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What to Wear to Disneyland in August

Going to Disneyland in August is the perfect way to close out the summer! One of the best parts of vacation planning is deciding both what to wear to Disneyland in August and what to do!

There are plenty of summer celebrations to enjoy on your Disneyland vacation. A fan favorite is the parades which include various floats and Disney cast members. These parades are fun for the whole family because you never know when you might see your favorite character driving by on one of the floats!

Not only are there Disney characters walking around but there are is also a multitude of attractions to see and rides to experience in Disneyland California! No matter what Disney story is your favorite there will be something for you to enjoy! You certainly won’t be bored on your vacation.

There’s not only one but two separate parks right across from each other to fill your time with. These two parks are Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park! Each other these parks have so many special attractions to offer that your whole family will love!

Disney balloons
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With all of the excitement of an upcoming vacation, there also comes the stress of packing and planning. You want to make sure that you have the right outfits for your trip before you leave. It is important to have vacation clothes that make you look good and feel good so that you can have the best time possible!

Lucky for you we have some tips to help!

Here is the scoop on what to wear to Disneyland in August!

What to Wear to Disneyland in August

What to Wear to Disneyland in August; outfits

Here are some great outfit ideas for your Disneyland trip in August!

There is no Disney world vacation dress code but there are insider tips that will make your trip more comfortable.

If it is your first time going to a Disneyland resort then it is a good tip to bring your best walking shoes! When taking into account the distance you will be covering along with the long lines, it is only common sense to protect your feet! Tennis shoes are a good option to bring with you as they are good walking shoes and you won’t feel as though you are walking around in bare feet.

It is a great thing to remember that if you want sandals you can always bring an extra pair of shoes with you! After long days in the park, you will be glad that you brought some comfortable shoes.

We have also included a few tops and bottoms for inspiration in your Disney outfit planning. Of course, we couldn’t forget to include some Micky Mouse Ears!

Here are some items to help you assemble the perfect outfit for what to wear to Disneyland in August!

Disneyland in August

When preparing what to wear to Disneyland in August, it is important to know what the weather will be like during your trip. In regards to the California weather, the month of August is a great time of year to visit Disneyland! The average temperature is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and may cool off slightly during the night.

This is ideal summer weather for doing outdoor activities such as enjoying the parks. Just make sure to bring some sunblock with you and re-apply to avoid any sunburns!

Out of all of the other summer months in southern California, late august is the best time to visit because the heat isn’t too overwhelming. While the month of august does include some hot days with the highs being in the 80s, it also can include some chilly mornings with lows being in the 60s. Due to the fluctuating weather, it is a good idea to bring a light jacket with you on your trip!

The summer is filled with the warmer months which is why you also want to bring comfortable clothes that will help to keep you cool. It is important to be prepared for the average temperatures that you are likely to encounter during your Disney trip, especially if you are going for a couple of weeks! As we approach early September the weather may start to cool off slightly so pack accordingly!

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the weather up until your trip so you will know of any weather changes during your trips’ timeline.

Tops to Wear in Disneyland in August

What to Wear to Disneyland in August; shirts

One of the best parts about packing for vacation is choosing your outfits! Packing for Disney has the bonus of letting you represent your favorite characters while still looking cute! There is no shortage of Disney-inspired tops for you to choose from. You can choose anything from Marvel to Star Wars, to classic Disney. It’s completely up to your personal preference.

As a tip, it is important to have a wide array of tops to wear to the Disney parks so you can accommodate the temperature drops. It’s a good idea to wear layers or bring a light jacket if you plan to have long days and nights at the Disney theme parks. Wearing layers allows you the convenience of being able to take off your sweatshirt if you get too warm but also having one to put on if you get too cold.

You want to be prepared for all of the possible temperatures so you aren’t forced to walk back to the hotel to change!

That is why this list includes a long sleeve star wars shirt as well as a tank top. You can also bring the Disney pull-over sweatshirt for extra layers! It is always good to have a sweatshirt with you, just in case the temperature drops once the sun goes down. Also sometimes if you are forced to wait in a long indoor line the AC might make you cold as well.

