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Why Eliza Is The True Hero Of “Hamilton”

We are thrilled that Broadway’s Hamilton is now available for everyone to watch on Disney Plus. Hamilton is a musical about the founding father Alexander Hamilton, who played an important role in the American Revolution and helped form the nation’s government. However, Eliza Schuyler is the character who ends up being the true hero of the story. Let’s go over why Eliza was so significant in the musical and in reality.

is Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton. #Hamilfilm

You’ll Never Find Anyone As Trusting Or As Kind

Even though Eliza makes appearances in earlier numbers like “The Schuyler Sisters,” her character is fully introduced in the song “Helpless.” Eliza tells the audience that she’s not one to grab the spotlight, so we know she’s not after money or status. Furthermore, she reminds Alexander that his legacy doesn’t define his worth. She avoids the downfalls that the other character’s experience by believing that being there for those you love is enough.


She Takes Control Of The Narrative

Eliza goes from having a passive to an active role when she asks Hamilton to let her be part of the narrative. She further displays control over their story in the song “Burn.” She gains the upper hand against future historians when she burns Hamilton’s letters, claiming that they and her husband have no right to her heart. Eliza also helps immortalize the story for future generations when she retakes control of the narrative at the end.


She’s a Great Mother and Beatboxer

Eliza continually reminds Hamilton to appreciate his family. One adorable moment with their family happens during the song “Take A Break.” Eliza teaches Phillip how to play the piano. Also, she beatboxes as Phillip raps to his father. Without a doubt, Alexander was right about her being “the best of wives and best of woman.”


Forgiveness, Can You Imagine?

After the affair and the death of their son, Eliza and Alexander become estranged. When they move uptown, Alexander realizes his mistakes. He asks Eliza for her forgiveness as they go through the unimaginable. Eliza shows great resilience and reveals the depth of her heart when she forgives Alexander. The two then become a stronger unit by facing their grief together.


Eliza Maintained And Created A Legacy

Eliza lived another fifty years after Alexander died. She kept his legacy alive by interviewing soldiers, trying to make sense of his writing, speaking out against slavery, and by raising funds in D.C. for the Washington Monument. Eliza also forged her own legacy by establishing the first private orphanage in New York City. Because of all of this, Eliza is ushered to the front and center of the stage by Alexander. During the final moment of the musical, the spotlight is on her alone. The show ends by giving Eliza credit for the significant role she played in the musical and in history.


Overall, Hamilton is an outstanding musical. The cast is extremely talented and there are themes present in the musical that are still relevant to society today. Once you watch it, let us know what you think and tell us who your favorite character is!

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