“Where Your Eyes Linger” Is A Must-Watch LGBTQ K-Drama

“Where Your Eyes Linger” is the first LGBTQ K-drama to be released, fulfilling the dreams of many k-drama fans. “Where Your Eyes Linger” has the perfect balance between lighthearted and melancholy moments. We wanted to write a review of this newly aired drama on Viki to recognize the LGBTQ community. So here is what we thought of the beautiful k-drama!


Where Your Eyes Linger Summary:

Han Tae-joo, also known as Han Gi-chan is an average high school boy but has an all exclusive bodyguard based on his reputation as the heir of TB Group. But his bodyguard is no normal bodyguard, but his best friend of fifteen years, Kang-gook. When a girl appears in the picture taking a liking to Kang-gook, what will happen to Tae-joo’s and Kang-gook’s relationship? Will they realize their feelings for wanting to become more than friends?



The LGBTQ k-drama revolves around two handsome boys, Han Tae-joo and Kang-gook. Even though this drama only has eight episodes with each of them averaging to be about ten minutes long, “Where Your Eyes Linger” has just enough character depth to make k-drama fans fall in love. As if we didn’t fall in love with the two male leads already as rising K-pop stars. Be ready to feel butterflies and heartbreak as Tae-joo and Kang-gook go on their journey towards love. Featuring intense scenes between the actors, “Where Your Eyes Linger” is a must-watch if you’re looking for a short, romantic drama to dig your teeth into! Who wouldn’t want to watch a drama with handsome men? We promise that “Where Your Eyes Linger” has a happy ending.


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