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What to Wear to Disneyland in March

Have plans of going to Disneyland in March but don’t know what to wear? With Spring just around the corner, March can be a difficult prediction on what to wear. Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, and it is important to be comfortable in the clothing you are wearing.

Taking a vacation to Disney parks is life-changing and a great experience to have! No matter where you travel in the park, you will always have a good time since it is in fact the happiest place on earth!

Disneyland has finally reopened and is back in business since the pandemic hit. Many Disney features have announced they are returning so it is a great time to go visit the fantastic park!

However, knowing what to wear to Disneyland in March can be confusing! Since some days are cold, and some days are warm, it can be very frustrating on deciding which clothing to bring in your suitcase! Need a Disneyland packing list?

Here is a list of what to wear to Disneyland in March!

Memorable Rides to Consider

What to Wear to Disneyland in March
Image Credit: Craig Adderley, photographer

Who’s your favorite character? Ready to see Pluto’s owner, Mickey Mouse?! This March, all your favorite Disney characters are welcoming young children and parents for spring break!

This amusement park is similar to the Walt Disney World Resort, but it is located in California instead of Florida. The Disney California Adventure park is filled with special events such as the wine festival and includes the famous haunted mansion as well!

The haunted mansion is one of the most popular amusement rides in all of Disneyland in southern California. The eerie and spooky vibe gives the visitors a feeling of thrill and excitement. This ride opened in 1969, and is a more dark ride that offers a ride-through tour that is around nine minutes long.

During the winter months, water rides such as Splash Mountain are closed, but popular rides just like Mickey’s Toontown are a great way to start off your trip! Other popular rides such as Minnie’s Runaway Railway and star wars themed events are fun to see!

If you plan on going on any water rides, do not forget to bring a bathing suit! Forgetting swimwear would be the worst feeling if you are interested in any water rides! The water rides are one of the most popular rides throughout the entire park, so definitely try one!

Make sure to also plan a trip to Disneyland during Halloween time. With cooler temperatures and cooler weather, make sure to go to the Oogie boogie bash party! This Disneyland park will be very spooky for a long time!

If you are looking to go to Florida sometime soon, be sure to also check out SeaWorld San Diego which also has headquarters in Orlando, Florida near the Disney World parks! SeaWorld in San Diego holds marine mammals such as orcas and dolphins that do tricks for the audience to see.

The park operates year-round, so it doesn’t matter when you plan to visit! Lastly, be sure to watch the Orca Encounter and the Sea World Fireworks Barge as well.

Disneyland in March Outfits

What to wear to Disneyland in March
March Disneyland Outfits

Curious about what to wear to Disneyland in March? You never know when it might rain! It is always great to be prepared for a rainy day while walking around the park! You don’t want the rain to get your clothes wet and leave you with an uncomfortable feeling the whole day! You want to stay dry and have a great Disney experience!

Converse and all star shoes are both comfy and fashionable for your outfits for Disneyland. Sweatpants pictured above are perfect to wear in March because they are very lightweight, and also includes pockets for your phone! Sweatpants and joggers like these are comfy to wear for all day in the park instead of uncomfy pants to walk in.

Crewnecks and long sleeve shirts are perfect for wearing at night time as well. Since the temperature will drop a lot at night, it is important to bundle up even though it is warmer during the day.

You will recieve a ton of compliments wearing any of these outfits to your favorite park! The feeling of excitement in the air being around other Disney lovers has great and fulfilling energy! The happiness and high vibrational feelings will keep you in a great mood your whole trip.

For your Disneyland visit, it is a great idea to bring a backpack while looking at all the popular attractions! Backpacks like these are perfect for carrying accessories and they are fashionable too! You can’t forget the headbands! Disney fans like you are always looking for the perfect time of year to try the Disney California Adventure park!

The good news is, there are many great options to choose from!

