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Why We Don’t Mind Waiting A Year for Stranger Things 4

Since its premiere in July 2016, “Stranger Things” has quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular shows, with millions of viewers tuning in to stream the series. “Stranger Things” is notorious for taking over a year or so between seasons, due to the scope of its story and all the special effects required to execute it.

“Stranger Things” season 3 came out in July 2019, over a year ago. Season 4 was predicted to come out early 2021, but, like many other TV shows, it has been pushed back to summer 2021, or even later. Although this is about a 2-year long wait between seasons, longer than usual, we’re okay with waiting because we know that season 4 will satisfy all the questions and hopes we have for it! Here are reasons we don’t mind waiting for “Stranger Things” season 4.

1. We’re Leaving Hawkins, Indiana!

The tagline for the official announcement for season 4 was “We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore.” It’s been confirmed that the cast and crew filmed in Lithuania back in February, the first time they have filmed outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Season 4 is shaping up to be bigger and better than previous seasons, potentially taking our characters outside of their small hometown of Hawkins.

The show also went to New Mexico to film some scenes, and while we don’t have any exact details on how New Mexico will play into the story, we’re excited to see “Stranger Things” expand outside of Hawkins!

2. The Russians!

Hopper, Alexei, Joyce Byers
Stranger Things: Photo from Netflix

The Russians had quite a big role to play in “Stranger Things” season 3. With that said, it seems like they will have an even bigger role in season 4! Season 3’s ending revealed that the Russians had been able to capture and tame a Demogorgon. This cliffhanger left all of us with so many questions: Where did this Demogorgon come from? Was the Russians’ plan to open a door into the Upside Down in Kamchatka successful?

We’re content with waiting a little longer for season 4 because the Russian plot line will definitely switch things up a little and introduce a new story to explore!

3. Eleven and the Byers Family

Mike Wheeler, Jonathan and Will Byers
Stranger Things: Photo from Netflix

Season 3 also ended with the bittersweet goodbye between Eleven and the Byers and the rest of the characters. With everything that’s happened to the Byers family, from Will’s disappearance in season 1 to the (supposed) deaths of Bob and Hopper, Joyce decided that she and her two sons needed a fresh start. As Hopper is presumed dead, it was endearing to see Joyce adopt her as one of her kids. While we do not know where they ended up moving, it will undoubtedly play a big role in season 4!

The moving will shake things up dramatically, as the Byers family has always been a central point of the show. In addition, El moving away will likely have effects on Mike and how he deals with this will hopefully be explored in “Stranger Things” season 4. Also, what happened to El’s powers? She lost them in the fight against the Mindflayer and hasn’t yet gotten them back. The question of whether she will get them back of not will definitely be discussed in the upcoming season!

4. Season 4 Appearances by Previous Characters

Stranger Things: Photo from Netflix

While we are on the subject of El and her powers, let’s talk about her “sister” Kali, also known as Eight. Introduced in season 2, Kali showed us that El wasn’t the only kid subjected to experiments and tests in the Hawkins lab. While she did not make an appearance in season 3, the fact that three new teenagers are joining the “Stranger Things” cast for this year may be a hint that Kali and her band of revenge-seeking teenagers from Chicago may be making a comeback!

In addition, do you remember Dr. Brenner from season 1? At the end of the season, the leader of the Hawkins lab was supposedly killed by the Demogorgon. That was the last we ever saw of him. However, rumors have been circulating ever since season 1 that Brenner was, in fact, alive. He was mentioned in season 2 when a Hawkins lab employee told El that he was still alive, but he was never spoken about again. Perhaps season 4 is when El’s “dad” will finally make a reappearance!

5. Erica Sinclair

Erica Sinclair played by Priah Ferguson
Stranger Things: Photo from Netflix

Our favorite no-nonsense boss, Erica Sinclair has proven herself as much more than simply Lucas’ little sister. A recurring character in season 3, Priah Ferguson has been promoted to main character for “Stranger Things” season 4, ensuring many more fantastic one-liners by this quippy fan-favorite character.

Erica’s story in season 3 consisted of helping Steve, Robin, and Dustin infiltrate the secret Russian base in the Starcourt Mall. Her role in season 4 is still under wraps, but we’re hoping for many more adventures with her! It’ll be especially interesting to see how Lucas feels to his bold sister being a part of the crew! After all, “you can’t spell America without Erica!”

While season 4 is still about a year away, “Stranger Things” seasons 1-3 are available for streaming on Netflix today! Rewatch the series to refresh yourself on everything that went down in Hawkins! Prep yourself for “Stranger Things” biggest and best season yet!

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