When Calls the Heart: Lucas vs. Nathan

by Sarah Scoop
Characters from "When Calls The Heart"
Elizabeth Thornton with Lucas and Nathan
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Season seven of “When Calls The Heart” is in full swing on Hallmark Channel right now. Fans are going crazy over the main character Elizabeth’s indecisiveness regarding her current love triangle between the mysterious Lucas Bouchard and the trustworthy Mountie Nathan Grant. If you have been watching the show this season, then you have likely chosen which team you are on: Team Lucas vs. Team Nathan. While there is much debate among “Hearties” as to which potential love interest Elizabeth belongs with, decide for yourself by reading the five reasons Elizabeth should be with each gentleman caller. Don’t forget to catch up by watching the entire series!

Team Lucas:

1. Similar Background

Both Lucas and Elizabeth were raised in affluent lifestyles in the city. Elizabeth was born into a well-to-do family that frequently attended plays at the theatre and put on exquisite dinner parties. Lucas also comes from this type of family.

Elizabeth having dinner with Lucas
“Heart of a Writer” Episode
Image: Hallmark Channel

2. Love for Literature

Lucas enjoys reading just like Elizabeth. His mother was even a book editor, and he can provide her much knowledge about how to proceed with her writing endeavors. They truly seem to connect on this topic.

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3. Mysterious

Lucas waltzed into Hope Valley with many secrets. While many of his secrets have been revealed, it still seems things are being hidden from the town. However, this air of mystery surrounding Lucas only makes him more interesting.

4. Not a Mountie

Unlike Elizabeth’s former love, Jack, Lucas is not a Mountie. This fact is actually quite a refreshing change. As many hearties have noted, this would keep away from a repeat storyline for Elizabeth’s love life.

Elizabeth Thornton and Lucas Bouchard
Elizabeth Thornton with Lucas Bouchard
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5. Caring

As a constant source of encouragement of Elizabeth’s writing, Lucas truly cares about her aspirations to become a published author. In a huge move to show his affection, he even purchased a building for Elizabeth to open her beloved library.

Scene with Elizabeth and Lucas
Elizabeth Thornton and Lucas Bouchard
Image: Hallmark Channel

Team Nathan

1. Mountie Like Jack

Just like Jack, Elizabeth’s deceased husband, Nathan is also a member of the Canadian Mounted Police. Elizabeth is familiar with this line of work, and they share an automatic connection because of this.

Nathan Grant from When Calls The Heart
Nathan Grant
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2. Caregiver For Allie

Nathan has been charged with raising his young niece, Allie, who just happens to be a student at Hope Valley’s school where Elizabeth is the teacher. They both want what is best for Allie and work together to ensure this.

Nathan Grant with niece Allie
Nathan Grant with niece Allie
Image: When Calls The Heart Official Instagram

3. Good With Kids

Because Nathan is raising his niece on his own, he understands what it is like to be a lone caregiver for a child just like Elizabeth is for little Jack. Throughout the past two seasons, Nathan seems very comfortable playing with little Jack.

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4. What You See Is What You Get

Unlike Lucas, Nathan is not mysterious. He is straightforward in who he is and what he stands for. No one questions his background and his intentions.

5. Brave

At the end of season 6, Nathan came to the rescue of Elizabeth when danger arose at the saloon. He is willing to drop everything to help out the town of Hope Valley which appears to be something Elizabeth really admires.

When Calls the Heart movie banner
When Calls the Heart: Season 7
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After reading over the attributes of both of Elizabeth’s admirers, decide for yourself which one she should be with. Are you #TeamLucas or #TeamNathan? With the season 7 finale coming up soon, “Hearties” may finally get their answer! Be sure to tune in to “When Calls the Heart” airing Sundays at 7 pm CST on Hallmark Channel.

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Cindie Rathbone April 15, 2020 - 8:38 pm

Team Nathan, Lucas is too secretive and I feel he may just be a little lawless. Nathan may have to arest him.

Elisabeth April 15, 2020 - 10:20 pm

Oh my goodness! I never thought of Nathan having to do that to Lucas! Now that would be a plot twist!

SB angel April 15, 2020 - 10:03 pm

Lucas …no more mounties stories please. We have moved from that !

Elisabeth April 15, 2020 - 10:19 pm

That’s true. Elizabeth definitely has a ton of history with falling for a mountie.

Thelma Ducharme April 15, 2020 - 10:49 pm


Cynthia S April 16, 2020 - 12:02 am

Team Nathan !!!!

Mimi Wagner April 16, 2020 - 8:59 am

Nathan might appear quiet and reserved Elizabeth will bring the best out of Nathan. He loves her deeply and unconditionally. He will teach LITTLE Jack many things about nature, love and survival. He is a man of many layers. Lucas has a different education, but I don’t feel he can love Elizabeth with the same depth as Nathan. Lucas cannot teach Little Jack about being a mountie and how honorable it is. Sometimes I think Lucas over steps his bounds with Elizabeth. Nathan is discovering Elizabeth has really embraced country life.

