Why, Oh Why, Is Your Skin Still Dry Now You Moisturize?

If you’re reading this post, the chances are that you’re at the end of your tether. You’ve read endless articles about the importance of hydration for your skin. You’ve even heard your favorite celebs claiming that this is how they keep such youthful skin. But, despite your best efforts, your skin is nowhere the glowing heights of Demi Moore. No matter how determined you are with your moisturizing, you’re failing to see any benefits. You’re even starting to worry that it’s all too late. You missed those prime moisturizing years; now you’re doomed to skin damage and wrinkles.

Or, are you? In reality, moisturization should act to both prevent and reverse damage. While there’s no denying that starting young is best, you should still see benefits even at a later age. If that’s not happening, it’s a sure sign that something isn’t going according to plan. But, you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying. If you did that, you would remove any chance of seeing results here in the future. Remember; Demi Moore!

Luckily, there are often apparent reasons for a lack of visible results in this area. Even better; each of these has an incredibly simple solution. All you need to do is work out where you’re going wrong, and what you can do to change it. The bad news is that we aren’t there with you when you get down to this. As such, we can’t pinpoint where your problem is. What we can do is point out some common issues in the hope that one of them applies to you.

You’re using the wrong product

Of all the things which could be causing you problems, your moisturizer is the prime culprit. Too often, those of us who are new to this habit pick up any old product to get started. They all do the same thing, don’t they? Not at all. In reality, being slapdash about moisturizer is as dangerous as picking up any old foundation. There’s no way it’s going to work for you unless you do a little research. For one, you need to consider your skin type. Moisturizers are made with this in mind more than anything else. There are options out there for users with oily skin, for example. Moisturizers with chemicals like Hyaluronic Acid, however, are best if you’re suffering from dry skin. There are even options out there which fight wrinkles and undo sun damage. You name your need, and you can bet there’s a moisturizer out there which serves it. But, you’re not going to find the product for you if you pick up any old thing from the shelf. Next time you go shopping, then, take a look at the selection on offer. Bear in mind what you want, and look out for keywords which boast your chosen benefits. If the sheer selection leaves you at a loss, speak to someone on a beauty counter. They’ll be able to take one look at your skin and recommend the product you need. Then, you can bet you’ll start to see results in no time.

You’re forgetting to take your makeup off



This may seem obvious, but it’s astounding how many people forget to remove makeup before moisturizing. When you’re new to this, you may even make the rookie mistake of not thinking this matters. Then, you wonder why your efforts seem to be causing more harm than good. You can’t for the life of you work out why you keep breaking out. Well, this is your answer. You should never apply moisturizer over your makeup. For one, that layer of foundation will work as a barrier for any benefits you’re hoping to gain. There’s no way your new product stands any chance of doing good this way. You may also find that this causes makeup to clog your pores more than it does otherwise. You’re lathering yet another layer to push those nasty chemicals down, after all. Even if that moisturizer does manage to soak in, you can bet it’s going to take a whole load of makeup along for the ride. That’s where those spots have been cropping up from. Luckily, this issue has such an easy solution that you’ve likely settled upon it already. You do, of course, need to remove your makeup before even considering your skin’s hydration. It’s as simple as that. Bear in mind that moisturizer may not settle into your skin the way you’d like straight after removal. If you find that to be the case, get into the habit of removing that makeup an hour before you plan to moisturize. Any skin damage or spots which have emerged thus far should soon disappear once you start to get this right.

Your makeup is undoing any benefits

While we’re on the subject of makeup, it’s worth noting that the products you wear during the day can undo the benefits of even a perfect moisturizer. Think about it; you wear makeup for the duration of your days. Moisturizing every night is never going to undo the damage caused by something like a foundation which dries your skin. You’ll find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle if you keep using makeup like this. Your skin may look wonderfully hydrated when you wake up, but you can bet it won’t be the same by the time you remove that makeup for the day. Over time, you can also guarantee that your makeup will win this battle. Your skin will remain dry and susceptible to aging, no matter how hard you try in other areas. If your moisturizer isn’t making any difference, it’s a sign you may want to look closely at your collection as a whole. Is there a drying foundation which is stopping you reaping the benefits here? If yes, get rid of it for a better alternative. There are plenty of foundations which also have hydrating qualities. One of these would add rather than hinder your moisturizing journey.

You’re moisturizing at the wrong times of day

It’s also possible your fault is nothing more than choosing the wrong times of day to do this. Your best bet, by far, is the last thing at night. This is when your skin will be sore and raw from a day of makeup and exposure. You can then ensure that you provide yourself with a soothing night of skin healing ready for the next day. If you don’t currently moisturize at night, then, it’s well worth changing your habit. Many people also choose to do this in the morning, but that’s a mistake for the most part. For one, it can make makeup application tricky. You may also find that your moisturizer doesn’t have time to work its magic before you put foundation over the top. Equally, moisturizing in the middle of the day will likely see you applying on top of makeup. You should know by now why that’s a bad idea.

You aren’t moisturizing often enough

Many of those who do make an effort here just don’t get around to this often enough. You know how it goes; you moisturize when you see the pot, or on the rare occasions when it crosses your mind. You’re happy as long as you get this done at least once a week. But, let us stop you there. The fact is that you should moisturize once a day for real results. While it won’t hurt too much to miss this on occasion, there’s no way that once a week will suffice. Let’s be frank; your skin faces the elements every day as you head out and about. You can also bet that you’re much more on top of your makeup routine. Hence why you need to give your skin a hydration boost every night. Otherwise, the damage is going to occur at a much faster rate than you can manage. With that in mind, is it any wonder that your wrinkles still seem to be winning this fight? Don’t let it happen. Instead, place your moisturizer on your bedside table, or next to your bathroom mirror. That way, you can be sure to remember the importance of getting around to this every night.

You’re expecting too much

It’s also worth noting that, sometimes, disappointment here comes down to expecting too much. We’ve all made the mistake of thinking a moisturizing routine can vanquish our wrinkles in no time at all. But, that isn’t the reality for anyone. Instead, this is a habit which can help to heal your skin over time. Often, the results are so small that you may not even notice them. Sometimes, this only works to prevent wrinkles appearing. That’s something you won’t notice at all, but it makes a massive difference to your appearance over time. If you’ve done all the above, then, it might be time to stop worrying. You can bet that, with these pointers in mind, your moisturizer is serving you the way it should. Even if you can’t see it.

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