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What to Wear to Disneyland in April [2023]

You know it as one of the most magical places on earth. Disney theme parks are a place where people can escape reality, and become engulfed in worlds with their favorite characters.

 (David Roark, photographer)

Whether it is your first time, second time, or 10th time planning a Disney trip, these tips will help keep your trip fun and safe.

Keep reading to find out the scoop on what to wear to Disneyland in April!

Prepping for Disney

No matter the time of year, planning ahead is always a good idea. Prepping for Disneyland starts with some basics; researching the park, booking the trip, and making reservations. First, let’s talk about researching Disneyland Resort options for your trip.

Disney has locations in Florida, and California. There is even a Disneyland Paris location.

Disney encompasses more than 25 resorts to make your stay comfortable. These resorts are then separated into four different categories: Deluxe Villa, Deluxe, moderate, and value.

There is something available for everyone, especially if you are looking for budget-friendly options. Disney world offers standard hotel rooms, but for bigger families, value resort suites are available. You get to choose from hotels that will make you feel home away from home, such as Disney’s Grand Californian hotel.

(Harrison Cooney, photographer)

Next, make sure you check the Disney Park Reservation System for availability. Due to pandemic rule changes, when staying at Disney guests are expected to have a theme-park ticket as well as a theme park reservation.

There are three ticket reservation types: on-site guests, annual pass holders, and theme park tickets for off-site guests.

Lastly, book your trip to Disney and have the best time! Don’t forget to keep all your travel documents and flight information with you as well. Make sure you look into how to get value deals on a hotel room for no extra cost, and keep your credit cards on file to make things easier for booking the trip.

Disney In April

(Harrison Cooney, photographer)

Have you ever wondered what to wear to Disneyland in April? During this time of year, the state of California can get to high levels of heat.

April is also sometimes a rainy season, so keep that in mind.

There is an abundance of activities to do if you plan to attend Disney during April. Just a couple of the events offered: the Easter Eggstravaganza, Food & Wine Festival, and Dapper Day! The crowds roll in around this time during Spring Break to stay at Disneyland resort hotels, and there are always new things happening.

When the temperature drops, it is always a great idea to have an extra sweatshirt or light jacket in your bag. Have these on deck for late night adventures. On rainy days, a weatherproof jacket comes in handy to have. Since rainy days can be unexpected, keep one stashed in your bag. This way, the rain can’t ruin your magical time!

Planning your Disney Outfits

Planning outfits to bring on vacation can oftentimes be stressful. Let’s talk about the best outfits to pack, so you don’t have to jam clothes into your suitcase last minute!

Comfort is an important factor that plays into your vacation experience. You don’t want to have to worry about being too hot during the day, or too cold at night. Chances are you will be walking lots of miles on your trip, so being prepared for that is key.

Now, there is certainly no dress code for Disney. Sporting your favorite Mickey Mouse t-shirt or tote bag is highly recommended!

It’s important to remember to pack an ample amount of shirts. Packing extra clothing is useful when you want clothes to wear during the day, but also to jump into at night. Also, for instances where you sweat through your t-shirt during the day in the heat.

For packing pants, keep in mind wearing light and loose clothing would be ideal for the weather. I recommend packing pants that won’t make you sweaty and uncomfortable on walks, such as thin yoga pants or running shorts. This will help cool you off.

If you are wearing a mask to cover your face, it can get especially hot. So, I recommend keeping the rest of your body cool with light clothing so you don’t overheat.

Lastly, packing a pair of your most comfortable shoes will save you lots of aches and pains throughout the trip. Having shoes with support is crucial when you are walking around the resorts, and contributes to a better experience. Let’s dig more into what to wear to Disney in April.

Best Tops To wear

Show your spirit with some of these Disney tops!

A lot of people love to rock their favorite Disney characters to show other people something about their personality. Hot Topic carries a ton of Disney shirts so you can show off your favorite mickey mouse top.

When you don’t know what to wear to Disneyland in April, a nice cotton tee usually does the trick. They are great because of versatility, and because they are usually a lighter material. A nice quality cotton sweatshirt is included on the list too, so you have viable options when planning your Disney attire.

Tank tops are a good option for spring months. The flowers are budding, and the humidity starts to go up. Tank tops prevent you from feeling sticky and sweaty for a long time. They are also good for throwing over a bathing suit at the water parks. You will definitely be swimming if you are at the Disney’s paradise pier hotel or Walt Disney resort.

Don’t forget to pack a light jacket to prepare for any cool nights on the trip. One or two of these would be ideal for week long trips.

Disney Bottoms

There are so many choices when it comes to being fashionable and comfy. Lululemon is a great example of what to wear to Disneyland in April. It is one of the best quality brands for activewear and everyday clothing. Their material is light and airy, so you won’t retain sweat while you’re walking in the heat. The long yoga pants that are listed are also nice for cold weather or for walking around at night.

Tennis skirts are super convenient for being fashionable mixed with comfort. They provide ample legroom and better leg movement when walking. These will make your outfit Instagram-worthy, and you will be relaxed and cool on hot days.

Wearing comfortable and stretchy jean shorts is a great move. It is overall a more fashionable choice, especially for people who want to get a lot of pictures in their time at Disney. On the other hand, I listed some shorts on the more sporty side, that provide you with maximum softness and stretchiness.

For out of state visitors and guests, it is important to know the best clothes to wear if you don’t know what to expect with weather. Wearing light clothing is important for during the day, and light sweaters and jackets are great for night time during April.

Disney Accessories

What other way to complete an outfit than with Disney accessories? I find that adding accessories puts the finishing touch on your outfit, and can bring out individual style.

Socks are a great option when you want to bring another pop of color to your outfit. They also prevent sweating and discomfort on your feet from shoes when you’re walking around. Disney has some cool socks available that will have everyone jealous.

