What to Wear to Disneyland in June

Not sure what to pack for your trip to the happiest place on earth? Confused about what to wear to Disneyland in June? The warmer months like June are a perfect time and a great option to go on water rides! In addition, if you are someone who is taking a trip during the summer months don’t forget your sunscreen for the summer heat! You don’t want to walk around with a horrible burn on your fantastic trip!

It is a great idea to keep track of the weather forecast for any rain showers as well! You don’t want to be feeling uncomfortable and drenched while walking around the park! You will not be disappointed when visiting any theme park in Disneyland! Feel free to enjoy and explore the wonders and magic of Disney and all the characters!

Disneyland is known for the compassion and happiness throughout the park! Everyone that visits has an amazing and memorable time here, with nothing but great reviews! Make sure to visit new attractions and more that you have not yet seen before! All the Disney theme parks and area setups are amazing and unique with lots of photo opportunities.

Located in Anaheim, California Disneyland is very similar to Walt Disney World, but in California instead! You will love and enjoy all the special events during this time of year at the Disneyland California Adventure park! In fact, the park opened on July 17, 1955, and it was the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney as well!

What to wear to Disneyland in June
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If it is your first time here in Southern California, you will have a great time! Similar to Disney World theme parks, Disneyland also has a main street as well! Use the Disney mobile app on your phone to avoid long lines, it is the best way to search affiliate links.

Use the app to also find out the average temperatures and daytime temperatures to know what to bring with you. Make sure to bring any important travel documents or a battery pack for your mickey mouse headband to glow in the dark lights! Disney Genie is in the Disneyland App that is a completely new feature! For example, it helps you customize and sort out your day based on your interests.

Definitely check out the opening entrance display Disney California Adventure Park and take a photo with it for the memories! One day you will look back and feel great that you took so many pictures with both friends and family!

The park contains lots of open space for everyone to walk around freely without feeligs of congestion. Especially with COVID-19 still lingering, it is important to bring a mask with you and hand sanitizer, to stay safe with a lot of people aroud you!

If you forget your mask, do not worry! Gift shops around the park have many Disney inspired masks with Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and even Minnie Mouse designed on it. It is important to always stay safe from bacteria as much as possible on any trip you take, since you are around a lot of people! You would not want to get sick on your trip!

Summer really is the perfect time for a Disney vacation! Visit all the attractions in all the theme parks. Make sure to see EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and even Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well, you will not be disappointed!

Keep reading to figure out what to wear to Disneyland in June!

Disneyland Outfits

The dress code for summer is strictly comfortable and cool pieces! Make sure to check out the Disney shoes available online before your Disney vacation.

If your favorite character is Minnie Mouse, you are in luck! These shoes are so cute and fashionable for all your Disney outfits! Shoes without socks are the way to go because of the very high temperatures throughout the day.

These green tie back top is perfect for the June weather and it is a great vibrant color with any denim shorts. Make sure to include the Mickey Mouse blue California baseball cap with all your favorite outfits for the parks. Check out the amazing floral vibrant pants that go well with any cute colorful top for the summer! These flowy pants will always be in style for warm weather and it will definitely get a lot of compliments.

All of these outfits are perfect if you are confused about what to wear to Disneyland in June! If you haven’t already, check out the star wars exhibit around the park next time and bring a family member with you! Shoes like Birkenstocks have cushion while being open-toed for a breathable feel. The Mickey Mouse sneakers are perfect for walking long distances throughout the day because of its cushion like feel.

Definitely wear the cute white and pink tank tops for summer! When entering Disneyland, make sure to wear all these outfits! The key is to be prepared to be able to ease your way through the security line. Meaning, only bring items you need just for the day, bags with the fewest zippers and pockets as possible! This will end up saving you a lot of time in the end!

It is great to track how far you walk throughout the whole day. Use an iPhone application to track how far you have walked during your amazing vacation. However, on average families walk around nine to even ten miles a day at Disneyland.

In addition, make sure to join a virtual queue on your phone. You can do this by downloading the My Disney Experience App. Virtual queues basically allow you to spend the day enjoying rides and shows, instead of waiting in a line for most of the day.

Don’t forget to always have a Disney headband or baseball cap with you at all times. Headware like these above look very cute and are fashionable and trendy for pictures. Make sure to take as many photos as possible for the fantastic memories!