Disneyland in March

It is key to always think about the weather while planning a vacation to Disneyland in March. However, in southern California, it does rain about three days out of the week, which can make temperatures drop a bit. It is important to bring a light jacket, especially if you are near the water rides, you will be splashed!

It is important to think about the stuff that you pack that you will need everyday. Comfortable shoes, specific fancy outfits and even flipflops are definitely a need for this trip. If you are visiting other parts of California outside of Disney, make sure to pack for that aspect as well! California is a huge state overall, and the weather can be crazy and change very suddenly on you!

Excited to try the Disney California adventure food? In addition, A savor pass is available to be purchased for up to eight different dishes or non-alcoholic beverages from any Festival Food Marketing area. Overall, March has pretty good weather to participate in many special activities! Make sure to bring summer clothes and enjoy those new rides!

The parks in California include Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and even Magic Kingdom! These parks will leave you with an unforgettable experience with great memories to share with others! By wearing comfy shoes, it will change you entire mood for the better overall. If you don’t wear the right kind of shoes, you may get blisters and uncomfortable feelings the entire time on your feet which is no fun!

Make sure to always take pictures while at the park to remember and look at the great memories in the future! You will always look back and smile at the fact that you visited here and gained an amazing experience to share with friends and family!

All these Disneyland parks are very well-known around the world, so it is a pretty cool thing that you were able to visit at least one of them! These parks will bring visitors a life changing feeling once they leave, feeling like a brand new person.

For a great Disneyland day, make sure to also purchase park hopper tickets. These tickets allow visitors to see more than one park per day. Lastly, If you are looking for one park only, purchase single-day tickets! It is best to research which type of tickets you are looking for beforehand, for your experience!

Before you visit, make sure to get your nails done Disney style for a great look! Feel free to look around gift shops and food areas to obtain the full experience! Check out what tops to wear to Disneyland in March below!

Tops to Wear

What to Wear to Disneyland in March
Tops and Tees for Disneyland

Here are some great tops to wear with your outfits for your March trip to Disney! It includes fantastic tank tops, tees, and crewnecks to wear on your memorable trip!

All of these tops are perfect for what to wear to Disneyland in March! In addition, these tees are perfect for everyday wear and are great Disney merch to bring home! It is important to wear these cute Disney tops and take pictures with all your favorite Disney characters! The good news is, there are many great options to choose from!

Since the sun is strong, definitely bring a very lightweight jacket with you to keep your skin out of the sun for too long. You do not want to get burnt by the California sun on your trip!

Second, who wouldn’t want more Disney merch! A perfect Mickey Mouse tank and Lizzie McGuire shirt will get you a ton of compliments! California weather can change very suddenly so it is best to keep checking the weather forecast each day. You want to be prepared for anything!

Can’t forget Pluto! Enjoy having Mickey’s best friend Pluto on these great merch tees to wear any day! Pluto is man’s best friend, so it is important for him to be included as well as the other characters.

Wear these amazing tops to places like New Orleans Square and even to the Downtown Disney areas of the park! Feel free to explore all areas of the park-like main street USA and even the popular it’s a small world ride.

Sometimes it can be challenging to pick outfits for vacation, so we are here to help you decide what to wear to Disney World in March!

Food and Activities

What to Wear to Disneyland in March
Image Credit: Liza Lova, photographer

Remember to try desserts just like the Mickey Mouse ice cream! Every visitor is able to use a credit card to make purchases anywhere in the park. In addition, you are able to make purchases on the mobile app as well! Since the park had to close for COVID-19 in the past, make sure to also check out the current operational guidelines before your trip!

It is also very recommended to bring some type of watch that you can text and call others on. Like in the picture above, losing your phone at a park this big will cause you a lot of panic and anxiety, which we do not need on your exciting trip. Instead, communicate on the watch more often, so you aren’t risking taking your phone out of your bag at all! Watches such as an Apple Watch is a great example that will help you out in this situation.