Maggie April 19, 2020 - 12:25 pm

Team Lucas!

Gayle Stinson April 19, 2020 - 10:07 pm

Team Lucas all the way !!!!

whiterose April 21, 2020 - 3:02 pm

team Nathan! now im seeing that he actually has feelings for Elizabeth and he will be a great dad for baby jack and he will be a good husband and of course Elizabeth loves and cares for allie allie needs a mother and a confident and strong woman like Elizabeth it will be amazing to see that , truly deep down inside he loves Elizabeth I think we should give him a chance lucas he is a gentleman but he just has to many things up his sleeve and its not good for Elizabeth nor baby jack to grow up in that yes its good that we give people a second chance but its too risky I see that Nathan really loves Elizabeth he is humble and he will give Elizabeth what she needs and Elizabeth will help Nathan too we shouldn’t judge too quickly Daniel lissing aka jack decided to move on and that’s why they killed him off but if this story keeps going then it will be ok Elizabeth needs a strong man by her side and one who knows how to defend his family but I understand that if they decide to put lucas then let it be so but ive been watching this series since season 1 and im not sure if I can see Elizabeth with a saloon owner sorry its just too bland I see that Nathan as a Mountie he is a hero and I believe that he can do so much for Elizabeth.

whiterose April 21, 2020 - 3:06 pm

I understand that he will be away doing his Mountie duties and that Elizabeth will be alone in some ways but he will support her.

whiterose April 21, 2020 - 3:10 pm

Nathan I see that he has more feelings than lucas. just my opinion.

Em May 2, 2020 - 12:48 pm

Definitely team Nathan, Lucas has a bit of a sly appearance. He’s just not right for Elizabeth. Nathan has a true heart a attitude that would be perfect for her. It would balance them out. Lucas is no different then Charles. He’s a big city man. Elizabeth is no longer a city girl. He would take away her reasons for staying in hope valley. He’s literally exactly like Charles from her old home in the city. Jack wouldn’t like that. He hated Charles .

Anna May 14, 2020 - 11:47 am

Team Lucas. They have so much in common and seem to be very good friends already. It would be a relationship built on friendship and chemistry, similar to Jack. Lucas has gone above and beyond to make Elizabeth feel special and to do things for her, both romantic and friendly. They go to each other for advice, such as when Lucas was discussing Gowen’s oil business with her and when Lee was injured he was the the one who thought of her and wanted to bring her to see her friend. I disagree that Lucas is mysterious because that storyline was a whole season ago – and it was resolved. There is no more mystery with him, although he is an interesting character and seems to only ever have 100% good intentions. I’m not sure why so many fans seem to think he has ulterior motives.
On the other hand, she and Nathan may have chemistry and a mutual attraction, but they never seem to have a legitimate conversation about topics they both enjoy. He spent half of this past season 7 brooding over the fact that someone else was interested in her instead of taking the initiative to ask her out himself until the very end of the season finale. He may be a caregiver to Allie, but that’s literally all they talk about with each other. They have no other common interests… they don’t even discuss baby Jack or raising children, which is supposed to be where they are similar.
I wouldn’t mind her being with a Mountie, I would just like to see her with someone she has common interests with and has fun with, like Lucas instead of Nathan, who she seems attracted to, but has no actual basis for a relationship.

Carol-Ann Georges June 21, 2020 - 4:24 pm

Team Lucas. they have good chemistry and he challenges Elizabeth. She needs a change no more mountie story lines.

ASPEN June 24, 2020 - 8:57 am

I see mostly friendship moments between Elizabeth and Nathan, people keep having to try to read into glances because that is about all he has offered….after TWO seasons. The biggest moment… The hug at the end of the season…. Hits me as an I-am-so-glad-you-aren’t-dead moment. Not I am so in love with you. She cares about him sure. He is worth caring about, but no more mountie life and worrying about a mountie love interest PLEASE. Been there and done that. Regurgitating old stories does nothing for me. Nathan is beyond reserved… He here s just romantically awkward and backward., and it is not cute!

Lucas offers friendship, respect rather than childish pouting, and passion.. Both because he actually puts himself out there and because there is more to him as a person. They have more than glances. They go on actual “dates” with actual romantic story lines. A future with Lucas offers something different for the show. And a writer needs someone who understands literature. She daesn’t have to just have a bland family life with Nathan and his annoying niece. She can raise her baby and teach and still get to travel and have a fun, adventurous life. She us a young woman. She doesn’t need to take on Nathan’s problems.

Arlene October 1, 2020 - 5:29 am

Nathan is the one for Elizabeth. He may be reserved at first however his character development over the past seasons has been outstanding. There are many layers to him that needs peeling. We need to see his backstory and hopefully we see more of what he has inside in Season 8. His relationship with Elizabeth is real with its ups and downs, not a fairytale. Ultimately, this is the kind of relationship that lasts.


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