Bottoms to Wear in Disneyland in August

What to Wear to Disneyland in August; bottoms

Due to the range of temperatures in August, it is a great idea to bring a variety of different bottoms to ensure you will be comfortable and prepared for all temperatures. As an insider tip, you should bring bottoms that have breathable fabrics so you won’t be uncomfortable in the summer heat.

To account for this particular month of the year which is likely to feature some cold weather, it is recommended that you bring long pants as well as shorts. It never hurts to have one pair of long pants with you in case it cools off at night.

While jean shorts are a summer staple, it is also a good idea to bring comfier shorts with you as well. Biker shorts are great for days that are filled with walking! They also come in a variety of different colors and styles so you can match them with any outfit.

It also never hurts to bring a skirt or a dress in case you get sick of wearing pants or feel like dressing up a little bit.

When packing your bottoms for vacation it is a good idea to make sure that you are bringing pieces that you will be comfortable in. You also want to make sure that you can match them with a variety of different shirts during your trip.

Disneyland Acessories

What to Wear to Disneyland in August; accessories

One of the most exciting parts of outfit planning is accessorizing! A Disney vacation is a great excuse to find the perfect sunglasses and backpack to go with your outfits! A backpack will for sure be your new best friend on this trip because it will allow you to hold all of your important items such as your travel documents and credit card. It will also be able to carry any other necessities such as sunblock and medicine.

You definitely do not want to forget to add a water bottle to your Disney packing list! When packing, including both sunblock and a hat for the warmer days is a great option. The sunblock will keep your skin safe and allow you to enjoy the park without worrying about burning. Any type of hat will work as long as it keeps the sun off of your face! They also have great mini fans available to purchase that you can carry around with you to help you cool off.

Seeing as it is 2022 you will also need to bring a mask with you to Disney. It is recommended that you bring more than one as they will probably get sweaty after one day of use. There is no shortage of creative Disney-related masks that are available in all sizes on different websites. You will have no problem finding the perfect ones to match your outfits for your trip!

It might also be a fun idea to get some temporary visible tattoos of your favorite quotes or characters. This is a fun way to show your Disney spirit!

Many people like to bring a video camera that is separate from their phones in order to capture all of their memories. If you decide to bring a video camera, it would be smart to pack an extra battery pack for your trip!

Getting Ready To Go

Disneyland and Disney Park Resort
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After you have decided what to wear to Disneyland in August you should also decide what you are going to do.

As you are getting ready for your Disney trip it is important to do the research beforehand. It never hurts to do some digging on the Disney website to get an idea of your options. This is especially helpful if this is your first Disney experience. The website is very easy to navigate and a solid place to start.

Disney has an amazing app called the My Disney Experience app that allows you to plan your trip in a convenient and sharable way. On the app, you can make reservations at restaurants, see the wait times for rides, and share your plans with other family members! It will also put you in a virtual queue for reservations and notify you when a spot opens up! Getting this app is definitely highly recommended when planning your trip and will save you a lot of headaches.

It is also important to get your Disney Band so that you can easily scan into the parks and the rides along the way! The great thing about these devices is that you can choose your color and decorate the band before ordering it.

Many families like to get lanyards so that they can collect trading pins of their favorite Disney rides and characters! It is a great way to get everyone excited about the trip! It is also common for both families and friends to get matching shirts before they depart on their adventure.

As long as you do your research and make your reservations ahead of time you will be all set to head on your vacation! Just don’t forget to weigh your bags to make sure you don’t go over the weight limit!

Things To Do In Disneyland

Disneyland is truly a magical place! There is a multitude of activities for the entire family to enjoy!

At Disneyland park, it is an absolute must to ride the haunted mansion ride! As well as the Pirates of the Caribbean water ride. The pirates’ ride is no splash mountain but it sure is close! You should also journey over to the small world to enjoy one of Disney’s classics! Disneyland may not have a water park but it never hurts to bring a bathing suit to wear under your clothes. Especially if you are planning on riding any water rides as you can sometimes get splashed. It can also save you time if you want to quickly go to the hotel pool!

Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Either during the same day or on a different day, you can head across the street to park number two! At the Disney California Adventure Park, you can see Cars Land or visit Avenger’s Campus. Both of which are highly interactive experiences that transport you into the movie universes. You can also visit Pixar Pier where you can play different arcade games with your family.

