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What to Wear to Disney World in March

Are you planning a trip to Florida soon, but you aren’t sure what to wear to Disney World in March? March really is a perfect time to visit with sunny days and great Florida weather!

Are you excited to see Sleeping Beauty’s great castle this March? It is time to celebrate thirty years of fantastic adventures at Hollywood Studios! This is a great way to experience the history and arts of Walt Disney World overall! Make sure to visit everything when visiting this excellent park!

Make sure to shop for Disney merch at the gift shops around the park and even online at! They have plenty of knick-knacks and accessories to choose from, leaving you with a memorable experience!

Check out the popular rides, fantastic dining services, and performances throughout the park! You will not be disappointed in anything you explored! Water rides will shortly be opening, so go take a splash!

This spring break, it is a good idea to visit Disney parks since it is the happiest place to be! No matter what, you will have a fantastic time on your Disney World trip!

Dreams really do come true when visiting the happiest place on earth!

Tips for Your Visit

What to Wear to Disney World in March
Image Credit: David Guerrero, photographer

This magical place is great to visit any time of year, but the best time is in the month of March! For example, there are fewer crowds which is a big plus, and it is not too hot outside! During the summer months, there are larger terms of crowds, causing long lines and aggravation.

If this is your first time visiting Disney World, make sure to explore as much as you can! The parks are very large, so you will never be bored! All the parks are very unique, and will give you a great experience no matter what!

In addition, make sure to take lots of pictures during your trip, they will be filled with lots of amazing memories to remember forever! Try using a disposable camera that prints out the photos right away to hang on your wall at home!

Experience the wonders of Disney, and all that it has to offer! Disney never fails to amaze visitors with all its amazing art and history! Every time you visit will be an unforgettable experience!

Before your trip, make sure to download the My Disney Experience App on all mobile devices to help you make dining reservations, purchase tickets, and so much more!

Disney World Outfits

What to Wear to Disney World in March; Disney World Outfits
Outfits for Disneyworld

Not sure what to wear to Disney World in March? Do not worry, we are here to help you feel confident in what to bring with you!

What’s on your Disney packing list for your Walt Disney World vacation? Do you live in the united states and are looking for a quick and easy getaway? For your March visit, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and even great tennis shoes because there is a lot of walking involved.

During the winter months, it was important to always bring long sleeve shirts. Luckily, since spring is around the corner you will not need one all the time. Spring is perfect for denim shorts and biker shorts because they are very comfortable and cute overall.

These vans and converse shoes are very fashionable and would look great with all your outfits. Make sure to add a hat or Disney headband with your completed outfit for the day!

Check out more matching sets like these at as well! They have a variety of different colors to choose from, including more tie-dye designs! For example, they have long sleeve tops and short sleeve tops. They also have shorts or the tie dye pants like above!

At the end of the day, tie dye is the way to go! Tie dye will always be in style, so make sure to check out the other tie dye sets just like this one online and in the gift shops!

Every day before you leave your hotel room, make sure to bring a water bottle and an extra change of clothes because the weather forecast can change quickly in Florida!

Tops and Tees to Wear

What to Wear to Disney World in March; Tops and Tees to Wear to Disney World
Tops and Tees for Disney World

Furthermore, these tops and tees are perfect for what to wear to Disney World in March! Everything here is very comfortable to wear throughout the whole day!

Make sure to always bring a light jacket during this time of year! A long-sleeved shirt is an important thing to bring to the Disney World theme parks! Wearing a tee-shirt or even a lightweight tank top will be fine for you to wear throughout the day.

Secondly, wearing a tank top or even a cute Disney tee will be very comfortable to wear throughout the day! These tops and tees are perfect merch items to bring home with you to show your friends!

In fact, these crop tops are perfect to wear with sweatpants, joggers, and even mom jeans! They are a great choice to pack in your suitcase because you can mix and match them with everything!

Are you a big Goofy fan? Luckily, there are many Goofy items to purchase! Check out the Goofy tee-shirts and Tigger long sleeve shirt! These will get you a ton of compliments from your friends!

A solid color tank top is always good to throw on with any outfit. If it gets windy, you are able to throw on any jacket with it which is helpful!

Any of these mix and match tops would look great with biker shorts, joggers, and jeans too! These trendy tops will always be in style, especially at Disney World.

Disney Characters

What to Wear to Disney World in March
Image Credit: Bo Zhong, photographer

Who’s your favorite Disney character? Like all the Disney resorts, your favorite Disney characters greet visitors right as you enter the park! In fact, Walt Disney World is so large that over seventy-seven thousand employees work there! If you have any questions or concerns, someone is always there to help you!

Don’t bring the wrong shoes for your Disney vacation! Comfortable shoes are key to making your personal experiences memorable during your visit!

Make sure to thank employees that have helped you during your trip to Disney World as well! The employees’ job at the park is to make sure every visitor is comfortable and having fun at the end of the day!

With warm temperatures, there is a good chance they will open up more water parks such as the kali river rapids attraction and splash mountain at the beginning of the month just like last year!

It is your best bet to visit all the water rides during the very hot days! It is important to visit areas like blizzard beach and even Disney Springs during the warm days!

Feel free to take lots of photos with your favorite Disney characters! Characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be walking around the park and also give autographs in your Disney book! You can purchase the Disney book at any gift shop around the park!

Make your dreams come true with Disney World!

