25 Cute Disney Princess Tea Party Ideas for Kids Birthday

If you have a little one who dreams of being royalty for a day, then you’re in the right place! Here’s the scoop on Disney princess tea party ideas!

From elegant table settings to fun decorations these tea party ideas will make your child’s dreams come true

So, gather your tiaras and prepare to sprinkle some fairy dust for some Disney Magic!

Cinderella Inspired Decor

Step right into the world of Cinderella with decor that’s filled with magic and elegance, perfect for your little one’s princess-themed tea party. 

An elegant tea setting with a vintage teacup, teapot, plates, and cookies on an outdoor table, accompanied by floral decorations.

You can incorporate Cinderella’s favorite things, like a glass slipper, princess crowns, fairy wands, and pumpkin carriages.

With these magical touches, your party will be fit for royalty, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

For party favors you can include a high heel shaped cookie or glass slipper-shaped chocolates, wrapped in blue and silver foil.

Don’t forget to add a touch of magic with the Disney Princess Tea Parties cookbook.

It has full-color images of recipes to help make your royal celebration a blast, offering delicious treats and desserts!

Snow White Apple Delights

The Snow White Apple Delights are the perfect addition to any princess-themed tea party. 

These delicious treats pay tribute to the beloved fairy tale character, Snow White, and her iconic poisoned apple.

Plate of apple-shaped frosted cookies.

Imagine the excitement on your little girl’s face when she sees these delicious treats.

These Snow White Apple Delights consist of crisp apples coated in a layer of smooth caramel or chocolate.

They have decorative touches like edible glitter or sprinkles to resemble the magical apple from the story. 

With each bite, you’ll make Disney magic come to life, turning an ordinary afternoon into an unforgettable experience. 

These treats not only offer a delicious blend of sweet and tart flavors but also serve as a delightful centerpiece for your Disney princess party table. 

Belle’s Rose Centerpiece

Belle’s rose renterpiece is a stunning addition to any Disney princess tea party, bringing magic to your royal tea party.

It’s as if Belle, one of the favorite Disney princesses, has left a part of her world at your children’s birthday parties.

A bouquet of yellow and pink-tinged roses in a clear glass vase on a table, with a watermark from "sarahscoop.com" at the bottom.

Inspired by the beloved tale of Beauty and the Beast, this centerpiece serves as the focal point of festive party decor.

Featuring a delicate rose encased in a glass dome, lit with soft lights, it captures the essence of the rose from the story. 

It’s the perfect element to make your little princess’s day absolutely magical.

Whether it’s for a birthday girl’s special celebration or any other special event, this centerpiece adds a fairy godmother-approved touch.

Making it a memorable and magical experience for all.

Princess Jasmine Themed Costumes

There’s no better way to make your little princesses feel like they’ve stepped into Disney World than by dressing them up as their favorite characters.

With vibrant colors and fun details, Princess Jasmine-themed costumes will make little ones feel the magical world of Agrabah. 

A young girl dressed in a blue princess costume with a tiara smiling at the camera.

From the iconic teal harem pants to the bejeweled crop top and matching accessories, each element of the costume brings this lovely character to life. 

With these princess costumes, the birthday party will surely make your princess fans feel like their favorite princesses have come to wish them a happy birthday.

To go along with their Jasmine themed tea party fit make sure to include some princess party games!

Ariel’s Undersea Treasure Hunt

Ariel’s Undersea Treasure Hunt is a fun activity that adds an extra layer of excitement to any Disney princess tea party. 

With princess stuff scattered around your party space, transform it into a miniature version of the Little Mermaid’s world.

Hide a treasure chest filled with goodies, offering a unique experience for the kids.

You can even decorate your front door with undersea decor to invite guests into a fun-filled treasure hunt. 

This fun way of discovering underwater magic will surely give the children a great time. 

And as the treasure hunt ends, kids can enjoy a selection of delicious tea party foods fit for royalty.

Adding the perfect finishing touch to a truly fun experience.

Frozen Elsa Ice Cream Bar

At a Disney princess tea party, adding a Frozen Elsa Ice Cream Bar is sure to sprinkle some extra excitement into the festivities. 

All you need to do is choose a variety of ice cream flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and so much more.

Then pick out your favorite topics, whether that is chocolate syrup, sprinkles, or whipped cream! 

You can even include tasty cookies and fresh fruit for kids to add on top. 

For even more Disney princess tea party magic serve some Elsa-themed tea sandwiches or a peanut butter three tiered cake with blue and white icing on top. 

Whether you buy your party decorations from a party store or make them homemade with love, this princess party idea adds an extra sparkle to your little girls day!

