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“Down to Earth with Zac Efron” Netflix Documentary Might Just Save The Planet

Zac Efron has a traveling series coming to Netflix on July 10th and you HAVE to watch it! Down to Earth with Zac Efron is sure to be a hit on the streaming service and will hopefully make a lasting impact on its viewers. Zac’s played a variety of iconic characters over the years, but this time he’s just himself. Take one look at Zac’s social media and you’ll see his love for the outdoors and adrenaline junky activities. More Zac Efron content has been long-awaited and this show does not disappoint.

If you love nature, you’ll love this show. If you like getting a look into another country’s unique culture, you’ll love this show. Do you want to learn about sustainable lifestyle choices and renewable energy options? Then, you’ll love this show. And of course, if you love staring at Zac Efron for long periods of time, you’ll love this show.

It’s just that simple. This series sheds light on the necessity for change in our habitual lifestyles, while highlighting the goodness of humanity.


Summary of Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Each episode of the show takes place in a different country. Each location he visits has a beautiful track record of coming together as people and embracing sustainable lifestyles. For example, Zac and his crew visit renewable energy power plants and see the process of buying/eating local when they witness a fish go from ocean to table. There are so many gorgeous sites to see alongside Zac, but watch out, you will definitely feel an itch to travel after this.

The series stars Zac and his good friend, health guru and fellow nature lover, Darin Olien. The two definitely have a lot of fun together throughout the show! Sometimes the two friends spend the entire trip together and other times they split up in order to experience more of the country’s culture.


Down to Earth with Zac Efron is all about learning how to make a difference.

Throughout the show, Zac embraces the culture of each place he visits. When he is not busy learning about the way in which local people fight climate change through renewable energy and sustainable living, he tries the local food of the area and makes friends with lots of cool people. Zac and Darin are open-minded and always ready to learn from the innovative ideas of others. Throughout the series, Zac and audience members are constantly learning something new and applicable. He’s willing to try just about anything and he’s always the nicest guy in the room. I’d say he really is “down to Earth”.

There is so much to learn from the people that are highlighted throughout the series and the way they live their everyday lives. There are people all over the world who are actively trying to make this world a better place- for ourselves and future generations. It’s the kind of show that makes you want to get up and do something to make a positive change.


Lending A Helping Hand

Spoiler alert: this show will make you want to find a way to help another human. It’s a breath of fresh air when a show inspires empathy and action. In each place Zac and his team crew, he finds small ways to help the people around him. Lending a helping hand is as simple as noticing a need and then meeting it. In Puerto Rico, it was helping a family clear away the remaining wreckage from hurricanes that devastated the area. When Zac saw their need, he put on work gloves and saw the task through until a small but real problem had a solution.



This documentary-style traveling show is equally informative and aesthetic. Between the unique beauty of each country he visits and Zac Efron’s good looks, this show has a lot to appreciate. The handheld cameras get you up close and personal with Zac as he experiences each place, making you feel like a part of the action. The passion he has for the health of the planet and humanity is felt throughout the series.

If you liked watching Zac Efron test his adventuring limits on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, you’re sure to enjoy this show. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch that while you’re at it!


After watching this show, I want to start composting, but I also want to go help a friend in need. I want to shop local, but I also want to go hug my mom. You know what I mean? Whether you watch anything and everything with Zac Efron’s name attached to it (no judgement here) or you want to learn more about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, add this show to your Netflix queue.

It’s the kind of show that makes you proud of your celebrity crush on a deeper level. My 7-year-old self fell for Troy Bolton and my 21-year-old self is proud of who that sweet little fictional basketball player has become. He’s fighting for a good future and loving on people in need while he does it.

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