Are you a foodie? Disneyland has a ton of delicious foods to enjoy while at the park! Enjoy lots of food items next to the gadget’s go coaster. In addition, foods at Disneyland consist of dole whip, churros, corn dogs, monte cristo sandwich, plaza inn fried chicken, and even Mickey beignets!

Enjoy other foods such as Mickey Mouse pancakes and the famous mac and cheese at the amazing restaurants. Disneyland does have the best food, don’t leave the park without trying everything first! The Mickey Mouse waffles are very well-known of social media platforms such as Instagram and even Tik Tok! The fondue fountain and chocolate strawberries will knock your socks off, make sure to try everything while you are here!

In addition, if you a fan of star wars, you are in luck! Enjoy the rise of resistance ride with gift shops next door. They have tons of star wars merch for all ages including items like hats and water bottles as well! The daily life of Disney is full of energy, even at night time!

Curious about what to wear to Disneyland in March? The daytime temperatures of the park in March overall have perfect weather, while at night it is more cold weather. However, during the holiday season, it is much more chilly and a different story!

Bottoms to Wear

What to Wear to Disneyland in March
Bottoms for Disneyland

These bottoms shown above are all perfect choices for what to wear to Disneyland in March! Clothes like jeans are a must-have because they match any outfit! The start date to warm weather is just around the corner! Everyone is starting to book their vacations and looking forward to their trips to Disneyland!

Jeans will always and forever be in style. If you are not a fan of skinny jeans, definitely try wearing mom or boyfriend jeans which give a more relaxed fit feeling, giving more comfort as a whole. Some skinny jeans can sometimes leave a tighter feeling, not good for walking around all day.

Pajama shorts and sweatpants like these pictured above are great to sleep in! You won’t feel too hot or too cold while in bed! The goofy, mickey and Donald sweatpants are perfect to mix and match outfits with! Red shorts like the Mickey Shorts are perfect for casual wear and even nighttime as well! Red is Mickey Mouse’s main color, so it is important to have some red merch too!

In addition, wearing jean shorts is perfect for wearing anything with it. They are easy to style with and make an outfit look great without too much effort. If you don’t know what to wear to Disneyland in March, definitely recommend any jean shorts!

All of these bottoms are perfect to wear in March! They all have a fantastic lightweight feel, without too much material to make you sweat or feel too hot! No one wants to feel sweaty in bed, it is recommended to wear lightweight comfortable clothes to start your day off right!

Any of these bottoms would also be perfect for the weather in Japan as well! If you plan on visiting Tokyo Disneyland, shorts and jeans with a light jacket are very recommended to wear to Disneyland in March!

Accessaries to Bring

What to Wear to Disneyland in March
Accessories for Disneyland

You will thank yourself later if you bring the correct accessories to these kinds of theme parks. Carrying around a small backpack like the one above is perfect for carrying small items throughout the day. In addition, a water bottle is a key to staying hydrated with the heat throughout the amusement parks. It is also important to stay hydrated in case there is a long line to a ride as well.

Each day, make sure to double-check the weather forecast for any rainy days ahead, it is an easy way to plan out what to wear more accordingly. Another easy small item to bring around in your backpack is sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important since you will be walking around outside, you do not want to feel uncomfortable walking around with a burn all day! It is necessary to take safety measures daily while on vacation anywhere!

Curious about what accessories to wear to Disneyland in March? Chapstick is a small and easy thing to forget! You don’t want to be uncomfortable walking around all day with dry lips! Make sure to bring any small chapstick that will keep your lips feeling moisturized throughout the day!

Don’t forget to bring your black Mickey Mouse hat! This hat is a great merch item that will basically match any outfit of your choice. Definitely wear the Mickey Mouse hat when taking pictures with your favorites Disney characters!

Even though you will be needing lots of sunscreen during the day, the temperature drops at night, similar to central Florida as well. If you are someone looking to be a cast member, apply right online! Cast members will wear uniforms that sometimes include the headwear above!