Tiana’s New Orleans Jazz Music

At a princess tea party fit for royalty, incorporating Tiana’s New Orleans Jazz Music brings an extra dash of magic to the festivities.

Tiana’s New Orleans Jazz Music provides a perfect soundtrack for guests to enjoy as they sip tea and eat their delicious teatime treats. 

Whether played softly in the background or setting the tone for dance sessions, jazz music adds a touch of charm to princess parties. 

It’s an easy option for anyone looking for great ideas to entertain guests, regardless of their age.

With Tiana’s jazz music setting the scene, every princess tea party becomes a memorable celebration filled with joye.

Don’t forget to consider giving out goody bags filled with Tiana-inspired items like a princess crown or Disney-themed treats. 

Sleeping Beauty’s Pink Cupcakes

Incorporating Sleeping Beauty’s pink cupcakes into a princess tea party is the perfect way to bring guests together with dainty treats fit for a real princess. 

A tiered display of pink frosted cupcakes decorated with small flowers.

With full-color photography and easy-to-follow recipes from online or in your favorite cookbook, these cupcakes add a touch of magic to any royal party.

And if you’re wanting more ideas be sure to check out the table of contents in your cookbook. 

These cupcakes are typically made with a light and fluffy vanilla or strawberry-flavored batter.

Topped with swirls of pink buttercream frosting and decorated with edible rose petals or shimmering sugar crystals.

As little princesses wear their beautiful dresses and sip on delicious herbal teas from cute little tea pots, these cupcakes become the centerpiece of the festivities. 

Plus the first official tea party cookbook offers lots of ideas for alternate ingredients.

Allowing party planners to customize the cupcakes to suit their needs. 

From pink lemonade frosting to rose petal decorations and even cotton candy garnishes, Sleeping Beauty’s Pink Cupcakes promise to delight guests of all ages. 

These delicious treats are not just desserts they bring the magic of fairy tales to life at every tea party!

DIY Pocahontas Feather Crafts

DIY Pocahontas Feather Crafts offer a wonderful opportunity to have some adventure and creativity at a princess tea party.

These crafts allow young party guests to express their inner artist while celebrating the beloved Disney character, Pocahontas.

Plus with dozens of images available online for inspiration and guidance, even the youngest party guests can join in on the crafting fun.  

With just a few supplies from the dollar store and a bit of imagination, children can create stunning feather accessories inspired by Pocahontas’s iconic look. 

From headdresses with colorful feathers to decorative hair clips and bracelets, the possibilities are endless. 

Crafting these feather crafts together adds an element of fun and excitement to the party, as children bond over their shared creativity. 

For a five year old princess and her friends, making DIY Pocahontas Feather Crafts is the perfect way to create lasting memories and spark their imagination.

Mulan’s Warrior Training Games

Mulan’s Warrior Training Games bring an adventurous twist to any princess tea party, offering a unique blend of fun and excitement. 

With these creative party ideas, young kids can have fun on a journey to become brave warriors just like Mulan. 

From obstacle courses to target practice and agility challenges, there’s so much fun to be had as children test their skills and agility. 

As they navigate through the training games, kids can enjoy a break with some refreshing hot chocolate served in teacups decorated with Mulan-themed designs. 

By incorporating Mulan’s Warrior Training Games into the princess tea party kids can join in on the the adventurous spirit of Mulan.

While also creating unforgettable memories with friends at the party.

Merida’s Archery Lessons

Merida’s archery lessons can add a fun twist to any princess tea party.

Offering an opportunity for young kids to channel their inner bravery and skill. 

A young person aiming a bow and arrow at a target outdoors.

Inspired by the fearless spirit of Merida from Disney’s “Brave,” these activities are sure to capture the imagination of every young archer. 

Set up targets around the yard, each with different points.

Let the kids take turns shooting arrows and keep points to determine the winner.

Remember, it’s not always about the perfect aim, but about the spirit of adventure and bravery, just like Merida.

With Merida’s archery lessons, princess tea party guests can feel empowered and inspired to embrace their adventurous side.

While celebrating the spirit of courage and determination embodied by the brave princess Merida.

Rapunzel’s Tower Cake Design

Rapunzel’s tower cake design is a masterpiece fit for a princess tea party, capturing this Disney character’s magical tower. 

To make your tower cake stand out, consider the following:

  • Adding Rapunzel’s long, flowing hair: Use yellow buttercream frosting to mimic her golden locks winding around the cake tower.
  • Incorporating the tower’s window: A sugar cookie can be decorated and placed halfway up the cake to replicate Rapunzel’s window.
  • Using greenery: Edible green vines made from fondant or frosting can add a nice touch to the cake, resembling the movie.

