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Credit @POPSUGARfitness on Twitter. Exercise video creators
Credit @POPSUGArfitness on Twitter

Like many, I have been trying to figure out a workout routine to do from home while I wait for my gym to re-open. While I enjoy running and my post-run stretch, it is difficult for me to make my routine because I am easily bored by the receptiveness. YouTube creators who specialize in fitness have been my saving grace. They offer a variety of workouts that manage to keep my interest AND make my muscles work. So here are five YouTube creators that are less known than Chloe Ting, but will put your fitness to the test!


Exercise content creator MadFit

Former dancer Maddie Lymburner knows how to make her viewers put the work in workout.! She has a range of videos, from early 2000s dance workouts to cardio abs. Her sweet persona makes me want to do the work with her. Also, it is refreshing to see a fitness page that is dedicated to exercise, rather than focusing on weight loss.

Yoga With Adriene

Exercise content creator Yoga With Adriene

I highly recommend that everyone either starts or ends their days with yoga. We often neglect to check-in on how our bodies are actually feeling. While I enjoy yoga, I often struggle with what to do. Thankfully, Adriene gently guides you through the video and there is never any judgment on skill level- each person is free to move at their own pace.


Exercise content creator Dana Lin Bailey

A former American Ninja Warrior contestant, Dana Linn Bailey is not afraid to make her viewers sweat. Not going to lie, sometimes I feel intimidated by how incredibly ripped she is, but it is the kick in the pants I need. While the majority of her videos focus on exercise, she also has content dedicated to the food she is eating. She is also a former figure competitor so she is specific with the areas she locates.

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Pamela Reif

Exercise content creator Pamela Reif

This influencer has videos for all skillsets. The majority of her content is equipment free, which is perfect for me since I don’t have weights lying around my house. After her workouts, I tend to be reduced to a puddle of sweat. But it is all worth it!


Exercise Channel POPSUGAR Fitness

This channel has a variety of instructors with a variety of workouts. They produce dance videos, pilates, running, at-home cardio, and more. Each video is so fun and the instructors know how to keep you motivated.

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