Tops & Tees

tops and tees
Tops & Tees

Not sure what to wear to Disneyland in June? For your Disneyland packing list, make sure to bring the perfect outfit for this month of the year!

Secondly, tank tops are always a good idea for Disney parks in June! All of these options will make a comfortable outfit and are a very popular choice! These tank tops have very breathable fabrics and are perfect for hot weather.

It definitely is a personal preference to wear long shirts throughout the day, but definitely great for windy days, similar to a Disney World vacation. Long sleeve shirts are great to wear as a cover-up over your bating suit as well.

The long sleeves will protect your shoulders from being in the sun for too long overall, which is very important at the end of the day. Any Disney merch, is truly amazing merch overall! Make sure to check out and wear any shirt with a Disney charcter on it! Feel free to walk around and meet all your favorite disney characters as they sign their autographs of the signature book found in stores around the park!

In addition, this long sleeve is also lightweight and great for warm days walking around Disneyland park. The best option is to wear clothes for warmer weather with a lightweight jacket for night time! Rainy days are a break from the heat, making it much cooler to walk around, so they aren’t that bad! The rain will definitely cool you off. It will most likely be the hottest weather during the last week of June, so make sure to stay safe and protected from the sun!

what to wear to disneyland
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Don’t forget your Mickey ears while visiting this castle, this magical place is like no other. Make sure to visit all your favorite rides while on your trip! Your Disneyland vacation will be the most magical time no matter what!

It is reccommended to buy your tickets online. You will need a parking ticket that is valid and a possible park reservation when you arrive. Disneyland does this so they can basically limit and control the park capacity. By purchasing tickets in advance, you will save a lot of time and money as well!

You are able now to book around one hundred and twenty days beforehand, which is a huge plus! If you are not able to get a hotel room on site of Disneyland, there are many off-site hotels close by, which is very helpful to guests!

In addition, make sure to check out the grizzly river run, downtown Disney, and even animal kingdom! Bringing a great pair of shoes for walking is necessary and important.

For your Disney packing list, the best way is to check the weather as said before! Disneyland guests have the best time at the water parks. It is definitely worth the extra cost on super hot days in June! No matter what, you will have a good time at the Disneyland Resort.

The good news is there will be no cold weather on this trip! Again, comfortable shoes are a good option and a great way to feel comfy throughout the day. Many people question on what to wear to Disneyland in June.


what to wear to disneyland in june
Accessories for Disneyland

Not sure what accessories to bring or what to wear to Disneyland in June? Make sure to include all of these accessories in your suitcase! Items like sunscreen is a must because the sun will be out the whole day in the summer weather.

Do not worry if you forget any accessories! Sunscreen, keychains, hand sanitizer, and even merch clothing are all available in the stores around the amusement park.

Definitely wear a Disney mini backpack to carry around all your important items for the day. Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh and characters from Coco are all on mini backpacks and are available online as well.

Don’t forget your Mickey Mouse earrings and Minnie Mouse silver ring! You can’t forget your coffee in the morning, bring this sleeping beauty coffee tumbler as well!

In addition, you are also able to pay with a credit card to all the shops around the park. These accessories are a must what to wear to Disneyland in June.

It is important to bring a waterproof makeup bag to store all the amazing makeup products that you’re bringing on your trip! It is small and lightweight to be able to bring anywhere with you!

Since it will most likely be windy, always bring a hair tie or scrunchies along in your bags to put your hair up whenever you need! Since the heat will be present throughout the whole day, you will most likely also want to put your hair up for that reason as well. The Disney gift shop contains cute Disney jewelery, and all types of hair ties for thick and thinner hair.

It is reccommended to arrive at the gate to Disneyland at least a half an hour early before opening. This means many days the parks open before their scheduled opening time. You will definitely want to be ready to enter when they do. Unfortunately, the lines to get in can be long once the actual opening time comes around, so make sure to plan accordingly!

Lastly, always bring your Mickey Mouse keychain! They come in a variety of different sparkly colors that would look perfect on car keys, or even a Disney mini backpack!

what to wear to disneyland in june

Come on down to other areas of the California area such as Flo’s V8 Cafe! This cafe is made after the popular movie Cars and is an amazing food area of the park.

If you visit California at any time, make sure to stop by Flo’s V8 Cafe, because of the many amazing views and great food for the whole family to enjoy!

