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Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

“Harry Potter” is, without a doubt, one of the most popular book/movie series of our time. Most of us have grown up with Harry and co. and have felt like we’ve been a part of all their antics and adventures throughout the 7 books. As such, we all have our favorite characters, the characters we relate with most and the characters we hope to get on all the “Which Harry Potter Character Are You” scenarios.

Each of the “Harry Potter” characters have their own unique, distinctive personalities. In this article, we’re going to delve deep into the personalities of 8 wonderful characters. Get the scoop here on which character you are, whether it be one of the Golden Trio or a Weasley sibling!

1. Are You… Harry Potter?

Admit it: we’ve all wanted to be The Boy Who Lived at some point. However, Harry has a very distinctive and complex personality that not all people have. Let’s take a look at what makes Harry the amazing character that he is.

  • Despite being incredibly famous in the wizarding world, Harry does not care for the spotlight at all and is an introverted, private person.
  • Although introverted, Harry is still adventurous and spontaneous, willing to break the rules to do what he thinks is right.
  • He is also a natural leader with an affinity for inspiring others.

Harry’s ability to lead and take risks despite being a private person is a very unique trait. Many times, we think of leaders and adventurers as being extroverts, very outgoing and friendly. Harry, on the other hand, inspires all his friends while still maintaining his introverted personality.

Introverts who are able to be leaders likely identify with Harry. Being a leader doesn’t have to be the traditional leader of a team or officer of club/organization. It can be taking initiative, inspiring your friends and family to be the best versions of themselves, etc. If this sounds like you, then you are most likely Harry Potter!

2. Are You… Hermione Granger?

If I had to describe Hermione in one word, it would be “genius.” Out of the characters, she is the one known for always having her head in a book, knowing all the spells and potions, and being the smartest student in the classroom. But, there’s so much more to Hermione than just being smart!

  • Hermione is unwaveringly firm in her beliefs and morals.
  • She cares a lot about her friends and are always there to make sure they don’t get themselves too deep in trouble.
  • In the books, she’s not really a social person and prefers logic and facts over people.

If Hermione is your “Harry Potter” character, then you’re probably the smartest person in the room, using logic and your wits to navigate your way through life! You might prefer a quiet night in with a book or puzzle, and that’s totally okay!

3. Are You… Ron Weasley?

The funniest member of the Golden Trio, Ron is known for being Harry’s best friend and partner in crime. But, Ron has his own distinct personality traits that set him apart as his own character.

  • He is extremely loyal and protective of his friends.
  • He’s funny, light-hearted, and boosts morale, but is also very committed to making connections with other people.
  • Ron can always be counted on to speak his mind and contribute his thoughts and ideas to the group.

On the exterior, Ron seems like a goodhearted, witty character, but, on the exterior, he cares very deeply about others. People who identify with Ron are usually the funny ones in their circle, quick to crack a joke and quick to make others laugh. But they also have deep connections with others, are optimistic, and maybe even a little sensitive.

4. Are You… The Weasley Twins?

Everyone’s favorite twins, Fred and George Weasley are known for their crazy pranks, thriving off of chaos and entertainment. They have very large personalities!

  • Natural performers, the twins are usually the life of any party.
  • They love mischief and making people laugh.
  • Despite a reputation as jokesters, they are loyal to their family and friends and will always defend them.

Those of us who enjoy making our friends laugh with harmless but over-the-top pranks and bending the rules probably identify with the Weasley twins. However, underneath the loud, infectiously cheerful personalities, you probably are very proud of your family and the things they have accomplished, much like the twins are proud of theirs. Bonus points if you’ve ever opened up a magical trickster store of your own!

5. Are You… Rubeus Hagrid?

Hagrid will always hold a special place in our hearts: he was the first one to show Harry kindness in the “Sorcerer’s Stone” and has been there for him every step of the way. Let’s take a look at what makes Hagrid so incredibly sweet:

  • He sees the good in everyone- and everything! While others may write off magical creatures as “unlovable” and “monstrous,” Hagrid openly shows his love and affection for all of them.
  • He is very sensitive and private, and refuses to give in to what society labels him as.
  • He accidentally spills everything to Harry and can’t keep secrets!

Hagrid might be your “Harry Potter” character if you are the sweet, supportive friend who is always positive and affectionate. Because you see the good in everyone, you give people second and third chances, which is just one of the things that makes you such a big-hearted and incredible person!

6. Are You… Ginny Weasley?

The only girl out of 7 siblings, Ginny is headstrong, determined not to be pushed around by her numerous brothers! Introduced as the shy younger sister of Ron, Ginny developed into her own person as the books went on.

  • Ginny is the definition of a Gryffindor: strong, loyal, and headstrong.
  • She’s incredibly competitive and driven, as evidenced by her surprising success in Quidditch and school.
  • Despite being highly driven, she is also content with going with the flow, quick to utilize all and any opportunities that come her way.

You might be Ginny if you’re confident, driven, and bold. You’re probably very sure of yourself and know what you want out of life, but you’re not afraid to stop and live in the present every now and then!

7. Are You… Luna Lovegood?

A big dreamer and idealist, it’s easy to write Luna off as someone who’s out of touch with reality. However, Luna’s idealism is an asset, making up one piece of her wonderful personality.

  • Luna is very self-aware. She knows that she’s different than others- but she simply doesn’t care.
  • Her shyness and dreaminess may come off as being a pushover, but she can be very passionate and determined when she wants to be.
  • Her creative imagination lights up a room, infecting others with her beliefs and optimism.

You might be Luna if you see the creativity and goodness in everyone and everything. However, Luna is different from Hagrid in that she’s more dreamy and imaginative. Nothing is impossible in the mind of Luna Lovegood! Perhaps you daydream while in class or at work, thinking of other creative uses for all the things you’re working on. You also are steadfast when it comes to your beliefs and your goals.

8. Are You… Neville Longbottom?

Finally we arrive at Neville Longbottom, a character who has become unrecognizable over the course of the series. In the first book, he is shown as naive and timid. Over the books, he grows into his character, becoming a confident, courageous Gryffindor who stands up to Voldemort himself in “Deathly Hallows.” Let’s look at some of Neville’s key traits.

  • Even from Book 1, Neville has had strong morals that he rarely, if ever, strays from.
  • He values peace and is reluctant to resort to violence. However, when he has to, he is not afraid to wield the Sword of Gryffindor and kill a magical snake.
  • Despite his heartbreaking past with his parents, Neville remains a cheerful, friendly person, always willing to be there for his friends.

Neville might be your character if you consider yourself the peacemaker of your friend group, the glue who holds everyone together. However, if someone wrongs the people who care about, you are not afraid to stand up for them and defend them, making you one of the best friends a person could ask for!

And there you have the scoop on which Harry Potter character you are! Did you identify with any of these, or is there a character we left out that you think you are? Let us know in the comments!

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