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Why You Need To Try Aldi’s Chocolate Hummus Right Now

I love dessert. Who doesn’t?! But it’s so hard to ignore any cravings I might have. If you’re a dessert lover like me, but looking to avoid that gluttonous guilt, you need to try the chocolate hummus from Aldi! Also, make sure to read all about Aldi’s KETO ice cream.

Aldi’s Chocolate Hummus

The internet-famous chocolate hummus is actually called Park street Deli Brownie Dessert Hummus. It’s about $3.50 for an 8-ounce container. It’s a perfect alternative for someone with a sweet tooth but wants to avoid the crazy calories from cookies! The ingredients are all pretty clean, starting with chickpeas, coconut oil, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and turbinado (more natural, richly flavored) sugar.

Aldi’s Chocolate Hummus

If you are a brownie batter eating type of gal like myself, this hummus is for you. It’s only 80 calories per serving, so it’s the perfect low-cal dessert. This chocolate hummus would be nicely paired with fruit, graham crackers, or pretzels!

Aldi’s Chocolate Hummus

I love this for when I’m craving dessert, but I don’t want something heavy, or something that’ll make me have post-dessert guilt. This is perfectly light and sweet enough to satisfy any cravings you might have!

Aldi’s Chocolate Hummus

This chocolate hummus is also vegan and gluten-free! That makes it the perfect dessert to treat yourself to or to serve to any guests you might be having over. Anyone can enjoy this!

Aldi’s Chocolate Hummus

If you’re looking to cut down on sweets, or just itching to try something new, this is perfect. It’s delicious, chocolatey, and light all at the same time. It feels like you’re eating a regular dessert! This hummus is the perfect alternative to a calorically dense sweet, so make sure you pick this up from Aldi!

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