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Why You Should Watch The “Street Food” Series

All throughout time and history, people have been perfecting the craft of culinary art. The documentary series “Street Food” on Netflix shows how everyday chefs turn their food into art all over the world. They may own small stands in a big market or have a restaurant that fits about fifteen or twenty people, yet their skills shouldn’t be doubted. Each episode focuses on the food and the people behind it. Check out the scoop on “Street Food”!

“Street Food: Asia”

The first series focuses on the continent of Asia. They go to places from Japan to Thailand to India. Each episode leaves me craving to try all that food. However, the shining part of this series is the people that each episode focuses on. Though the show doesn’t focus on one kind of food or person, there is usually someone who steals the show.

There’s so much to learn about the culinary scene in Asia. Though there’s so much to learn about the people too. The chef of the episode will share their journey of becoming a well-respected cook by all. Most of the time they leave you trying to hold back tears. It’s an amazing insight into how important food is and how food can save lives.

“Street Food: Latin America”

The most recent season in this series focuses on Latin America. Released on Netflix on July 21st, this season is much like the first. However, that doesn’t make it any less. With an emphasis on Latin American food, each episode will leave you wanting to eat more and more.

This season also has people’s stories of success. Hearing everyone share their stories also strikes the same emotion as the previous installment. Dishes look fantastic and wonderful. Taking the virtual trip through Latin America will teach you about a different culture and grow the size of your heart as you hear everyone’s stories.

So why “Street Food”? Simple. It not only educates you on the delectable food of Asia and Latin America, but it also gives you the story of the people. The show emphasizes how much food has really shaped culture. “Street Food” grows your empathy, your knowledge, and your pallet. Keep an eye open for future installments you never know where the series will take you next.

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