Accessories to Bring

What to Wear to Disney World in March; Accessories to Bring
Accessories for Disney World

Make sure to include most of these accessories in your Disney world packing list! Lip balms, keychains, mini backpacks, scrunchies, jewelry, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen are all important items to bring with you!

Carrying a lip balm with you is more important than you think. You don’t want to have the feeling of dry lips the whole day! Dry lips will leave an uncomfortable feeling during your day, so make sure to bring one with you!

Make sure to also carry a small fashionable park bag for cute pictures as well! The Sleeping Beauty and Winnie the Pooh mini backpacks are perfect to carry all your accessories around!

Even during the first week of March, it is still important to start wearing sunscreen! The daytime temperatures will most likely be warm since it is central Florida. The Walt Disney World resort has an average high temperature with sometimes cooler evenings.

It is so important to bring a bucket hat! Bucket hats are becoming more in style every day especially with spring right around the corner! Make sure to take a look at the burgundy Winnie the pooh bucket hat and the Mickey tie-dye bucket hat as well!

Need a scrunchie? You will most likely want to put your hair up at one point of the day if you are someone that has long hair! It sometimes can be windy especially if you are on roller coaster rides. Check out the Lilo and Stich soft scrunchies that will feel comfortable in your hair without a pulling and uncomfortable feeling!

However, check out more accessories like the Mickey Mouse silver ring if you are looking to buy Disney jewelry! Check out more necklaces and rings on the Disney website as well for more options!

It is amazing to have a Disney keychain! The Winnie the Pooh and the Mickey Mouse sparkly keychain are perfect ideas to put on your backpack or even car keys! It adds a bit of bling to your day and it is a great merch item to take home with you!

Lastly, it is key to bring a hand sanitizer to the park! In addition, definitely still watch out for COVID-19 and any other germs at the park. Wearing face masks and staying six feet apart will keep everyone healthy on their trip!

If you forget anything in your hotel room, do not worry! These items will be available in gift shops around the park if you need them!

Bottoms to Wear

What to Wear to Disney World in March; Bottoms to Wear
Bottoms for Disney World

First, wearing long pants during the night is key because of the cooler temperatures. With hurricane season right around the corner, make sure to always bring a small umbrella with you for unexpected rainy days!

In addition, rainy days can make the high temperatures drop to average lows very quickly, making it colder climates. Towards the end of the month, average temperatures will begin to rise. Make sure to wear these denim shorts, which will match every outfit!

Joggers and sweatpants are perfect to wear during the day, or even at night when you go to sleep! These bottoms are available in a variety of colors to choose from, so make sure to check that out! These Disney merch sweatpants will leave you with comfort throughout the entire day when walking!

Bringing pajama shorts for bed is also a must! Check out the Sleeping Beauty Castle Gym Shorts plus other designs on the Disney website.

Biker shorts are a plus when walking around the park all day! Preferably black biker shorts like these will mix and match with any outfit you choose. Biker shorts also look good with a denim jacket as well!

Lastly, this is the best time to visit the garden festival and the Epcot international flower! The garden festival begins in early March through until late May! There are dining areas in the Epcot international flower, which is right next to the garden festival, make sure to visit both! These bottoms are perfect for what to wear to Disney World in March!

All of these bottoms listed below will look amazing with anything you decide to wear!

Special Events

What to Wear to Disney World in March
Image Credit: Craig Adderley, photographer

However, in Disneyworld, the week of Presidents’ Day and Mardi Gras were around one of the busiest and most crowded weeks of the year. Disney performances are very popular and tend to be overcrowded, make sure to use the Disney app to get a good seat and plan ahead of time before your Disney trip!

Major holidays like these will cause many people, so make sure to also check the Walt Disney World crowd calendars if you plan on avoiding that! Crowd calendars are basically the predictions of how busy the whole resort will be on any given day.

There are amazing dining services all around the park, feel free to try new foods that you have never tried before. Enjoy eating the Mickey Mouse waffles, mac and cheese, and amazing sandwiches they serve!

The performance employees that work at Disney World are all fantastic and talented in what they do! Definitely check out the amazing performances that these characters put on for the audience! Dinner and a show is the way to go!

You will have a great time at parks like magic kingdom and animal kingdom no matter what! Since there are a lot of special events like this one, it is important to plan earlier than you think!

Questions or Concerns

Image Credit: Craig Adderley, photographer

Make sure to always reach out to customer service for any questions or concerns about park hours or even how to shop for affiliate links! They will answer any questions about the extra cost of something or any personal preferences or advice they have if it is your first time visiting!

Remember that every employee is here to help! So do not hesitate to ask any questions or any concerns with anything! Every employee wants to make sure that everyone is happy and having a great time on their trips!

In fact, feel free to check out the Disney balloons throughout the park! They come in a variety of colors and they all have a Mickey Mouse inside each one. With a clear balloon outside, it is a great item to bring back to your hotel room!

In addition, make sure to purchase as much Disney merch as you can before going back home, you will not regret it! For example, items like snowglobes, hats, scarves, and other items are available to be bought in the gift shops all around the area.

Lastly, make sure to always bring a small hand sanitizer with you wherever you go because of the many germs in the park! It is important to stay safe and healthy while on your fantastic trip!

I hope you feel more confident about what to wear to Disney World in March! Lastly, do not forget to bring face masks for safety! No matter what, you will have a good time at this amazing park!

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