Disney buses are here to take you where you need to go during your Disney vacation.

Disney World overall has a lot of great reviews due to all their personal experiences. In fact, it is truly the happiest place on earth! There is so much space to walk around since it is much larger than Disney Land in California.

This statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands is very well-known and is also seen in Disneyland as well. Mickey Mouse balloons are sold throughout the park, so make sure to grab one and take a picture with all the vibrant variety of colors!

This castle belongs to Sleeping Beauty and is the main attraction in Disney World. It is a popular tourist spot and many people take photos in front of it to show where they are. It is so well known that once you see the castle in the picture you automatically think of Disney. This fabulous pink castle is also a spot where people get engaged and get married as well.

If you are planning to have an engagement celebration at Disney World, they offer dining, a romantic carriage ride, and even small gifts. These are just a few of the ways that Disney shows their love and can help make someone’s proposal a magical experience.

Here is what to wear to Disney World in July!

Outfits for Disney World

Disney World Outfits

Here is some advice on what to wear to Disney World in July! All of these outfits are super trendy, comfy, and cute for photo opportunities on your Disney World vacation! These crop tops are light colors, so the heat won’t beat down on you as well. It is recommended to try to wear cooler colors since it is very hot in July already!

Tank tops are the way to go for the summer months! Summertime is one of the perfect times to visit the fantastic water parks! Make sure to try all of the memorable water rides such as the famous Splash Mountain! These are great rides to try out, especially during the hottest months of the time of year!

These pants and shorts have very breathable fabrics which are perfect for these high temperatures. During the month of July, definitely make sure to bring your favorite sun hat, for the many warm days. Flowy pants like these are perfect and trendy for your amazing trip. It is important for you to enjoy and love your outfit as you walk around Disney World!

A great white tank top matches with just about anything! White is a perfect base color that goes with any color bottoms, even denim. Brown clothes are also very trendy today! Like the color white, brown is a great base color that will go with anything you mix and match it with!

This cool blue theme is a perfect choice for the summertime. Disney merch really is the best when it comes to bucket hats. Ohana means family! Make sure to check out Lilo and Stich’s new items for the summertime.

Lastly, you can not forget your Mickey Mouse headband! Every store around the park has a great merch store from all your favorite characters. Feel free to check out all of the amazing snowglobes, water bottles, baseball caps, and comfy shorts they have to offer for the summertime!

Image Credit: Benjamin Suter, photographer

Feel free to explore all of the Disney theme parks such as Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and even EPCOT. Make sure to check out all of the special events taking place such as the garden festival, the fourth of July, and even the wine festival!

Disney World really is known for the compassion and happiness throughout the park! Everyone that visits has an amazing and memorable time here, with nothing but great reviews! Make sure to visit new attractions and more that you have not yet seen before! All the Disney theme parks and area setups are amazing and unique with lots of photo opportunities.

It is recommended to plan your dining reservations ahead of time. You can do this either on the phone or even on the Disney mobile app, it’s that easy! There are so many good options after the long days of walking. Disney World is known to have many unique foods to try at the many amazing Disney-inspired restaurants!

Who’s your favorite Disney character? All your favorite Disney character cast members also recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes because the last thing you want is a blister.

Every country in EPCOT has amazing food at their restaurants. You must try the mac and cheese, hamburgers, chicken fingers, fries, and even the milkshakes! EPCOT is known to have unforgettable food in every country you visit. Each country educates the visitors about each country’s cultures and amazing food!

If you are someone who has never been to EPCOT, you must go! It is an amazing experience overall and you will not be disappointed. In addition, this summer they are having a Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Experience and blast off on a next-generation coaster, inspired by the fantastic movies, and also view exhibits showcasing the park’s transformation!

Epcot also contains a ton of attractions. For example, from the slow-moving rides to more fast-paced adventures with your favorite Disney characters! These rides consist of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which is the France pavilion that follows “Ratatouille” hero Remy for a culinary adventure. This ride is also very popular and the newest ride so far, so make sure to check it out!

Use the Disney mobile app on your phone to avoid long lines, it is the best way to search affiliate links. This app will really help you and make things easier for you in the long run!

