Reasons You Should Love Travel

So many of us are looking forward to a breakaway or a vacation this summer. Planning a journey is a lot of fun and provides something positive to look forward to. But there are many more reasons for us having a love for travel. You might like the excitement of the unknown. Or maybe you just need to get away from work for a while! Those of us that love to travel as much as possible have a passion that sometimes can’t be explained. But every journey has a purpose. What’s yours?


Luxury And Pampering

When you know you need a break from the mundane and the ‘every-day’, you might be tempted to book a luxury vacation overseas. There are plenty of incredible locations to choose from. Places like Turkey, Malaysia and Australia have some of the most beautiful spa resorts in the world. And you know you’re guaranteed great beaches and gorgeous weather while you’re there. If you want to hire a limo, book now and make the entire journey incredibly luxurious.

Action And Adventure

Those of us that adore the adrenaline highs and thrills of an action break away know that this kind of vacation is becoming more and more popular. You could combine the action with an exotic destination. Or you could find your favorite activities a little closer to home. Climbing, mountaineering, white water rafting, and hiking are some of the most popular activities you could choose. Find some of the best in the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Finland and Norway offer plenty of action on the snow too.

New Sights

The landscapes and wildlife that we see when we travel a bit further from home can leave you in awe of our little planet. There are incredible sights no matter which country you visit. This could be the whole reason for your journey or just a happy benefit of a broader vacation experience. For those who love the view, travel can become a passion and hobby. Some of us have even made it our profession. If you can’t get enough of the natural and man-made wonders of this world, chances are you’re a travel addict too.

Incdedible Experiences

It’s not just the activity or the view that make an incredible vacation. Travelling for many is about experiencing a different culture and getting a close-up feel for a place. Many travellers are happy to wander from village to village and country to country. This unplanned approach allows us to wander from the beaten path. We’re no longer tourists with an itinerary, but rather explorers and discoverers. We’re ready to make our own stories and experience things with a deeper meaning.

It’s not every day that you can take a vacation. After all, our jobs support our travel habit! This is why we need to make each journey count. The destination isn’t all there is. Book a limo, or take a private prop plane. Canoe around the coast, or swim across to the island. Make the journey just as special as the vacation itself. Why do you love to travel?


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  1. Stunning post, Sarah Ruhlman

    Traveling is definitely not a little thing here and there it turns into fantasy. So travel lovers when you get an opportunity at that point take your pack and start traveling.

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