Be sure to buy cute accessories such as the Mickey Mouse keychain and the Donald Duck headband! They are both very adorable accessories to take home with you after your trip has ended to remember the memories of an exciting trip!

It is simply impossible to not buy any merch at Disneyland! Make sure to purchase a cute Disney hat to show friends when you get home! It is a great hat to wear with every outfit, while showing others you went to the greatest place on earth!

Be sure to double-check the bag rules and even park hours before filling your bag for the day! All of these accessories are very important to consider. But, there is no need to worry if you ever forget any items! There are places to purchase accessories just like these around every corner.

The park wants everyone to be hydrated, well-fed, protected from the sun, and happy! There is a lot of staff that walks around to help guests and answer any important questions as well!

If you have ever taken a recent trip here before, you know how many germs linger around! To make your Disneyland vacation much safer, make sure to bring hand sanitizer in your bag to stay away from germs throughout the park!

Lastly, make sure to always bring a face mask with you in case! It is still important to watch out for COVID-19 while on vacation as well!

Tips and Advice

What to Wear to Disneyland in March
Image Credit: Craig Adderley, photographer

If it is your first time going to Disneyland, it is a great time to check out and download the Disneyland app on your phone before your trip! The app allows visitors to mobile order food and drinks from whichever location, and even allows you to make dining reservations right from your phone! This app is totally free and informs you on the best time to go on rides without long lines as well.

Balloons as pictured above are sold throughout the entire park to bring back with you after a long and fulfilled adventure of a day! Each balloon has a Mickey Mouse-colored balloon inside a clear outside balloon, giving it a mesmerizing look to kids as well!

Disneyland has so many fantastic employees throughout the park that are willing to help you! The park makes sure to hire individuals that are willing to help out customers daily. Make sure to always thank them when they help you with a question or concern! The park wants the visitors to realize that they care for your wellbeing and happiness on your trip overall!

If possible, it is best to avoid visiting in the summer, since a lot of people tend to go during the warmer months, causing crowds. March has smaller crowds, which is a great option at the end of the day. March is a great time to go on a small trip because of spring break, so children will not have to miss as much school! Lastly, if you have not gone to Disneyland yet, make sure to make your first visit this March!

Questions or Concerns

What to wear to Disneyland in March
Image Credit: Craig Adderley, photographer

The castle pictured above is actually Sleeping Beauty’s castle! The castle is based on the late nineteenth century Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany which is a very interesting fact! In addition, other castles in different parts of the world such as the Sleeping Beauty Castle is a fairy tale castle at the center of Disneyland and at Hong Kong Disneyland as well!

Another fact is there are six Disney resorts in all. Ever thought of going to Disney outside the country? Missed the lunar new year celebration in Tokyo Disneyland? Do not worry! Taking a trip to Japan is an amazing experience overall! Tokyo Disneyland offers lots of great food items and lots of learning experiences for the visitors. Definitely consider visiting Tokyo, to live through the amazing Japanese lifestyle! There are six Disney resorts in places such as California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China with a total of twelve parks overall.

California is a very beautiful state to visit overall. If you are someone that has not been to California yet, please visit! There is so much to do and so much to see in this huge state. The state is so gigantic but yet so full of enterntainment, character and beauty in every way!

Not sure where to stay? It is reccommended to stay at the Disneyland hotel! With a great quality service and a lovely hotel room, you are able to plan your resort and make reservations from the Disneyland mobile app! At the Disneyland hotel, the employees will make sure each visitor enjoys their stay!

In addition, feel free to visit city hall, which is on main street USA. This is a tourist information center in Anaheim, California if you have any questions or concerns regarding the park! When the pandemic hit, it has been a stressful time for everyone, so you deserve a great vacation with amazing memories! Make sure to explore the magic of Disneyland with these helpful tips!

I hope these helpful tips helped you realize what to wear to Disneyland in March! Next time you visit Disneyland, make sure to bring lots of friends and family with you to enjoy the experience together!

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