Tops and Tees

Tops and Tees Disney World
Tops and Tees

Confused about what to wear to Disney World in July? Do not worry, here are some recommended tops you should pack in your suitcase for your vacation! A basic tank is perfect for your travels and will go with anything you choose!

Any of these tops and tees will be perfect for the hot weather. Unlike the winter months, it is in fact hurricane season, with lots of summer heat. It is recommended to bring a small umbrella, in case you have to wait in line lines on rainy days.

Zara is a brand that has amazing summer clothes, so definitely check them out online! This Zara top is great for your summer vacation and is very trendy today. Disney tee-shirts like this Goofy design are great for working out in, and even sleeping in it as well!

In the early morning, make sure to plan out your own dress code to be prepared for the summer weather. All of these tops pictured above are all very photogenic and vibrant to post online. All of these tops will go well with any sort of jeans, leggings, yoga pants, and even shorts!

Make sure to let everyone see your Disney posts on Instagram or even Tik Tok! Summertime means bright tops and outfits! Any crop top like these will go great with any bottoms you choose to wear. These tie-up shirts are perfect for any day in the summer sun!

Lastly, off-the-shoulder tops are so pretty for July! They are very photogenic and look great with any bottoms. Try checking out the blue off-the-shoulder floral top as well! All of these tops are perfect for your trip to Disney this July!


Accessories for Disney World

Not sure about what to wear to Disney World in July? Here are some great accessories to wear and bring on your Disney trip to Florida! Florida is a wonderful place to go on vacation, and you will make so many great memories here!

You definitely need all of these Disney accessories in your suitcase! It is still important to take precautions and be safe on your trip from COVID-19. Make sure to even bring a small hand sanitizer to stay safe from germs throughout the park.

Sunscreen is key, and it is the most important accessory to bring with you because of the constant heat and warm weather. Definitely look into a small sunscreen and hand sanitizer so they will fit comfortably in your park bag! Always bring a baseball cap to shade your face also from the very hot sun, you want to stay protected during your adventures!

Daisy Duck recently has a lot of new merch available in the many stores around the park. If you are a fan of this Disney character, definitely check out what new items she has! All Disney characters also have their own merch, so make sure to check out hoodies, baseball caps, keychains, jewelry, and even T-shirts!

Mickey Mouse headbands ears are also a must for your photos! Make sure to wear your ears with your super cute and trendy Disney-inspired mini backpack. The Disney website has so many amazing backpack and pocketbook options to purchase from, so definitely check that out if you are looking for a bag to bring!

In addition, you cannot forget your lip balm! Keeping your lips hydrated is very important, so make sure to check out the Minnie Mouse-designed chapstick. Staying hydrated really is key, especially in the hot summer sun. Always make sure to drink water so you are not overheating and dehydrated during your walking journey.

Need a cute purse before your trip? Make sure to check out this small Minnie Mouse purse for your travels! It has a lot of space for such a little bag. It can fit your phone, earphones, phone charger, and even a small water bottle as well.

Check out this new Cinderella pink pumpkin keychain! It will look fabulous on any mini backpack, lunch box, or even your car keys. Cinderella will always be a classic princess and movie, so check out more Cinderella merch at the shops! You will get a ton of compliments on her magical items.

You always need a cute hat to wear to protect your face from sun exposure for too long! Don’t forget to always have a Disney headband or baseball cap with you at all times. Headwear like these above look very cute and are fashionable and trendy for pictures. 

Bucket hats like this Winnie the Pooh design are very trendy, and have a great summertime look to them! This beige Mickey Mouse baseball cap will go great with any outfit and will protect your face from the bright sun all day.

Do not worry if you forget any accessories! Sunscreen, keychains, hand sanitizer, and even merch clothing are all available in the stores around the amusement park.

Image Credit: David Guerrero, photographer

It is a good time to bring a water bottle and it is a very important thing, in general, to stay hydrated. Even though there are hot days, it is always recommended to bring a light jacket for night time as well.

