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4 DIY Things You Should Leave for the Experts

DIY has the potential to go wrong, and unfortunately, because you are doing it yourself there really is nobody else to blame. That is why it best to choose your projects carefully and avoid some of the trickier ones. So if you have some home renovations coming up, read on to find out what you should definitely steer clear of in the DIY stakes.

Replacing A Light Fitting

So, number one of the list of DIY don’ts is anything electrical. That includes getting a light fitting replaced or anything to do with switches. You might think it seems simple, and you can look up how to do it on Youtube. But just because you know how to do it, doesn’t mean that you should!

Electrical work is super dangerous, and a small mistake can cost you big time. Why put the safety of your health, and your home on the line to save a few bucks? Get the professionals in instead.


Now painting is something that you can do yourself right? But when doing a DIY paint job, you need to make sure that you are going to do it right. That means you don’t just grab a tin of magnolia and slap it on the wall! You need to take the time to tape off the walls properly, so you get sharp edges. You also need to move furniture and put coverings over anything you can’t move, as you can end up splattering the paint very easily.

In addition, you should carefully consider the shade and tone of the paint that you are using. Don’t just pick it because you like, it! Think about how it will work in the room you are painting.  Will it make it look fresh and light, or cosy and warm, and is that what you want? Otherwise you will be doing it all again soon enough.


Insulation is a DIY project that folks can get a little confused over. There are a lots of professional out there, but you can buy the materials and do it yourself if you are game.

The real key here is to choose the right insulation product for what you are trying to achieve. For example, choosing a brand like Isotherm, which is allergy free will help you get it installed with the minimum of fuss, and you know it won’t cause problems once the install is completed either. So it can make your DIY job a lot easier.

Fitted Kitchens

So, unless you are really up for a challenge that will test your patience as well as your carpentry skills you need to steer clear of fitting kitchens! Too many times, what look like a cheap project can end up looking a mess because hanging door straight is a lot harder than it seems.

However, you can give your kitchen a DIY do-over by painting the doors. Sand them first and then cover with chalk paint of that on trend country vibe. Or replace the worktops, which as long as you buy them ready cut to fit, will be a doable DIY project.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.