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Where Are They Now: Cast of Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh was an iconic part of Nickelodeon’s programming in the early 2000’s. The series followed two stepbrothers, Drake and Josh as they adjusted to their new blended family. Since the show wrapped up in 2007, the cast has gone on to pursue their own projects. Let’s take a look at where the stars of this beloved classic have ended up.

Drake Bell (Drake Parker)

Drake Bell was already one of the main child celebrities on Nickelodeon, appearing in both Home Improvement and The Amanda Show before Drake and Josh. After the series finished filming, Bell continued to make several cameo appearances in other hit Nick shows such as iCarly and Sam and Cat. He also starred as Timmy Turner in both Fairly Oddparent live action remakes. Bell focused more on his musical career, releasing Ready Set Go! and The Lost Album. He did run into some legal and financial trouble; Bell was charged with a DUI in 2015 and declared bankruptcy in 2014.

Josh Peck (Josh Nichols)

The Amanda Show served as a starting point for Josh Peck as well. After Drake and Josh, Peck did appear in several cameo’s and tried multiple series, but he found unique success in the world of YouTube. He released several videos with David Dobrik’s VlogSquad and was quite popular on the social media app Vine, collaborating with major Vine stars at the time. Peck eventually started his own YouTube channel and secured major deals with brands such as RedBox. In early 2020 it was announced Peck would be starring in a Disney+ series, Turner & Hooch.

Miranda Cosgrove (Megan Parker)

For Miranda Cosgrove, Drake and Josh was just the beginning. She traded her supporting role as the prankster younger sister for her leading role as Carly Shay in iCarly. This series was another iconic Nick show with Cosgrove earning $180,000 per episode. She also focused on her music career, releasing solo album Sparks Fly. After iCarly, Cosgrove went on to do voice acting in all the Despicable Me films and attended the University of Southern California to study psychology.

Nancy Sullivan (Audrey Parker-Nichols)

Nancy Sullivan was best remembered for her role as the biological mother of Drake and Megan, and stepmother to Josh in Drake and Josh. Sullivan did start out on the Amanda Show with both Drake and Josh, and primarily continued minor work with Nickelodeon after. She has no reported future projects.

Jonathan Goldstein (Walter Nichols)

Jonathan Goldstein’s role of Walter Nichols, the biological father of Josh and stepdad to Josh and Megan, was one of his biggest roles on television. While he did appear in a number of TV shows such as NCIS, Criminal Minds, Parks and Recreation, and Grey’s Anatomy, Goldstein has focused on producing amateur youth theatre shows in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is currently filming for a new television series, Adaptation.

Yvette Nicole Brown (Helen)

Yvette Nicole Brown was one of the most beloved characters on Drake and Josh, appearing as the crazy movie theater manager, Helen. Drake and Josh was hardly her first time in Hollywood, as she previously appeared in shows such as 7th Heaven and Two & a Half Men. After Drake and Josh, Brown had a permanent role on comedy sitcom Community. She did, however, leave the show to take care of her sick father. Since then she has made dozens of cameos, starred in TV commercials, and went on to host The Talking Dead.

Jerry Trainor (Crazy Steve)

Crazy Steve was another interesting worker at the movie theater in Drake and Josh, who was typically unpredictable and served as comedic relief. After finishing the series, Trainor wen ton to film iCarly with Miranda Cosgrove, starring as her older brother Spencer Shay. He has done several cameos since then and is currently working on a voice role for television show The Loud House.

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