If you are someone who has never been to Disney World, definitely download the Disney mobile app. It contains many affiliate links to help you purchase tickets and even plan dining reservations in advance!

Here is what to wear to Disney World in July! It always is a great idea to bring a light sweater for the windy weather, because it can sometimes get chilly. The average high temperature overall is not too bad! When packing for your Disney World trip, it is important to pack clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable. Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, and sandals are all great options for warm weather.

In the past year, a piece of important information has been uploaded to the Disney website about any COVID-19 concerns if you are interested! Make sure to download the Disney app to see the wait times and long lines. You are also able to make your theme park reservation and avoid the spring break crowds!

It is recommended to buy your tickets online. You will need a parking ticket that is valid and a possible park reservation when you arrive. Disneyland does this so they can basically limit and control the park’s capacity. By purchasing tickets in advance, you will save a lot of time and money as well!

Florida overall has nice warm weather, but don’t forget about last-minute rain showers. Florida is also known to have fast rain every so often, so make sure to always have a rain jacket if you notice it looks cloudy outside!

If you are looking to work there, Walt Disney World employs more people than every other Disney park combined, which is amazing! In addition, Walt Disney also designed the parks so when you pass from land to land, you don’t see the others, so it is a fantastic surprise each time!

Lastly, it is always important to plan accordingly and in advance as much as possible. It will be ten times easier and you will have a lot less stress throughout the day. You do not want to be waiting and wasting time because you didn’t plan in advance!


Bottoms for Disney World

Feel free to check out all of these amazing bottoms for your trip! Even though it is very hot out, do not worry, every building has air conditioning! These bottoms are good for a lot of walking, and you can never go wrong with great denim shorts.

Around July 5th, your best bet is to check out blizzard beach, typhoon lagoon, and even Hollywood studios because there will be no additional charge or extra cost! Check out Disney Springs, especially with this warm weather.

In addition, bring new merch back to your hotel room. There is a good chance they will sell long pants and even tennis shoes for your adventure. It is important to take photos as well with all your family members, and wear clothes you just bought!

Feel free to check out the denim skirts online and Halloween merch even the Disney website. Like the last trip, when October rolls around, they have items for the scary Halloween party! Make sure to visit Disney World in the Fall to see the spooky setups!

All of these bottoms are super soft, stretchy, and flexible to wear every day. They are great everyday bottoms that also aren’t too pricey! These bottoms for Disney World are for warm days and are great for early spring. Make sure to wear all of these bottoms to this magical place and at your fantastic dining reservations!

I hope you feel more secure in what to wear to Disney World in July! These soft and comfy bottoms are even great to sleep in Lastly, skirts really are a trendy piece to wear during the summer! These bottoms really are a must for what to wear to Disney World in July!

Image Credit: Nielson Caetano, photographer

This amusement park really has nothing but perfect reviews! Disney World really does contain the most popular rides in all of Florida, which leaves a positive happy lasting memory with the individual.

Remember to bring your bathing suit with you to try all of the wonderful and fun water rides! You cannot leave Disney World without going on at least one fantastic roller coaster. It is also a great way to see the whole park with a great bird’s eye view!

These unforgettable rides will put you in an automatic great mood. Lots of these rides have terrific views and have wonderful nature all around. These roller coasters are a little bit too fun, so be prepared!

Definitely check out the Disney Skyliner gondolas. They are a very easy way to travel between Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and other select locations at Walt Disney World Resort!

Everyone truly has the best time at the Walt Disney World resort. Like all Disney resorts, the employees are there for you if you have any questions or concerns about a situation. They are always here to help no matter what, and want to make sure everyone is safe and happy overall!

Make sure to climb to the top of the mountain, there are a lot of photo opportunities way up there! This is a beautiful ride, and lots of visitors enjoy the view because of the height.

According to many votes, the Magic Kingdom park is the most popular and favorite among all the guests that visit! Again, it is very hot in July, but every building and restaurant is air-conditioned, so do not forget sunscreen as well. It is important to bring a small sweater because it is chilly sometimes in inside places.

I hope you feel a lot more confident in what to wear to Disney World in July! No matter what, you will have a great time at Disney parks!

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