With every slice, guests can get a sweet taste of fairy tale magic, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Rapunzel’s tower cake elevates any princess tea party into a truly fun experience.

For more fun and tasty treats you can check out the Disney Princess Tea Parties Cookbook by Sarah Walker Caron.

She is a senior editor of Bangor Metro Magazine that is featured in the Bangor Daily News.

This all ages cookbook is sure to please everyone! 

Aurora’s Spinning Wheel Game

At the end of the princess tea party, Aurora’s spinning wheel game serves as the perfect grand finale.

Leaving guests with lasting memories of excitement and fun. 

To play Aurora’s spinning wheel game, gather participants around a large spinning wheel at the party venue.

Each guest takes turns spinning the wheel, aiming to land on different sections that correspond to prizes or treats.

Prepare a variety of small prizes in advance, such as stickers, toys, or candies, and assign each section of the wheel to a specific prize.

With its fun and engaging gameplay, this game is the best way to end a princess tea party, leaving everyone feeling like true royalty.

Moana Ocean Adventure Activities

At a Moana-themed princess tea party, ocean adventure activities bring the spirit of the sea to life. 

Guests can have an exciting journey inspired by Moana’s adventures across the ocean.

Set up stations with various activities, such as a “sailboat race” where kids can build and race miniature sailboats in a water basin.

Or a “sandcastle building” station where they can sculpt their own ocean-themed castles. 

Another fun activity could be a “fishing game” using magnetic fishing poles to catch toy fish or sea creatures.

Additionally, a “Hula Hoop Challenge” can test their skills as they dance and sway with colorful hula hoops to lively music. 

These ocean adventure activities not only entertain young guests but also create a memorable experience filled with laughter and joy.

Anna’s Chocolate Fondue Station

At a princess tea party inspired by Anna’s adventurous spirit, guests can enjoy the deliciousness of Anna’s chocolate fondue station.

People dipping fruit into a flowing chocolate fountain.

Set up a display with a variety of dipping treats, including strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, and pieces of cake.

Add your chocolate fondue in the middle for a delicious and interactive dessert experience. 

Children can use skewers or fondue forks to dip their favorite treats into the chocolate fountain, creating their own delicious combinations. 

Don’t forget to provide napkins and small plates to catch any drips and messes!

Princess Sofia’s Purple Balloons

Princess Sofia’s purple balloons add a touch of royal elegance to any princess tea party

A purple balloon arch set up in front of a wooden fence.

These majestic decorations fill the room and capture the imagination of young guests making them feel like true princesses. 

With Princess Sofia’s purple balloons, every little princess can feel like royalty as they enjoy the festivities and create cherished memories.

Here are a few creative ways to incorporate these magical balloons:

  • Purple balloon arch: Create a grand entrance for your little guests. They’ll love walking under the arch, feeling like true royalty.
  • Balloon bouquets: Put together balloons of different sizes. Tie them to chairs or let them float to the ceiling.
  • Balloon crafts: Hand over a few balloons to the kids to transform these balloons into their own creations. 

Whether they’re arranged in graceful clusters or floating freely throughout the space, these purple balloons create a magical feel that complements the theme perfectly

Elsa’s snowflake cookie decorating is a delightful addition to any princess tea party, offering a fun and creative activity for young guests to enjoy. 

This cookie decorating adds an extra layer of princess magic to the party, ensuring that everyone feels like royalty.

Star-shaped gingerbread cookie with blue icing on a wooden surface.

Especially while wearing their princess dresses and indulging in this delightful activity.

Provide different shades of blue icing, edible glitter, and tiny sugar pearls for that extra sparkle.

Don’t forget the snowflake cookie cutters!

You could even make it a friendly competition with a small prize for the most beautiful snowflake cookie.

Elsa’s snowflake cookie decorating adds an extra layer of princess magic to the party.

Ensuring that every guest feels like royalty while wearing their princess dresses and decorating cookies.

It’s a fun, tasty activity that also serves as a wonderful party favor for the ultimate tea party.

Remember, in Elsa’s world, no two snowflakes are alike, so let’s see those unique creations!

Ariel’s Bubble Station

Ariel’s bubble station is a fun activity that adds a touch of underwater magic to any princess tea party. 

Two children blowing bubbles outdoors.

You can set up with colorful bubble wands, bubble machines, and bubble solution.

The station allows children to create a sea of bubbles, just like the ones found in Ariel’s ocean home. 

The bubble station is a fantastic addition to princess party ideas.

Providing endless entertainment and delight for children as they celebrate in their princess dresses and costumes.

Get ready for a fun and royal tea time!

Belle’s Book Club Corner

Belle’s book club corner offers a fun and educational experience for young guests at a princess tea party.

