Worlds Of Fun Announces Exciting Changes for 2017

Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun has some brand new thrilling rides as well as a special something happening during the winter! These new things will come to life in 2017. The already great adventure park is expanding and I got a chance to check it out myself!


There are so many thrilling rides already at Worlds of Fun that I didn’t know what they could possibly do next! To add to the already amazing experience…next year there will be two new rides that will knock your socks off… and have so much fun!



Falcon’s Flight is a ride that is about 100 feet off the ground! That’s over 9 stories high, just to put it in perspective. Not only does the ride rise incredibly high, but it also spins like crazy! And don’t worry about having a big group because the ride holds up to 50 people at a time! Unless you bring your entire extended family and possibly all of their friends, you won’t be leaving anyone behind.

Mustang Runner is a whole different type of ride, but just as thrilling as Falcon’s Flight! This ride is all about twists and turns. Three arms (with seven gondalas per arm) spin and turn in one direction while the base of the ride goes another! It’s difficult to explain because that is seriously how intense it actually is. You want a ride that will make you questions what’s going on? Well, this is certainly the rid you are looking for!


There is so much to do at Worlds of Fun! There are rides and attractions, a waterpark, live entertainment, and so many places to eat and dine! There are also special events including the new Winterfest!


Winterfest will begin on November 24th, of 2017 and last for six weeks! It will showcase 14 holiday characters that are favorited by all, as well some incredible light displays. There will also be ice skating and other interactive live entertainment. All in all, the season will come to live at Worlds of Fun!

Go give World’s of Fun a visit and check out all of the fun things you can do at Worlds of Fun! Even though you’ll have to wait a bit for the fun new stuff coming to the park, there is still so much to do at the park and a wonderful place to have yourself a great time.

You can become a 2017 Worlds of Fun season pass holder and see additional information about Worlds of Fun tickets HERE.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with Worlds of Fun.

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