What to Wear to Disney World in October

There is nothing more magical than going to Disney World. From getting to your hotel room to the moment you enter the happiest place on Earth, it’s all so exciting! Sometimes it can be hard picking outfits for vacation so we are here to help you decide what to wear to Disney World in October.

Whether you are celebrating the park’s 50th anniversary, attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or going to the Disney After Hours Boo Bash there is so much to do and you want to look your best! We have put together the ultimate guide for going to Disney World in October.

A Disney World vacation is a special occasion to spend time with your whole family. Packing the right outfits will ensure that your Disney trip is the best it can be.

With Main Street, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom Park and other great options available a Walt Disney World vacation is the ultimate family trip!

Here is the scoop on what to wear to Disney World in October to make sure you have a good time!

Disney World in October

Before you start packing, you will want to take a look at the weather forecast for the days of your trip. Florida weather can go from hot and sunny to stormy in just a few hours, so you will want to be prepared for anything.

The historical averages tend to show warmer weather for central Florida. In October the average temperature ranges from 60 degrees to 80 degrees fahrenheit. The average high is 85 degrees. It is safe to say you can expect warm weather for your October visit.

October is still technically one of the summer months in terms of weather. Early October will still be very much on the warm side, but by the end of the month things cool down a bit.

However, you may also experience some cooler temperatures and even some chilly nights.

October is the perfect month to make your first every Disney trip. It is a good option because the peak travel season is over, but the weather is still gorgeous. There will still be long lines and lots of people, but you may have a better chance of meeting your favorite characters.

Parents may also want to plan a trip to Disney World for Columbus Day Weekend so that your children will not have to miss as much school.

What Tops to Wear in Disney World

what to wear to disney world in october tops

There are so many answers for what to wear to Disney World in October. A great way to stay organized and make sure you bring everything you need is to keep a packing list.

Also remember that Disney park dress codes may have exceptions depending on the time of year and special events, but the park generally does not allow Halloween costumes.

What shirts to pack will really depend on the weather forecast for your specific trip. The best bet is to check what the forecast calls for on your trip before you actually start packing. This will save you lots of time having to repack or change outfits later.

Comfortable tank tops and short sleeved shirts are perfect for hot weather. Your favorite Disney themed t-shirt will help you stay cool while protecting your shoulders from the sun.

If you plan on visiting any water parks or riding any water rides like Splash Mountain you should wear something with short sleeves or a tank top made of cotton that will dry quickly. Some people also wear bathing suits under their clothes for water rides.

You can also bring some long-sleeved shirts for any cool or rainy days that you will experience. Another great option is to bring a light sweater or light jacket to put in your park bag when you aren’t wearing it.

Orlando is no stranger to a spontaneous torrential downpour so you should also bring a small umbrella or rain poncho.

Bottoms to Wear in Disney World

what to wear to disney world in october bottomr

Pants can be difficult when deciding what to wear to Disney World in October. Since you are likely going to be in the park on hot days you will probably want to pack shorts, fun skirts, or capris.

You can also bring some long pants for any cooler weather. You may also want to wear a pair of shorts or pants with pockets so you can keep your valuables safe.

Whether you decide to rock a pair of shorts or leggings, or a skirt or dress, wear what makes you comfortable. Feeling comfortable and confident is the key to having fun on vacation.

If you have any special advance dining reservations you will want to pack a nice top, skirt, or dress that is appropriate. It is also extra fun to wear an outfit inspired by your favorite character!

Disney World Accessories

what to wear to disney world in october accessories

One of the most important items to bring on your trip to Disney World is the proper bag. Having a bag in the park is the perfect way to carry your essentials and any gift shop items you pick up along the way.

Disney Parks do have rules about what bags are allowed in the park, so you will want to check the rules before your trip.

You absolutely want to bring a bag of some kind to carry all of your essentials. Your best option for what type of bag will be a small backpack or something that you can easily carry on your back. This will keep your hands free for taking pictures and eating your favorite Disney park foods.

In your bag you can pack extra important things like sunglasses, lip balm, your camera, face masks and face coverings, and Minnie Mouse ears!

As for what shoes to wear, they are really up to your personal preference. It is important to bring a pair of comfortable shoes because you will do lots of walking in the park. Tennis shoes or walking sandals will be perfect. You can also bring a pair of flip flops for by the pool!

It is also a great idea to bring a travel first aid kit to treat any scrapes or cuts. Another good item to bring, and perhaps the most important, is to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

If you are traveling with any young children and want to make sure they have the best time, you will also want to bring snacks for if they get hungry. This is the best way to avoid long lines waiting with hungry kids.

No matter what shoes you decide to wear in the park, whether they are sandals or sneakers, your best friend will be blister patches! Sore feet can ruin the magic or a Disney vacation so why suffer when you can avoid the pain?

Things To Do in Disney World

There are always countless fun things to do in Disney parks! Whether you like riding a roller coaster, meeting Disney characters, or going to Star Wars land there’s plenty to do. Plan your next Disney get away today with travel agents to make sure you can do all of your favorite things.

For pin collectors, going to Disney World is the perfect opportunity to add to your collection. This Halloween shop all of your favorite character pins with spooky new themes. Get Mickey, Minnie, Hocus Pocus, your favorite villains, and more!

Also, this year the park begins celebrating their 50th anniversary starting October 1st!

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Amusement parks are famous for having tasty treats. Visitors specifically travel to this magical place to experience the Epcot International food options. This way each family member is sure to find something they love.

In October, you can attend the Epcot Food and Wine Festival which is an added bonus to the usual yummy options.

The best thing about Disney theme parks is that you can customize your trip for the best personal experiences. You can watch the headless horseman ride down Main Street or go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! Also, after park hours there is the Disney After Hours Boo Bash!

No matter what, you will be sure to have a great time in Disney World. While you are in Florida, there are lots of other activities too. You can also pay a visit to Universal Orlando or take a shopping trip to Disney Springs!

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what to wear to Disney world in October

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