Where Do People Go Wrong With Fitness?

by Sarah Ruhlman
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People do go wrong with fitness, but where does this seem to strike the most? It’s not all swings and roundabouts, and there are so many different areas that people do mess up, and you could do the same. If you’re just someone who casually works out, then this should be nothing to worry about for you. But, if you want to get in to fitness properly, and you’re starting to get a feel for it, then you’re in the right place. We want to point out to you some of the key areas where people do seem to go wrong with fitness, and also the strong points that people have. We want you to be as successful with your fitness journey as you possibly can be, and with our advice, it will be just that!

They Don’t Get The Balance Right

This is a biggy. The area that people seem to suffer with the most if you will. Getting the balance of dieting and exercising is so important. The amount of people who go to the gym religiously, but then binge out on absolutely everything the same night is incredible. It’s reversing all of the good work that was just completed in the gym! The amount of people who go on muscle building quests, but don’t supplement or eat the right diet is also so high. Supplements help fuel, repair, and grow the muscles in a way that food can’t. If you visit companies such as Astral nutrition, you’ll see a range of different supplements and advice to help you on your fitness journey. Supplements don’t only have to help with muscle building, they can also help with fat loss which might be the goal of a lot of you reading this! So, the main point to take away from this is that you can’t exercise without having a really good diet, so stick to one!

They Don’t Get The Timings Right

The timings of the day that you workout actually have a big impact on your progress. If you train first thing in the morning pre breakfast, you’ll use up more of your fat stores for energy as that’s all your body will have to rely on, meaning you’re more likely to lose weight quicker. Obviously you should have a light snack such as a banana, but a hard workout won’t run on this, so your body will dig into those fat stores. If you’re looking to build muscle, then training after a big breakfast or just before dinner is the best time to do so. Your body will metabolise the food you’ve either ate for breakfast, or throughout the day, and use it to help muscle growth and repair. If you train just before dinner and then eat a high protein and calorie dinner, you’re really going to benefit.

They Don’t Get The Rest Right

Finally, we’ll finish on the one that might appeal to you all the most, a bit of rest. If you’re working your body every single day, you’re going to do more damage than you are good. You should aim to be resting three days a week. If you’re training weights, you should always rotate body parts per session to make sure that you’re allowing the other parts of your body to rest.

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