Lace-up sneakers are a great way to walk light. They aren’t too hot and provide some cushion on your feet when you are standing in long lines. Picking a good shoe plays into the comfort of your daily life, and is going to help walking from ride to ride.

Take a look at some of these super cute accessories for a night in downtown Disney or for just chilling around the Disneyland hotel! These accessories are important when it comes to what to wear to Disneyland in April.

Best Essentials

Now, since we have talked about what to wear to Disneyland in April, let’s shift to some essentials you may find useful.

With these simple essentials, you will be prepared for long walks around the park. Even during the summer and winter months, these items should be on your packing list. Stick these items in your purse or bag so you will never be unprepared.

Since daytime temperatures can get up to 85 degrees, it is important to have a compact water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. When you are sweating, you need to replenish your body. This will also prevent dehydration, and keep you feeling good.

Make sure to have face coverings handy. Having a pack helps you stay prepared, and protected.

Electronics such as headphones or a battery pack for your mobile device is great to have on the list. This is because we rely on our phones so much for communication and direction, it’s important to have them charged and ready to go.

Clean Essentials

Sunscreen is a good staple to carry around in a purse or tote bag. You should always be applying sunscreen, especially in the early mornings. The travel size makes it easy! On a sunny day or gloomy day, sunscreen will help protect your skin from harmful rays.

I find that certain products containing fragrances and parabens are harsh on my skin. So, I made sure to include products that are great for sensitive skin and have cleaner ingredients to make you feel good.

Your Disneyland vacation will be complete if you plan to pack some of these essentials when you go.

Preparing for Disney Weather

(Kent Phillips, photographer)

Let’s talk about what to wear to Disneyland in April, keeping the weather in mind.

The weather is one of the most important things to take into consideration when planning a Disney vacation. Since there is usually warm weather in Florida and in southern California, it makes Disney a great vacation spot for all times of the year. However, if you are planning to come during warmer months, you may want to layer on the sunscreen.

Since you may be in the state of Florida or California in late April, it is important to prepare for intense hot weather. Make sure a priority is to stay hydrated during your whole trip by drinking lots of water throughout the day!

If you want to avoid long wait times in the heat, don’t worry! Disney offers Lightning Passes to skip the lines.

In the Orlando area, the high usual temperature gets to around 84 degrees. The low for Orlando hovers at around 64 degrees but can get even lower during the rainy season. For people going to For California residents and orange county, the California weather at Disneyland park usually has a high of 74 degrees (which is perfect weather), and a low of 54 degrees.

What to do In Disney

(David Roark, photographer)

Now that you have figured out what to wear to Disneyland in April, it’s important we talk about the activities they have to offer.

During different months, the park varies with the amount of guests. The park is well-organized, with signs and maps available to make for smooth travel. For example, there are signs for specific lots like the toy story parking lot, where you can easily get to your destination from there. There are also amenities like bus transportation available to help get from park to park.

When you step inside one of the many Disney parks, you will find there is so much to explore. Disney is a place to let your inner child run free! So, where do you begin for your first visit? For starters, you can check out places such as EPCOT, Disneys Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. These parks all have their own events. There are plenty of amusement parks, food, and activities so you will always be having a fun time.

Good Eats

Speaking of food let’s talk about one of the most important parts of vacationing…eating.

The amount of food items offered at Disney is almost overwhelming! Some of the top-ranked foods offered at the parks include: pineapple Dole whip, pickled corn dogs, bao, churros, and the not-so-little chicken sandwich.

When you are tired from the park and want to sit down for a nice dinner, eat at one of the hundreds of restaurants available. From fresh taco food trucks to a juicy surf n’ turf.

Disney is a place that satisfies each and every craving you might have, or didn’t know you had!

Rides and Entertainment

Plenty of fun is offered in the happiest place on earth. Ride the teacups for something more family-oriented, or get in on the action with water rides. Everyone loves splash mountain, and the haunted mansion ride.

Cast members at Disney world want nothing but to make your experience memorable. They embody your favorite character you love the most and bring them to life.

Let’s talk about some cool entertainment in the park. If you are a big Star Wars fan, Star Wars Galaxy Edge is located in Hollywood Studios. Some noteworthy events that are held include the Epcot international flower festival. This is an immersive experience where you can experience the floral gardens like never before.

Disney California Adventure park is one of the major parks available and is close to the avenger’s campus theme park.

Late nights bring perfect weather to sit outside and eat in Downtown Disney. There are so many restaurants to choose from.

Staying Safe

(Kent Phillips, photographer)

During warmer months, huge crowds start to roll in. It is important you take certain precautions to make sure you and your family have a safe vacation.

No matter your vaccination status, wearing a mask is crucial in protecting yourself and others. Buying a multi-pack of masks is a great idea, so you never have to worry about losing them. For out of state guests, it helps to be aware of the park’s physical distancing requirement and new reservation system. It is important to read up on some of the rules and regulations of the park since they are always changing.

The state officials from California and Florida have taken up their own pandemic enforcements, all well as the united states a whole.

There are pandemic restrictions being implemented at Disneyland parks. Depending on certain locations, proof of vaccination is required. Some parks, hotels, and restaurants have limited availability and are subject to closures.

You are now required to have a theme park reservation along with your park ticket. This is also designed to measure specific capacity limits and keep you safe. The good news is most areas of the parks are still open with caution.

Planning what to wear in April weather can be simple. Now is the perfect time to plan ahead. While keeping weather and activities in mind, your trip will run smoothly.

Disney is such a magical place. and your outfits will only better the experience. Check out another blog post or two for more important information you don’t want to miss, and talk with Disney travel agents for any specific questions.

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