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What to wear with your maxi dress

Maxi dresses are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing there is – it’s safe to say that there is a maxi dress and an outfit for any occasion! Even the most basic maxi can be dressed up or dressed down to make it suitable for a summer party, a wedding reception or even for a day of work. With the addition of just one new maxi dress to your wardrobe, you can give yourself ten new outfits! 

If you are not used to wearing them, you might be unsure of exactly how to accessorise and you probably need a little guidance. Here is some advice on what you can wear with your maxi dress.

Dress it up

A maxi dress can be the perfect outfit for a formal occasion such as a wedding where a short hemline could be a little inappropriate. You can go all out with a formal gown or you can dress up a more casual maxi and get yourself wedding ready by accessorising correctly. Put on some strappy heels, some delicate gold jewellery and a matching clutch bag. For something more formal be sure to keep your dress understated, preferably in a dark colour, and turn up the glam with bold jewellery and sparkly accessories. The difference between elegant and glam is the size and level of sparkle of your jewellery.

For vacation

A floaty maxi dress is a must-have item for any beach holiday. It is a perfect option to throw on in the morning whether you are exploring the local area or just lounging by the pool. It is a perfect beach coverup to wear over your bikini or you can wear it with a pair of comfortable trainers for a day of adventuring. The best thing about the maxi dress is that you do not have to get changed when you go for lunch, just throw on a cute sun hat and switch your beach flip flops for some comfortable sandals. This transitional piece will also take your through to the night by accessorising with a clutch bag, adding some jewellery and slipping on some wedged heels.

For coffee or brunch dates

Maxi dresses are also a great choice for a more casual look, no matter the weather. You can wear it with comfortable trainers or boots if you need to spend the day on your feet. Add a leather or denim jacket over the top or an oversized cardigan to keep you cosy during cooler weather.

For cold weather

The beauty of the maxi dress is that it is not just suitable for warm weather, if you layer it properly then a maxi dress can be a great winter staple. Wear a t-shirt underneath or a cosy jumper on top if you want to wear that strappy maxi that you usually only break out in the summer. The long skirt means you can hide layers of wool tights underneath it, or even thermal leggings if necessary and it will not affect the look of your outfit. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.