Enjoy the fine dining that the cafe has to offer you! Kid’s meals inlcude chicken tenders, fries, and even nuggets as well! Each meal comes with a side of sauce such as ketchup, mustard, and even barbeque sauce.

Make sure to try the many delicious foods available such as the Lobster Nachos, Flo’s Famous Fried Chicken, Ramone’s Low and Slow Club, Cobb de Ville Salad, and even the Ka-Cheeseburger!

It is a popular attraction in Disneyland and has many cool neon lights to take photos of. Disney’s California Adventure really brings to life the imaginary world of Radiator Springs with this setup!

Right when you get to the park, make sure to get a locker! Lockers can be a lifesaver throughout the long day of walking when you don’t want to have to carry so much!

In addition, it is important to purchase Disney gift cards online and recieve five percent off when you have a Target red card. You can also purchase discount tickets when a sale is happening online or on the mobile app.

Lastly, check out the other areas from the movie in Radiator Springs! It is very cool to see stage setups from popular shows and movies throughout the park!


what to wear to disneyland in june

You can never go wrong with any of these bottoms listed above! Shorts are always the way to go for June hot weather as well! Here are some bottoms and what to wear to Disneyland in June.

You can also never go wrong with leggings or cute ripped mom jeans! These bottoms go great with any outfit you decide to pair it with. If you’re still looking for ideas, check out more clothes on the websites linked below.

Make sure to check out any sales in the Disney lothing stores all around the park as well. They have hoodies, rain jackets, baseball caps, umbrellas, and even Disney inspired jeans.

Any of these bottoms would go great with short sleeve shirts since the sun will make the temperatures very hot. Sunscreen is very important, so if you forget it in your hotel room, do not worry. Stores around the park have accessories such as sunscreen, masks, and even hand sanitizer.

There is a lot of walking involved so definitely wear shorts for the summertime heatwave. The long pants listed above are perfect for nighttime or even for windy or rainy days.

In addition, a light jacket with any of these bottoms is great for keeping your shoulders out of the sun for too long. The most important thing is to always stay hydrated and bring a water bottle and avoid getting sunburnt. Being sunburnt is the worst, and can ruin your mood with how uncomfotable it can feel.

Skorts are a good idea if you are looking for something different and easy to put on without buttons. All of the bottoms listed are very popular and trendy items to shop online for! Denim is always the way to go, and matches with every outfit!

Yoga pants and leggings are great with short sleeves or tank tops as well. These pants are very lightweight and breathable in hot sunny weather. Yoga pants are becoming very tendy once again, and are very comfy to wear for long periods of time.

Biker shorts are a need for your trip! These black biker shorts go with any outfit and are breathable and stretchy with a comfortable feel. They are the perfect length and are great for long walks, hiking, and even working out at the gym!

With the right clothes, you and each family member will have an amazing vacation to the happiest place on Earth!

what to wear top disneyland in june
Image Credit: Ipek Townsend, photographer

I hope you feel more confident about what to wear to Disneyland in June! Amusement parks like Disneyland have a wonderful staff to help you with any questions or concerns whenever you need them! Take amazing photos with cast members on your Disney trip!

Good walking shoes such as tennis shoes are very worth it at the end of the day. Make sure that before you leave your hotel room, bring a bathing suit with you in case you want to try some cool water rides such as Splash Mountain.

If you have any questions or concerns about your booking to California at all, make sure to ask your travel agents. In the past year and many other recent years, there has been nothing but good reviews on their trip!

In fact, Disneyland is Walt Disney’s first park, that contains many of Walt’s “special touches.” For example, he oversaw most of the park, including the design and attractions as well. It was his labor of love and you can feel that in the streets.

Since Disneyland employees and cast members try their best at everything they do, Disney offers a total rewards package. This package includes pay, health and savings benefits, time-off programs, educational opportunities, and more if you are someone interested in working there!

In addition, Disney employees do receive free admission to the theme parks for both themselves and a limited number of guests. They also get discounts on restaurants, merchandise, hotels, and even Disney cruise vacations which is a huge plus!

Lastly, make sure to purchase the signature book at the gift shop to get autographs from all your favorite Disney characters! If you are someone looking to work at Disneyland, there are a ton of benefits!

It is a great thing to always check the important information notice and safety measures before entering the parks! I hope you feel more confident in what to wear to Disneyland in June. Good luck and have fun!

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