Why Pennyworth Is Totally Worth It

If you haven’t heard of this show, it revolves around a young Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon). The show tells his story years before he becomes Batman’s butler and trusted confidante.

In the show, Pennyworth, a former British SAS officer, starts forming his own security company in London during the 50s. The Raven Society, a group planning to take over the British Government, targets Pennyworth for interfering with their business. He teams up with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane (yes, batman’s future parents), and they conspire to stop the Raven Society.

I fell in love with this show for many reasons. I highly approved of the show’s 50s and 60s London setting. The narrow roads, jazz music, and old buildings provide a classy feel to Pennyworth’s adventure. In addition, the show’s plot unfolded as a mystery – with each episode an action-packed adventure getting closer and closer to the final goal. In my opinion, this was the core element of the show that makes it worth watching. Even though the actors did a great job, the plot structure and setting did it for me. After watching the first season, you’ll wish Alfred was your own butler.

Now that I think about it, choosing an alternate London setting was significantly more alluring than a Manhattan one (although 60s Manhattan might be appealing). Something about stoic British accents, medieval buildings, and action sequences in tuxedos gives the show a je ne sais quoi. Just look at The Witcher.

Overall, I highly recommend checking this show out on Amazon Prime if you enjoy mystery in an alternate London. Let’s hope Season 2’s production won’t be delayed for too long.

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