Inspired by the Disney princess Belle, known for her love of books and adventure, this corner invites children to 

You can set up a corner with cozy seating, elegant bookshelves, and plush cushions.

This corner creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere perfect for reading and storytelling. 

Guests can browse through a selection of fairy tales, princess stories, and adventure books. 

Whether they’re flipping through the pages of their favorite stories or listening to a book read aloud, children will feel like they’re part of Belle’s magical library. 

Belle’s book club corner is a wonderful addition to any princess tea party.

Encouraging literacy, creativity, and a love for literature among young readers.

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Display

Transform your princess tea party into a magical event with Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage display. 

Inspired by the iconic pumpkin carriage from the fairy tale, this setup serves as a stunning centerpiece for your event. 

To set up you can add twinkling lights, lush greenery, and floral arrangements.

This carriage display will capture the essence of Cinderella’s world. 

Set on top of a beautifully decorated table, it creates a focal point that will leave guests in awe. 

Whether used to display treats, party favors, or simply as decor, Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage adds a touch of elegance to your princess tea party. 

Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Ride

At a princess tea party inspired by Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin, one of the most exciting activities for young guests is Jasmine’s magic carpet ride. 

This fun adventure allows children to go on board on an imaginary journey through the mystical skies of Agrabah, just like Jasmine and Aladdin. 

A vibrant magic carpet will serve as the centerpiece, decorated with fancy decorations and shimmering fabrics to resemble the Arabian Nights. 

Children can take turns sitting on the magic carpet while their imaginations soar to far-off lands, experiencing the thrill of adventure and discovery. 

With some imagination and a dash of Arabian charm, Jasmine’s magic carpet ride adds an unforgettable touch of fun to any princess tea party!

Tiana’s Gumbo Cooking Class

Tiana’s Gumbo cooking class will add a fun twist to the princess tea party, captivating attendees of all ages with her culinary magic. 

You can gather all the little princess around in the kitchen with all the ingredients and let them help you make this delicious dish. 

A pot of seafood gumbo with shrimp and vegetables.

Plus you can let them take turns adding the ingredients, mixing it together, and serving it to one another. 

For the tea party tables you can decorate with themed chair covers and vibrant flowers for the perfect setting for their Gumbo masterpiece.

Tiana’s cooking class will become a cherished memory, filled with the joy found in sharing food.

At the end of the party if there are any leftovers let your guest take some home to enjoy later. 

Merida’s Brave-themed Scavenger Hunt

Merida’s brave-themed scavenger hunt will bring an exhilarating dash of adventure to the princess tea party, allowing young adventurers of all ages to have fun.

Two children on an easter egg hunt collecting eggs outside.

You’ll need to create riddles, similar to those faced by the fearless princess, Merida. 

You could also use symbols from the movie, like a bear paw print or a bow and arrow, to guide the little ones.

Make sure the hunt ends with a grand prize that’s Brave-themed – perhaps a replica of Merida’s bow or a stuffed animal of her horse, Angus.

This activity isn’t only thrilling but also encourages teamwork and problem-solving.

So, get ready for a magical quest that’ll make your child’s birthday unforgettable!

Rapunzel’s Lantern Making Station

With Rapunzel’s lantern-making station kids can craft their own magical lanterns just like in ‘Tangled’. 

This activity won’t only keep the children busy but also allow them to bring a piece of the party home.

To set up the station, you’ll need:

  • Craft paper and LED tea lights for a safe, flameless glow
  • Colorful markers, glitter, and stickers for creative decoration
  • Ribbons to attach at the top, making the lanterns easy to carry

Once the lanterns are complete you can let the kids release their lanterns or take them home.

Their faces will light up in amazement as they see their creations float in the air, just like Rapunzel’s lanterns lit up the sky.

Moana’s Polynesian Dance Lesson

Moana’s Polynesian dance lesson will teach kids the rhythmic steps and joyous movements of traditional island dances.

Children participating in a dance class in a bright studio.

You can fill the room with the sounds of ukuleles and drums, decorated with tropical flowers and colorful leis.

This will create a fun experience that transports them to the shores of Polynesia. 

As the children sway to the rhythms, they’ll learn not just the steps, but also the stories and meanings behind the dance.

You can even hire a Moana look-alike to join the festivities, adding an extra touch of excitement to the experience. 

Princess Tea Parties

So, there you have it! You’re all set to throw a magical Disney princess tea party that’ll have the kids over the moon.

From Cinderella’s decor to Moana’s Polynesian dance lessons, these ideas are sure to bring happiness and excitement on your kiddo’s big day.

Don’t forget to capture those smiles and giggles, they’re the real treasure.

Have a blast, make cherished memories, and remember, a dream is a wish your heart makes!

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