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Which Netflix Romantic Comedy Should You Watch?

There’s been a resurgence in the romantic comedy genre lately, mainly because of Netflix. Movies like The Kissing Booth have become extremely popular on the site. If you’re overwhelmed with all the choices on Netflix, not to fear! We’ll help you decide which Netflix romantic comedy you should watch next.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Credit: Masha Weisberg/Netflix

It’s normal to have multiple crushes when you’re growing up. However, Lara Jean writes letters to each of them. When they accidentally get sent, she partakes in a fake relationship with Peter, one of her past crushes. But maybe her feelings for Peter aren’t all in the past. If you like movies about fake relationships that turn real like “Leap Year” or “The Proposal,” you should watch this movie! 

Set It Up

Credit: Netflix

All that Charlie and Harper want is to get time away from the office. So, the two assistants decide to set up their demanding bosses. But sparks fly between Charlie and Harper as they scheme, bonding over baseball games and proposal parties. You should watch “Set It Up” if you like movies such as “The Parent Trap.” Fans of Pete Davidson should also watch this movie because he plays the sarcastic roommate.

Candy Jar

Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Lona and Bennett are rivals at school who become co-captains of the debate team. They’re determined to win, which means they have to work together. If you liked series with academic rivals turned lovers like on “Never Have I Ever” or “Anne With an E,” you need to watch “Candy Jar.”

A Christmas Prince

Credit: Netflix

Don’t we all wish we could fall in love with a prince? Amber is a journalist who goes to Aldovia to write about the scandalous Prince Richard. She ends up pretending to be a tutor of Richard’s sister to write her article. If you like movies about falling in love at Christmas, this Netflix romantic comedy is for you.

Murder Mystery

Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler star in this Netflix movie that’s just as the name describes. While the two are on an anniversary trip, they get involved with a rich family and a murder mystery. This leads them to be suspects. Watch this movie if you like “Knives Out” or romantic comedies like “50 First Dates.”

The Princess Switch

Credit: Netflix

“The Princess Switch” is about a girl who enters a baking competition with her co-worker in a European country. She ends up switching places with a duchess and meets the prince. Her doppelgänger also finds love with her baking partner. The movie is a mix of a Hallmark and a Mary Kate and Ashley movie. If you like either of those, this movie is for you.

Love Guaranteed 

Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Susan takes a lawsuit case from a client, Nick, who is suing a dating website. These two people unlucky in love, however, find love themselves. It stars Damon Wayans Jr. from “New Girl.” It also stars Rachael Leigh Cook from “She’s All That,” which we think needs a sequel.

The Lovebirds

Credit: Skip Bolen/Netflix

If you’re looking for an action-packed romantic comedy, “The Lovebirds” is for you. It’s about a couple on the verge of breaking up, who find themselves in the middle of a hit and run. While solving the mystery, will their relationship survive along with their lives? If you like “The Big Sick,” which also stars Kumail Nanjiana, you’ll like this Netflix film.

We hope you enjoy these Netflix romantic comedies. If you’re looking for more, check out the Top 10 Best Rom-Coms Of All Time.

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Friday 2nd of October 2020

Need good romantic comedy right now!! Positive vibes!

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