Start your early mornings with special breakfasts where you can see your favorite Disney characters! Make sure you look up which cast members are going to be at these breakfasts because it can vary. Seeing your favorite character is a very important thing!

The same goes for lunch and dinner! There are plenty of places to eat that are based on movies and attractions. It will be helpful to look into which ones your family will be interested in.

Disney Parks

Disneyland in California consists of two separate parks that are across the street from each other. There is Disneyland Park and then there is Disney California Adventure Park. When you walk through the gates Disneyland Park is on the right and Disney California Adventure Park is on the left.

The Disneyland Park consists of some amazing rides like the Indiana Jones Adventure and Peter Pan’s Flight! It is also home to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which will throw you into a world of color and fun for the whole family. There are also classic attractions like the Disneyland Castle and main street which have been a staple for all of the Disney parks since their openings.

The second park, Disney California Adventure Park is where you will find the town of Radiator Springs from the Cars franchise. This town is an immersive model where the different cars drive down the street and interact with the visitors. There are also rides and stores based on the franchise so that you really feel as though you are in the movie. Be sure to visit this one so that next time Lightning McQueen drives down the street you will be there to see it!

Flo's V8 Cafe
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This park is also where all of your favorite heroes are located at Avenger’s Campus. The last thing you want is to miss out on that! It is also home to great rides like Webslinger and Guardians of the Galaxy.

You can also spot the heroes at the Avengers Compound and interact with them. The Avengers Compound also puts on shows for the audience that run at various times throughout the day. These shows include snippets of different avengers saving the day with their various powers and abilities.

Special Events

The special events occurring in Disneyland may change depending on the month and year that you’re visiting. However, they often do ‘Disneyland After Dark’ where they will have different themes. Some of the themes they have done in past years include: ‘Villians Nite’, ‘Star Wars Nite’ and ‘Sweet Hearts Nite’. During these events, they put on special shows, character experiences, menu options and encourage you to dress for the theme! You may want to see if any of these events are going on when you are planning what to wear to Disneyland in August so you can dress accordingly!

Disneyland California castle at night
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They also offer guided tours such as “Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” and “The Grand Circle Tour.” These are definitely worth seeing if you are interested in the history of Disneyland. It may also be cool to see the behind-the-scenes of how the magic happens.

On top of that, they are always hosting celebrations, parades, and of course fireworks! Disneyland has everything from a “Festival of Holidays” to a “Food and Wine Festival.”

No matter your age there is no shortage of fun experiences to have in Disney!

Planning Your Trip

It is true that all of the Walt Disney World parks are the happiest place on earth. To ensure that you and your entire family have a great time make sure to make a theme park reservation. It is also a good idea to make a loose itinerary of the amusement parks to make sure that you are able to do it all! Doing this will ensure that you have a good time! That’s why downloading the My Disney Experience app is a great idea before you go.

As a side note being annual pass holders is a good deal so it is worth considering when planning your trip. If you are planning on going to Disney more than once then being an annual pass holder will give you a discount on all things Disney for future endeavors.

When planning your trip make sure that you look at all of the important information regarding the hotels. The hotel pool may be a place where your family spends some time on the warm days so you want to ensure that it is a nice one. Of course, the main thing to look into is the hotel room but amenities are important too!

It is also important to note that a lot of the hotels closer to Disneyland are themed. Staying in a castle-themed hotel can make the trip even more magical for the whole family!

Disneyland Castle Attraction
Credit to Disneyland Resort News

One of the great things about Disneyland is that it has a lot of hotels and restaurants that are within walking distance of the park! This can be incredibly convenient for the entire family and it is definitely worth taking into account when planning where you will stay.

While we know that it can seem overwhelming, planning your Disney trip can be fun too! Planning the rides you will ride, where you will eat and of course, the outfits you are going to wear can really increase your excitement for your upcoming vacation.

It is a magical experience that your entire family will love and it will provide you with long-lasting memories for years to come!

Hopefully, this helped you find some inspiration for what to wear to Disneyland in August as well as activity ideas for your Disneyland Adventure!

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